Billy Beez Play Center

Jeddah For Kids

Billy Beez is a large and colorful rainforest-themed play center. Children can spend hours on the slides, climbing tubes, basketball and soccer sports courts, trampolines, climbing wall, toddler play area and ballistics arena. We visited twice, and after two hours, both of our kids were loath to leave.

Billy Bees2

There is a long bench where parents can rest while the children play. The place wasn’t busy when we visited, but I can imagine this seating area fills up quickly in the evenings.

We felt free to relax and didn’t worry about the children being out of sight. All play structures are well padded and well-maintained, with supervising staff positioned throughout the center. The rules and age restrictions for each play structure are prominently displayed, in case there is any doubt about whether your child should be permitted. Though there were empty chip bags and chocolate bar wrappers in the play structures, there was no visible dirt. Kids are germy…

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Red Sea Mall Shopping Guide

My apologies for this post not being 100% complete.  The Red Sea Mall is so large I only had time to gather information from the 1st floor.

First Floor:

Hello Kitty (Samrio)
Fitaini (children fine jewelry)
Little Book (book store)
Special Gift House
Socks Collections (only socks)
The Boutique-Junior
Zahar Kids
C de C by Cordelia de Castellane
La Primavera
Mama’s and Papa’s
Early Learning Center (toys)
Tokyo Games (video games)
Fanateer (toys)
Hallmark (toys)
Red Tag
BZ (in souq area sells children’s Jalabiya’s)

Sparky’s at Red Sea Mall

Sparky’s at the Red Sea Mall is an indoor amusement park for children.  There are small electronic rocking rides for younger children, a carousel for those a little older and for the big kids: water rides and a small roller coaster.  My daughter is a speed demon so she loves the rides, but sometimes we also go to burn off energy in the soft play area.

Snowy Forest
Snowy Forest play area

There is also a new soft play area that opened during the summer of 2015 called Snowy Forest.  So far, the area is well maintained and reasonably clean although I did notice a few things are already broken.  Children must take off their shoes to go inside.  The fee for the soft play is 75Sar per child and it is valid for the entire day.  Children receive a wrist band and you record your contact info at the desk; this allows parents to shop and if needed the desk will call you while you shop the mall.  Jeddah for Kids does not recommend leaving your child unattended as the play area is not supervised by any adults who make children adhere to rules, safety procedures and being nice to each other. In addition, the front desk staff ONLY SPEAK ARABIC so if there is a problem, communication for non-Arabic speakers is impossible.

Toddler play area in Snowy Forest.
Toddler play area in Snowy Forest.

There is also a fantastic toddler area designed for children 18mo-3 years, but because of the lack of supervision some times the wee ones are bullied out of their area by big kids wanting to “destroy”.




Sparky’s also has a small bowling alley (currently under renovation) and has a hair cut booth that looks like it is functional, though I have yet to actually see it open.

Game area
Price list for game cards
Price list for game cards

As with all Sparky’s game centers, having a game card is a must for the electronic rides.  The minimum card to purchase is 135 SAR.  Of course, if you can purchase a bigger card, you will get more “free” games.  For example:  if you purchase the 220 SAR card, your card will actually be loaded with 330 SAR worth of credit.

This Sparky’s has been updated with bright and beautiful new colors so it is user friendly for birthday parties.  The fee for birthday party is 50 SAR per child.  The fee includes use of a decorated party room, 50 SAR in game credit for each child, and large pizzas for sharing.  I believe there is a 25 child minimum required.

Decorated party room.
Decorated party room.

LOCATION: 1st floor Red Sea Mall

PHONE:  Mr. Rabear–059-008-7468 (for party reservations ONLY)

HOURS: Saturday-Thursday 10am until mall closing. Friday 4pm-mall closing

Red Sea Beach at Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Beach provides hours of beach fun without the worry of getting a sunburn.  The indoor sand pit and play area are located in the food court of the Red Sea Mall.  The area is clean and well maintained with many sand toys available.  The sand is soft and moist so that children can build with it. In addition to sand toys, they also have spring rides, sea saws and visual tracking games attached to the tables.  Children must remove their shoes to enter the play area.

Sand pit play area.
Sand pit play area.

At the back of the Red Sea Beach is another play area without sand.  There is a reading/puzzle corner, ball pit, computers and super sized Connect Four game.

Back play area.
Back play area.

There are lots of things to keep your child occupied here for several hours.  Children must be supervised, but there is a nice seating area where you can enjoy a coffee or snack while the keeping an eye on your child.  This play area is ideal for children 2-8 years old.  I would recommend taking either a towel or a second set of clothes with you to the “beach” so when your child(ren) are finished playing, they will have something clean to wear.

LOCATION:  Red Sea Mall–back corner of the food court

PRICE:  35 SAR for unlimited play

PHONE:  No phone number is available.

HOURS of OPERATION:  11am until 11pm  Please Note: There was a bit of a language barrier, but the man I spoke with told me it was open everyday at these times.  I would NOT count on it being open on a Friday morning, though.

The British Community Library

brit flag(Updated:  Oct 5, 2017)

The British Community Library is located at the British Consulate in Jeddah and has a full library with over 20,000 titles to choose from, including a children’s corner and teen/pre-teen sections as well.  The library is open to ALL nationalities, so everyone is welcome to come and check out books.  The library is not open every day, so please note the Hours of Operation section below.

This small library occupies two floors in the consulate.  The lower floor houses the children, teen, and fiction sections while the 2nd floor contains all of the non-fiction titles and classics.  There are also many books available for purchase for 1-2 SAR each.  Since library books are not to be taken out of KSA, buying up some of these bargain books would be great if you are planning a long trip.

The majority of children's books are held in book bins similar to these on the ground floor.
The majority of children’s books are held in book bins similar to these on the ground floor. *Note:  This picture was NOT taken inside the library, it is an example.


Membership is open to ALL nationalities and requires a 200 SAR deposit that is refundable when you leave Saudi Arabia or upon membership cancellation.

Family Membership:  A family membership is 150 SAR per year.  Each person can check out 4 books at a time, or a maximum of 16 books for the entire family.  Books are due back after 4 weeks. (Total joining fee: 350 SAR)

Single Membership:  A single membership is 100 SAR per year.  Individuals are allowed to borrow 6 books at a time.  Books are due back after 4 weeks. (Total joining fee: 300 SAR)

The library is a bit tricky to find, but hopefully this information will help you.


Upon approaching the embassy you will see a sign that says VISITORS (to the left).  Follow this sign to the metal spinning security gates on the right.  There is a button to push on the gate AND a button to push on the wall to the left.  Try pushing both buttons until you see the arrows of the gates turn green.  Once you have a green arrow, you can pass through the gate and head into the security check point.  During the security check, your bag will be searched. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside the consulate (thus, no pictures to share).  After you have received your visitor’s badge, leave the building and turn left.  A long white wall will be on your right and a fence on your left. Go around the corner.  You will see a large back door on your right and a NO PARKING sign.  This is the library. If the door isn’t open, push the button on the call box, and the librarian will open the door for you.


You will need to go back the way you came, but follow the exit signs and retrieve your phone/camera from the small window near the exit.


Sunday- Closed

Monday: 12:30-2pm

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday- 10am-12pm

Thursday: 11am-2pm

Friday- Closed

Saturday- 10am-12pm

19th Century Burger–Khaldiyah Branch


I had the pleasure of being invited to the soft opening of 19th Century Burger in Khaldiyah for dinner.  I must say the burger was delish and the brownie ice-cream Sunday to top off the meal was a home run for this chocolate lover!

Play Room
Play Room

19th Century burger is a family friendly restaurant complete with affordable kids menu, play area and party room.  All items on the kids menu were only 15 SAR per meal with choices of hamburger, nuggets, and chicken burgers.  This restaurant is new so the play area is pristine though I would only recommend the play area for children 5 and under.  They had an indoor Little Tikes gym, an activity table, spring rides and a giant Connect Four game.

Party and meeting room.  Two available (sorry it is so dark)
Party and meeting room. Two available (sorry it is so dark)

Two large party/meeting rooms are available to rent for you next party.  The fee for having your party at  19th Century Burger is only 350 SAR for 10 children.  For your 350 SAR you get 10 kids meals, balloons, face painting and masks for two hours.  If you have more than 10 children each additional child is 30 SAR.

LOCATION:    Prince Sultan Road, Khaldiyah (has play center) or Prince Sultan Road just past Countryside (NO play center)

TIMES:  1pm to 2am daily

PHONE:  9 200 33 900




Roshanh (Roshana) Shopping Center Tahlia–Shopping Guide

Roshanh “Mall” is a quant little mall located at the beginning of Tahlia street on the round about of Tahlia Street and Prince Sultan Street (near Khaldiyah).  This mall specializes in bridal and formal wear but there are a few kids shops available as well as coffee shops. This is also the mall that houses Kidzz Cafe which offers a “Drop and Shop” service from 5pm onwards.  So parents can drop their children and the play center with the in house nanny and go shop, dine, or have coffee.

Shops for kids:


Virgin is the only shop located on the lower level.  They carry kids toys, books, back packs, electronics, etc…

Ground Floor:

Candy Rose–is a shop that has a selection of formal children’s clothing.

1st Floor:

Lialea Kids Fashion –clothing

Baby Sanabel–clothing

(nameless store)–clothing

Kidzz Cafe–children’s play and craft center (for detailed information search our blog )

TIMES:  10am opening (only Virgin, Kidzz Cafe and Crepe Cafe) for all other stores I would recommend going after 4pm.