My Library


From humble beginnings in the basement of one of its founders, My Library has grown over the last 10 years into a wonderfully unique place where a child’s love of reading can blossom.

The space at My Library is open and colorfully decorated, with plenty of natural light. The main

photo 4(2)room holds the greatest attraction: the books. They are organized into three sections by age group: 5 and under, 6-12 and 13-adult.  Each section has its own age-appropriate reading area. I love the huge, animal-shaped pillows in the 5 and under reading section! The books are available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. There is also a section of familiar-looking pregnancy and parenting books that have personally helped me along the way. The second room is where the activities take place. There is also a very clean bathroom, complete with baby changing table.

Amy and I attended the monthly Saturday program with our kids. The program runs from 10:30 am- 1:15 pm. All activities and stories revolve around the day’s theme. The day we went, the theme was Trees. Children heard stories about seeds and plants, made an outdoor scene with pre-cut colored paper, made a yummy snack, planted seeds, watched a puppet show and practiced how to recycle. After these activities, the children had time to choose which books they would like to borrow.  Be sure to advise staff if your children don’t speak Arabic, sometimes they will make an effort to translate for your child, so they can enjoy the full benefits of the program.

photo 2(1)
Craft Table
Learning to Recycle
Planting Seeds







My Library offers much more than the Saturday program and book-lending, though. They host a daily Storytime (11:30am & 5:30pm), Young Rembrandts art lessons, English, Arabic, French and Spanish language lessons and Quran lessons. Please see the Fees section, for more information.

My Library offers 12-month, 6-month and 3-month memberships to suit your budget. Members enjoy free access to daily Storytime and a discount on all programs and classes. Book-lending privileges are granted to those on 12-month and 6-month memberships only. Non-members are welcome to enjoy My Library’s offerings on a pay-per-use basis. My Library is a non-profit organization, so all fees go toward maintenance and improvements for you to enjoy in the future.

If you are a teacher, or you would like your child’s class to have a field trip, My Library can accommodate you. They will run a 90 minute program, including a craft and story boards, based on the theme of your choosing. The fee for this is 25 SR/child.

Please note that we are not affiliated with My Library. We hope we have informed you well about this great venue, but if you still have questions, please contact My Library by phone or Facebook. Their contact information is listed below.

Membership: 700 SR for 12 months, 500 SR for 6 months, 300 SR for 3 months. Only the 12-month membership is available for adults.
Quran Lessons: 500 SR/month for members. 600 SR/month for non-members. Classes are held twice a week.
Young Rembrandts: 800 SR for members. 1500 SR for non-members. This is a 2-month program. Classes are held once a week.
English Lessons: 400 SR/month for members. 500 SR/month for non-members. Classes are held once a week.
Arabic Lessons: 400 SR/month for members. 500 SR/month for non-members. Classes are held once a week.
French Lessons: 800 SR/month for members. 900 SR/month for non-members. Classes are held twice a week.
Spanish Lessons: 1200 SR/month for members. 1400 SR/month for non-members. Classes are held twice a week.
Daily Storytime: Free for members. 15 SR/visit for non-members.
Saturday Program: 30 SR for members, 35 SR/child & 15 SR/guardian for non-members
Activity Days:  Members SR 50 per child including adult, 4th child is SR 25.  Non members SR 100 per child including adult, 4th child is SR 30
1 day visit:
SR 50 per child including adult.
with Craft or Games SR 75 per child

Location: Al Rawdah Street in the Elegant Home building, across from Saudi French Bank. Enter through the West entrance. (Look for the Berlitz sign.) Take the elevator to the first floor.

Map My Libraryphoto 3









Phone Number: 055 056 5110, 012 263 1709


Hours of Operation: photo 4(1)



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