Red Sea Beach at Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Beach provides hours of beach fun without the worry of getting a sunburn.  The indoor sand pit and play area are located in the food court of the Red Sea Mall.  The area is clean and well maintained with many sand toys available.  The sand is soft and moist so that children can build with it. In addition to sand toys, they also have spring rides, sea saws and visual tracking games attached to the tables.  Children must remove their shoes to enter the play area.

Sand pit play area.
Sand pit play area.

At the back of the Red Sea Beach is another play area without sand.  There is a reading/puzzle corner, ball pit, computers and super sized Connect Four game.

Back play area.
Back play area.

There are lots of things to keep your child occupied here for several hours.  Children must be supervised, but there is a nice seating area where you can enjoy a coffee or snack while the keeping an eye on your child.  This play area is ideal for children 2-8 years old.  I would recommend taking either a towel or a second set of clothes with you to the “beach” so when your child(ren) are finished playing, they will have something clean to wear.

LOCATION:  Red Sea Mall–back corner of the food court

PRICE:  35 SAR for unlimited play

PHONE:  No phone number is available.

HOURS of OPERATION:  11am until 11pm  Please Note: There was a bit of a language barrier, but the man I spoke with told me it was open everyday at these times.  I would NOT count on it being open on a Friday morning, though.


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