Arabic Courses for Non-Arabic Speakers at the Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center

This program is open to males 14 years and older. We hope you are able to benefit from this useful-sounding program.

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The Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center introduces a new method towards learning the Arabic language. Specially designed courses are given with the sole purpose of equipping the learner with the basics of everyday scenarios hence enabling you to set out and interact with the local people.

Arabic classes JCEC .

For more information on this upcoming course, send an email to

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Ballet Centers in Jeddah

Print(updated August 28, 2017)

Does your child dance around the house?  Does she love to dress up in beautiful, frilly dresses?  If so, you may want to consider enrolling her in a beginner’s ballet class.     

Ballet develops an understanding of music and rhythm, generates a love of movement and can improve concentration skills.

Learning ballet can benefit your child physically by increasing physical strength, body awareness, agility, coordination and balance while correcting poor alignment.  It can also improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health.

Your child’s emotional health can also improve. They will inevitably feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they master challenging movement combinations, granting them a  self-assuredness that can carry over into other areas of their lives. Dance training can also be a great way to relax and use excess energy productively after school.

Here is our list of ballet centers in Jeddah.  If you know of another academy we should add, please feel free to contact as.  If you have experience at any of these venues, we would love for you to leave a comment below.

If you would like to share your experience at any of these facilities, please leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Dynamic Code Center
Ages:  3 and up
Fees:  Unknown–only private individual or private group (6 or more) classes are available.
Location: Behind Jeddah Hilton
Phone:  0126076450

Chamelle Plaza
Ages:  4.5 and up
Fees:  900Sar for 10 classes
Location:  Tahlia
Phone: 012-663-4355

Ages: 4-10 yrs
Fees:  Unknown
Location:  Unknown
Phone:  0561474000
NOTE:  All classes at this facility are in ARABIC only.

Enchanted Garden
Ages:  3 and up
Fees:  500Sar/month (term packages also available for 1500Sar)–once a week
Location:  Tahlia
Phone:  0126916812

Expressions Fitness Club in Saraia Compound and Rawdah 
Ages: 4 and up
Fees: depends on level
Day:  depends on level
Time:  depends on level
Location:  Thalia/Rawdah
Phone:  0551930502/0505660039

Friends Zone
Ages:  3-12 yrs
Fees: 600Sar/Month –twice a week
Location: Al Naeem
Phone:  0126224344

Fun Center:
Our Sports Activities at Fun Center
Ballet for Children: Coach Rayyana
Per class: 100 Sar
4 weeks: 600 Sar
8 weeks: 1100 sar
12 weeks: 1600 Sar
Boys aged from 4-9 and Girls from 4-13
Please call: 0555118415 or 0554655889
The location is at souq al shatee near oranos building

Happy Sunshine Daycare:
Ages: 4-8
Fees:  Unknown/2 times a week
Location:  Mushrifa
Phone:  0553808404

Little Caterpillars
Ages: 3-7 yrs
Fees: ??? Sar/twice a week
Location: Rawdah
Phone: 0540997755

Motion Boutique
Ages: 3 years and up
Fees: 350Sar/month and up depending on number of times per week and dancing level of child.
Location: Al Naseem
Phone:  0592693380


Summer and Ramadan Camps 2015

Summer-Camps This page will be updated regularly as new activities become available.  Please check back often.  Also if you hear of any, please send us a message at! If you have experienced any of these summer camps and can give our readers a pre-view, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Dates:  June 21st to July 9th
Times: 1-430pm
Ages: girls 8-15 yrs/boys 8-12 yrs
Location: Tahlia
Fee: 3800Sar 3 weeks/ 2540Sar 2 weeks
Activities to Include:  lectures and activities on building relationships (with friends, family etc.), discovering oneself and community building activities.  Will also include worksheets.

Dates:  May 17th to August 30th
Times:  11am -7pm  (during Ramadan the times will change to 1-4pm and  9pm-12am)
Ages: 4 yrs to 12 yrs
Location:  Al Zahra
Phone:  054-215-3779
Programs will be in Arabic and English.  Activities to include:  sports, arts, coloring, food fun, songs and stories, “Edutainment” and group play.

Admission Dates:  May 25, 26, 27, and 31 from 9-11:30am
Camp Dates:  June 1-30th
Ages:  Girls 3-12 yrs/ boys 3-6 yrs
Times:  1030-1230pm
Location:  Opposite Aziz Mall
Fee:  250 SAR
Phone:  0595547739 (call 9-11am or 5-9pm ONLY)
Activities to include:  Quran, English, Arabic, Islamic manners and etiquette,  Arts/Crafts, Qasas Al Anbiya, Asma- ul Husna
(Classes will be 50/50 English and Arabic)

Dates:  May 31st-June 18th
Time: 9am-1pm
Ages:  2-6yrs
Location: Al Hamra
The children will explore the ocean, jungle and the desert. Lots of fun planned, so we hope to see you there! Tell your friends and neighbors, everyone is welcome! For more information please call:  665-3192

Dates/Times: June 1-17th from 1-4pm  and June 16th-July 7th 3-5pm
Ages: 2-6 yrs
Location: Naim

Please click here for full details.

Dates:  beginning 21st on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
Times:  330-530pm
Ages: 1 yr 6mo to 4 years old
Fee:  200 Sar/month
Location:  Mushrefaah
Phone:  0582233230
Activities to incude:  ABC’s, poems, gross motor skills, language skills, art, painting and pencil.

DAR UM SULAIM: (girls only)
Admission Dates:  May 3, 4, 10, 11 (9-11am)
Camp Dates:  May 29th – June 15th
Times:  4-630pm
Ages:  6-12 yrs
Fee:  100Sar
Location:  Rehab
Phone:  012-659-7965/ 056-293-9892 Manar al Islam Interactive Summer Course where girls will learn Hifz of selected surahs, Masnoon way of salah (demo & practice), preparation for Ramadan, character building activities. (Mother’s classes on Tajweed and child rearing Free of charge; please call for more information)

Dates: Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays from May 24th-June 14th
Times: 5pm-7pm
Phone: 053 820 4451
This camp is designed to improve English speaking and writing skills.

Pre-Summer Camp:
Dates:  May 24th to June 4th
Ages:  2-6 yrs
Fee:  1500 Sar
Location:  Tahlia Children will participate in a variety of activities from story times, lego activities, puzzles, arts and crafts as well as educational activities. Ramadan Camp:
Summer Camp:
Dates:  June 21st to July 9th
Ages:  2-6 yrs
Time:  1pm-3pm
Fee:  2500Sar -2800 Sar for 3 weeks
Enchanted Garden is well known for its Ramadan Camp.  Montessori specialists are brought in to create an extra special learning environment and exploration time for the children.  They will do cooking, arts and crafts, sports, work on hand eye coordination skills, study recycling, create Ramadan Packages for the poor, and will learn about giving back to the community and the world.

Dates:  August 1st
Junior and Apprentice Lego Robotics Course:  4-9 yrs old/ 3-430pm OR 5-630pm
Master Engineer Lego Robotics Course:  10-14 yrs old/ 3-430pm
Master and Apprentice Game Design “Pong”: 7-14 yrs old/ 5-7pm
Location:  Al Shatae District/Amir Sultan Street
Phone: 0555034156

Dates:  5 days a week (waiting for reply on actual dates)
Ages: 3-10yrs
Times: 3 hours (waiting for a reply on actual times)
Fees: 900Sar/week (special rates apply if you register for 3 or 4 weeks of camp)
Location:  Tahlia
Phone:  012-6616539/012 290 9672
Each week the theme will change.  To know exact themes please contact them directly.

Pre-Summer Camp
Dates: May 10th-May 30th
Ages: Girls and boys 3-12 years old
Times: 10am-2pm or 4-8:30pm
Fees: 800sar
Location: Al Naeem
Phone Number: 012 622 4345
Activities include football, basketball and gymnastics.

Summer Camp
Dates: June 1st-August 30th
Ages: Boys and girls 3-12 years old
Fees: 2000sar per month
Activities to include:  Ballet, football, taekwondo, basketball, swimming, judo, Zumba, Gymnastics, Yoga, Etiquette, Aerobics, Cooking, Quran, Islamic Culture, Competitions, Wall Climbing, Languages, Thinking Games, Story telling, Arts and crafts, courses in sewing, photography and fashion design, plus parties and Educational trips.

Summer Camp:
Dates: 3rd week:
From Sunday June 7th till Wednesday June 10th
4th week:
From Sunday June 14th till Wednesday June 17th
Ages:  3-10yrs
Times:  10am-1pm
Fee:  One week 350/ Two weeks 600/ Three weeks 800/ Four Weeks 1000/Visits on daily basis possible too for SR100
Location: Can be found on their Facebook page in the pictures.
Phone:  0554655889/ 0555118415
Activities to include:  fun, drawing, cooking, playing, story time, and art

Ramadan Camp:
Registration for Ramadan summer club has started, from Sunday to Thursday for two weeks and according to um alqura calendar starts from Sunday 4th of Ramadan till Thursday 15th of Ramadan for 750 SAR, One week for 400 SAR and per day for 100 SAR Timings from 9 to 12 pm

Dates:  June 1- 10th
Fee:  100 Sar for 10 classes
Location:  Al Hamra
Phone:  053-633-0616
Activities:  10 days of craftiness

Term 2:
Dates:  June 13-22
Ages:  4 and Up
Times:  10am to 12pm
Location:  Al Hamra
Fee:  100Sar for 10 classes
Phone:  053-633-0616
Activities:  10 days of craftiness

Dates:  June 1st-15th Sunday to Wednesday’s
Ages: 4-6 yrs boys and girl or 7-10yrs girls only
Times: 930am -130pm
Fee:  800 Sar (includes T-Shirt and brunch)
Location:  Office of International Commission on Scientific Signs in the Qu’aran and Sunnah–ladies section on Sari Street.
Phone: 0592059834
Activities to include: 1.  Teaching Qu’aran (reciting, memorization, translation and explanation) 2.  Teaching the 99 names of Allah The Almighty 3.  Reading stories of The Prophets (peace upon them) 4.  Health related topics 5.  Islamic songs 6.  Arts and Crafts (This program is suitable for English speaking children enrolled in International Schools)

Dates:  May 24th to June 17th
Ages:  girls 2-10yrs / boys 2-9 yrs
Time:  10am-2pm Summer camp/ 8am – 4pm Daycare
Fee:  1500Sar for the 10-2pm program/ 2000 Sar for the 8-4pm program
Location:  Khaldiyah
Phone:  0505340002
Activities to include:  swimming, karate, outdoor play, arts, crafts, reading, PE, science, drama, games, and cooking.

Summer Camp #1:

Dates:  May 31st to June 18th
Ages: 2 – 10 yrs
Time: 830am -130pm
Location:  Mushrifa
Phone:  0553808404
Activities include: zumba, gymnastics, reading club, etiquette classes, Quran, and conversation class. There is an indoor and outdoor play area and many more. Ramadan Camp:
Time: 1-3pm
Dates: June 21st to July 9th
Activities to include:  tahfeez, cooking and ideas for making iftar, drawing & crafts, reading club, English classes, ettiquette. (English Only–except for the tahfeez, this will be in Arabic)
Summer Camp #2:
Dates:  July 26 to August 31
Ages: 2-10yrs
Time:  830am-130pm

Dates: June 21st to July 6th AND July 20th to Aug 20th
Time: 8am – 12pm
Location: Amir Sultan/behind Uno Chicago Grill
Fee: 4500Sar  for both sessions (includes transport)
Phone:  012-699-6475
Activities to include:  Speech therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic sessions, and sensory integrate activities.  Individual consults are also available for a fee.

JEDDAH UNITED (Football/Soccer and Basketball) RAMADAN CAMP:
Ages:  3-12 yrs
Dates:  June 16th to July 6
Time:  9-930 Isha/Taraweeh prayer, 930pm-11pm Football/Basketball training
Location:  Unknown
Fee:  1800Sar 4 days a week Sunday to Wednesday
Phone:  0566600429
Info:  Snacks will be provided and there will be a finale tournament where metals and trophies are given.

Dates:  Begins May 17th
Times:  Unknown
Ages: 4-10 yrs old
Location:  Prince Sultan Road near Ana Geer Mall
Phone:  0599033704
Activities include:  Tai Chi exercises, Sand Corner, balls and climbing corner, home corner

Dates:  May 19 until Ramadan begins.
Times: 5-7pm Sunday to Wednesday
Ages: 8-12 yrs
Fee:  499 Sar
Location: Mushrefah
Phone: 0554679343
Activities to include:  Memorizing supplications, multi-media education for math and science with worksheets, flower making embroidery, painting, creative writing, enhancing speaking power, calligraphy and sand art for boys.


Ramadan Camp:
Date:  June 21st to July 9
Times:  1230-4pm
Ages:  3-6 yrs
Fee:  Unknown
Location:  Rawdah
Phone:  0540997755

Date:  Monday, July 27th to August 13th
Time:  11am-3pm
Ages:  3 yrs to 10 yrs
Fees:  Unknown
Location:  Al Nahdah Dist behind Al Jazeera Bank
Phone:  0548918803
Activities to include:  Quran, Little Oscar, Etiquette, Telematch, Little Chef, Little Einstein, Little Picasso, Photogrpahy, Fashion, and Zumba.

Date:  Begins May 31st (ending date unknown)
Times: 1030-130pm
Ages: 1-4 yrs
Fees:  Unknown
Location:  Al Hamra
Phone:  055 956 9333
Mama Et Moi will offer an educationally based camp where children will have fun learning without realizing it. Arts & Crafts, stories, weekly themes, songs & movement, parachutes and bubbles.  Class size is limited.

Dates: May 30th to June 18th on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Times: 3-6pm
Ages: Girls 5 yrs-16yrs/ boys 5 yrs to 11.5 yrs
Fees:  1150sar
Location:  Iceland–Edutainment Center 1st Floor
The day will start with crafts and games, then children will begin the UCMAS class. The UCMAS program is designed to help your child learn mental math and abacus skills.  They will receive a certificate at the end of the program.  Certified Arabic and English instructors are available.

Dates: Wednesday’s and Thursday’s beginning June 8th
Times: 10am -1pm or 3pm-6pm
Ages:  Grade 7 and above
Location: Al Nahdah District
Fee:  250Sar per month DJIS student receive special discount.
Phone: 0546-886013
Activities to include:  Suduko and other math games, learn tricks to help solve problems, build a base for high school exams like the SAT/GRE.

Environmental Kids Program
Environmental Kid Program During the summer vacation months the Mer-mates Club will be hosting our marine conservation themed holiday program for parents/grandparents and their kids/grand kids. A two week long interactive, educational adventure vacation focusing on ocean related activities that families can come and enjoy together. The program will include; • Coral reef conservation activities, in cooperation with • Interactive Red Sea fish identification workshops, • Shark / turtle education through Movie nights and aquarium visits • Boat trips dolphin Watching , • Screenings of marine themed conservation documentaries, • EFR/CPR
Ages:  Older children is what we have been told so I would suggest 12 and up.
Phone:  056-762-3953

Scuba Rangers Program
Scuba Rangers program Your child will begin to experiment with scuba equipment both above and below the water. While learning about snorkeling and diving, they will also learn fun and interesting facts about the ocean and its importance to all of us around the world.
Ages:  5-10 yrs
Phone:  056-762-3953

Dates:  June 21st to July 7
Time:  12pm-3pm
Ages: 3 to 13yrs
Location:  Al Naeem Fee:  1500Sar
This “Creative Ramadan Camp” will include the following activities:  Islamic hour, jewelry making, arts and crafts, cooking classes, organic gardening, dress up story time,  sewing, Ballet,  and Irish Tap dancing plus organic snacks.

Dates:  TBD
Time:  TBD
Ages:  1-8 yrs old
Location: Mushrifa just off of Palestine
Phone: 050-238-1230
Activities to include:  Weekly themes, Quran, Zumba, gymnastics, Hip Hop, arts and crafts as well as Etiquette.

Summer Camp:
Dates: Saturday-Wednesday, May 30th to June 17th
Time:  11am-2pm
Ages: 3-9 yrs
Location:  Rawdah
Fee:  Unknown
Phone:  0122631709

Young Rembrandts Camp:
Dates: Sunday 31st May till 7th June. (5 days not Thu Fri Sat)
From 3pm – 5pm.
Ages 5-12
Members SR 600 Non Members SR 650
Location:   My Library/Rawdah
Ph:  012 263 1709

Ramadan Camp:
Dates: June 20 to July 8
Time: Saturday to Wednesday 1pm to 4pm
Ages: 4yrs to 10 yrs
Location: Rawdah
Fees:  member 1000 SAR, non member 1500 SAR
The camp will have a different Islamic focus each day topic will include:  The Life of the Prophet Mohammed, his wives and his companions.  Muslims manners like honesty & generosity. There will also be puppet shows, stories & crafts. (Mainly in Arabic)

Dates:  May 27th to June 5th
Times: 1030-1230 or 3-5pm (transport available for 3-5 class)
Ages: 5-8 yrs
Fees:  200 Sar
Location:  Rehab
Activities to Include:  Story Making, doodle are, quilted monogram and much, much more

Ramadan Camp:
Dates:  June 18th to July 2nd (with Friday’s off)
Times:  3-530pm (pick up and drop off is available)
Ages:  4-10yrs
Fee:  250 Sar
Location:  Rehab
Phone:  059-898-8011
To see some of the project feel free to click here.

Dates:  All of Ramadan
Times/Ages:  3-7 year olds will play Saturday, Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm ( we will end before Maghreb by half an hour)
8-12 year olds will play Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 pm – 12:00 am 13 and older will play Saturday, Monday and Wednesday from 10pm -12:00am
Fee:  1500 for 3 weeks
Location:  Khaldiyah
Phone: 050568 1150
( we will have Isha prayer followed by Taraweeh prayer on the field before we start practice at 10pm for those that wish to pray with is. Those that wish to pray must show up at 8:45pm)

Dates:  June 14th to July 9th
Times:  9am-1pm
Ages:  2-7 yrs old
Fee:  3000Sar (driver is available, but you must call and set fees with driver)
Location:  Khaldiayah
Phone: 0569769775
Activities to include:  Fun play, water play, singing, dancing, exercise, story time, singing time, worksheets, learning alphabet and phonics.

Ages:  7-15 yrs
7-8 yrs on Sun/Tues/Thurs @430pm
9-12 yrs on Mon/Wed/Sat @ 1030pm
13-15 yrs on Sun/Tues/Thurs @ 1030pm
Fee:  750 Sar
Location:  please call
Phone:  059-943-6166

Dates:  June 5 to July 5
Times:  1230-430pm
Ages:  3-6 yrs
Fee:  500 Sar
Location:  Al Naseem
Phone:  0599200678
Activities to include:  English lessons, face painting, cooking, and entertaining learning activities.

Dates:  Sunday and Thursday
Times: 9-1130am
Ages: 12 and up
Fee:  500 Sar for two months
Location: Aziziya
Phone:  0537030932


Dates: June 1st-July 2nd
Times: 2:30-5pm
Ages: 4-11
Fees: 2,500sar
Location: Al Emam Malik Street
Phone: 055 604 7070
The theme of this camp is ‘giving’. Children will make craft items to give to needy children. Other activities include a writing competition, debates, theater, Zumba, gymnastics and more.

Engineering of Pirates:
Ages:4-6 yrs
Dates: Saturday’s and Tuesday’s / Sunday’s and Wednesday’s
Times: 10-1130pm
Fees:  900 sar
Phone: 022063377, 0532444025
To register you must stop by Nobel Stationary in Rawdah.

Food Engineering:
Ages 7-9 yrs
Dates: Saturday’s and Tuesday’s /Sunday’s and Wednesday’s
Time:  10-1130pm
Fee:  900 Sar
Phone: 022063377, 0532444025
To register you must stop by Nobel Stationary in Rawdah.
Ages: 7-12
Times:  230-430pm OR 1130pm-130am
Dates:  Saturday and Tuesday/ Sunday and Wednesday
Fee:  900 Sar
Phone:  022063377, 0532444025
To register you must stop by Nobel Stationary in Rawdah.

Dates:  June 6th to July 7th (twice a week)
Times: 10am -2pm Ages: 3-12 yrs
Location:  UNKNOWN
Phone: 0506693090
Three programs are available according to age:
3-5 yr olds:  Lover Kids Program
6-8 yr olds:  Being strong and honest (having integrity)
9-12 yr olds:  Ambition and Persistence Program
*Field trips will be a part of all of the classes offered.

Dates:  May 24th to June 11th
Times: 9:30am-1:30pm or 4:30pm-7:30pm
Ages:  KG to 12 yrs
Fees:  First child 1500Sar/ Second 10% 1350Sar/ Third 15% 1275Sar
Location:  Khaldiyah/Rawdah
Phone:  0543407777
Activities to include:  Qua’ran, stories from Qua’ran, art, science experiments, swimming, sports competitions, etiquette, First Aide, Cooking, English lessons, and field trips.

Friends Zone

Entrance to Friends Zone
Entrance to Friends Zone

Wow, Wow, Wow–If you are a parent who likes the “one stop shop” place, Friends Zone might just be your place of choice.  I visited there today and was simply blown away with the number of activities that this facility offers children in Jeddah.  They have more than 8 athletic activities, artistic activities, Islamic studies, tutoring, weekend parties, Saturday programs, daycare (for 1 month to 3 years), KG classes,  a kids beauty salon, a cafe and they can host your child’s next birthday party!

Cafe for parents while waiting.

The facility is a VERY large villa that has been converted into this school and activity center.  The center was very clean and colorful as any children’s center should be.  The staff was very professional and patiently answered my one million questions and even gave me a personal tour.  They had an outside play area (playground), small outside shaded soccer pitch, plus basketball and tennis courts on the roof!

Friends Zone Membership Program:
For working parents that need a fun and safe place to send their children there is  a Friends Zone Membership Program where children come Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 830pm.  This program is open to children 3-12 years old and the fee is 1200Sar/ month.  You can also purchase a day pass for 150Sar or an hour pass for 50Sar (the hour pass is only for children 3-5 yrs).  Children that are belong to the Membership program experience activities such as cooking, swimming, games, soccer, story time, arts, crafts and much more all under adult supervision.

IMG_3146Kids Beauty Salon:
For those who has a little princess living in their home, there is also a kids beauty salon within Friends Zone.  Individual services are available to purchase or there are package deals available.  The three packages are:
Princess Package:  200Sar
Her Royal Highness Package:  260Sar
The Queen’s Package:  300Sar
There are also services like manicure, pedicure, blow dry, waxing, eyebrows, and threading for mothers.  The salon is only open on Monday and Wednesdays (please call ahead of time to let them know you would like to come).

Weekend Parties:
Every Thursday and Friday Friends Zone puts on a weekend party.  Each week is a different theme.  They told me they have done Frozen parties, pirate parties, mermaid parties and many more!  The parties are open to everyone the fee for children is 100Sar/child.  If a parent/nanny wants to come their fee is 50Sar, but they are not allowed to be with children they are asked to wait in the cafe.  The parties begin at 430pm or 530pm depending on the weekly theme, please call to confirm this weeks start time.

Saturday Program:
Every Saturday Friends Zone offers a variety of actives for boys and girls.  You can choose to send your children to a single activity or you can enroll them into up to four classes.

Saturday Activities List
Saturday Activities List

As you can see from the list boys can attend football/soccer, taekwondo, basketball, swimming, Qur’an or Judo.  Girls can attend gymnastics, swimming, cooking, etiquette and beauty classes and Qur’an.

The fees for Saturday classes are:
1 class:  450Sar/month
2 class:  500Sar/month
3 class:  750Sar/month
4 class:  950Sar/month
Sibling discount–if you enroll 3 children in 3 activities you will receive a 20% discount.  If you enroll 2 children in 3 activities you will receive a 10% discount.

Here is a complete list of activities that Friends Zone offers with the days and fees below:
Gymnastics                                Art Classes                           Quran & Islamic Studies
Basketball                                   Football/Soccer                  Little Chef
Etiquette/beauty                       After school tutoring         Zumba
Ballet                                            Taekwondo                          Judo
Swimming                                   Day Care                               KG 1-3 school
Tennis                                          Birthday Party Center       After School Membership
Kids Salon                                   Saturday Programs            Thursday/Friday Weekly Parties

Outdoor shaded soccer pitch

Ages:  3-12 years (boys and girls can participate, only boys in classes now)
Day: Sunday and Tuesday
Times:  3-6 yrs from 5-6pm/ 7-12 yrs 6-8pm
Fees:  800Sar/Month

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Times:  5-6 pm
Fees:  800Sar/Month
(Instructor speaks only Arabic)

Ages:  5- 12 yrs
Day: Sunday and Wednesday
Fees: 1 time a week 300Sar/month or 2 times a week 500Sar/month

Ages:  5-12 yrs old
Day: To be determined
Times: TBD
Fees: 170Sar/each class
(instructor currently on holiday so please call)

Qur’an Class

Ages:  3-12 yrs (boys and girls)
Day:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Times: 3-6yrs old from 4-5pm/ 7-12 yrs old from 630-8pm
Fees:  3 times a week 900Sar/Month
(Classes will be in Arabic only)

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Saturday
Times:  4-530pm
Fees:  450Sar/month

Ages: 3-12 yrs (boys and girls–currently only girls enrolled)
Day:  Monday and Wednesday or Saturday
Times:  M/W class 6-7pm or Saturday class 11am-12pm
Fees: Twice a week 650Sar/month or Saturday class 450Sar/month

Swimming Lessons:
Ages:  4.5 yrs to 12 years (boys and girls)
Day/Time:  Saturday 1-2pm/ Mondays 4-5pm/Wednesday 630-730pm/ Sunday 4-5pm/ Tuesday 4-5pm
Fees:  800Sar for 8 classes
Maximum of 6 children per class

Cooking Class:
Ages: 3-12 years (girls only)
Day:  Saturday
Times: 130pm to 330pm
Fees: 450Sar/month

Etiquette/Beauty Class:
Ages: 3 -12 yrs
Day:  Saturday
Times:  4pm-5pm
Fees:  450Sar/month

Ages:  5-12 yrs (boys and girls–currently only girls in class)
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Fees:  500Sar/month or buy 3 month package for 1300Sar

Ballet and gymnastics studio

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Times: Beginning Ballet 530-630/ Advanced Ballet 630-730pm
Fees:  2 times a week for 600Sar/month or buy 3 months 2 times a week for 1600Sar

Art Classes:
Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Wednesday
Times:  430-730pm
Fees:  1000Sar for 4 classes

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day: Daily Sunday-Thursday
Times:  To be determined upon registration ( 1 or 2 hour long sessions)
Fees:  1000Sar/month for single teacher or 2000Sar/month for 2nd teacher
(Single teacher needs might be Arabic/Quran tutoring but no other subjects.  Second teacher tutoring would be if your child also needs help with any homework in English)

Location:  Al Naeem District
Phone:  0126224344 / 0126224345 / 0126624346 / 0533657700
Twitter: friendszonecenter
Facebook:  friendszonecenter
Instagram:  friendszone_kids


Swimming Lessons

rTjKB8GecThis list is divided into two categories: centers and private instructors.

We have provided as much information as we could, but you will have to do a bit of leg work yourself by calling the facilities to inquire about specifics.   If you hear of any more places or if you can fill in the gaps on some of the unknown items, please let us know!

Many compounds do offer swimming lessons that are unfortunately only open to the residents, but there is a group of ladies at Saudia City Compound who welcome outside students.

If you would like to share your experience at any of these facilities, please leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page.


Al-Ahli Sports Academy: (boys only)
Day:  Open swimming daily, lessons can be taken 3 times a week
Fee: 1000Sar/year
Location:  Azizia

Andalous School/Speed Swimmer Academy:
Boys:  sun-wed. 500sr for 8 lessons.
Girls:   tue 3-4 and sat 1-2. 800sr for 10 lessons/400sr for 5 lessons.
Location:  Zahraa District (Next to Turkish school and across from Saudi German Hospital)
Ph:  05546464044/0500495757
Web page click here.
Facebook link click here.

Blue Wave Swim Team
Ages: 4 and up
Day:  Depends on location
Time:  Depends on location
Location:  Saudi City Compound and Mura Bustan Compound (possibly others)
Phone:  050-662-9319 (Coach Hany)

Braaem Independent Living:
Ages:  2-10 yrs
Day:  Unknown
Time:  Unknown
Fee:  1200 per month 5 days a week
Location: Al Naeem District off Amir Sultan

BWell Gym and Fitness Center:
Location:  Khaldiyah
Phone: 026066477-0507700424

Fitness Time (Junior): (Boys ONLY)
Ages: 6-15yrs
6-7 yr olds:  Thursday 4:10pm/ Tuesdays and Fridays 450pm/ Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 610pm/ Sunday 740pm
8-9 yr olds:  Sunday, Thursday 450pm/ Friday 6:10/ Saturday, Wednesday 740pm/ Monday, Tuesday 850pm
10-11 yr olds:  Sunday, Friday 410pm/ Tuesday 610pm/ Monday, Thursday 740pm/ Saturday, Wednesday 850pm
12-15 yr old:  Please enquire at facility
Fee:  1350Sar/3 months OR 2100Sar/6 months OR 3550Sar/12 months
Location: Ghornata Street/Hamara/Ash Sharafiyah area has Junior Gym and many other locations around Jeddah but unknown if all facilities have Junior Gym.
Contact Info:  920003131 and email:
*Note:  Women are not allowed into this gym.

Friends Zone:
Ages:  4.5 yrs to 12 year (mixed class)
Day:  Saturday
Time:  1-2pm
Fee:  800Sar for 8 classes
Location:  Al Naeem
Phone: 0126224344/0533547700

Get Smart Center:
Ages:  unknown
Day:  unknown
Time:  unknown
Fee:  unknown
Location: Al Shatee
Phone:  055 583 0310

Gold’s Gym:
Ages:  8 and above (girls only at Batterjee complex)
Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 4pm
Fee:  600Sar/month
Location: Al Batarji Road near Saudi German Hosptial, Al Zahra District
Phone:  800 124 7778 / 6912077

Kids Town:
Ages:  6 month- 12 years
Day:  depends on class numbers
Time:  depends on class numbers
Location:  Naeem District
Phone:  0543289884

Masabeh Saudi Aquatic Center/Al Safa Club:
Location:  Prince Abdullah Al Faisel Stadium in Al Waziryah
Contact info:

Olympia Gym
Ages:  7-12 (girls only)
Fee:  150sr per lesson
Location: Gym is connected to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital on Falasteen Street. 2nd location is on Makkah Road about 30 miles from Khaldiayh area.
Phone: 012 665 5000 and use extension 1501 to get the gym.

Rose Garden
Ages: Boys 3-9, Girls 3-12
Day: Sunday, Tuesday OR Monday, Wednesday
Location: Al Zahra. Please click here for map
Phone Number: 0501804333

Speed Swimmer Academy
Ages: 3-18 years
Day: Sundays-Wednesdays
Time: Between 5pm and 9pm
Fee: 8 one-hour lessons per month for 500sar
Location: Al Andalus Internation School, opposite Saudi German Hospital
Phone Number: 055 464 6044, 050 039 5757

Zahra Health and Fitness Center: 

Ages: boys (under 8) and girls 5-12 yrs
Fee: 600-650 for 15 classes
Location: Zahra Hospital in Salama District
Phone:   012-6823331/0554270006

Private Instructors

Noor Alam (will come to your location)
Phone:  +966504493929

Sma Khan
Phone:  054-613-0694

Phone: 0554969804

There are three instructors operating out of Saudia City Compound. Students from off-compound are welcome. They will be starting a tots and parents class in February 2017 and class sizes are kept small.

Nadi Shams
Ages:  5-16 yrs
Fee: 450Sar/month OR 1100Sar/3 months OR 1800Sar/6 months OR 3000Sar/year
Location:  Al Zahra
Phone:  012 256 2000

Mustafa Al Quadri
Ages:  children and adult lessons (male and female)
Day: TBD
Time: TBD
Fee: Price varies on location and number of people in class.
Location:  Clients and have private/group lessons at their venue or you can got the Mr. Mustafa’s venue.
Phone:  056-587-0976

Day Care Centers

images-29Looking for daycare for your child can be a very stressful and time consuming job.  This particular page is dedicated to daycare facilities for infants up to two years old.

When embarking on this hunt, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Location-Is it close to home or will we need to arrange transport?
  • Hours of Operation–Is the care provided for the hours that you need?
  • Visit the center–This is a very important step when choosing a daycare.  Visiting the facility will help you determine the environment.  ALWAYS CALL AND MAKE AND APPOINTMENT for visitation and go during the regular hours so you can see the day care in action.
  • Applications–Consider applying to more than one daycare.  There is a high demand for many of these facilities so having more than one option is always a good thing.
  • Fees–Please visit the Web pages (if provided) or call the center directly to ask about fees.  Fees change per age and on a yearly basis, so this is something we can not publish accurate information on.

Jeddah for Kids strives to give you the most complete and up-to-date information.  If you find that information on this page to be incorrect, please let us know and if possible provide us with the correct information. Be sure to click the name of each school in green, for access to their Websites or Facebook pages.

We would also like to encourage our readers to write about their experiences at any of the listed schools to give others an idea about the quality of education at each institution.  Comments can be made at the end of the blog.

Abbi’s Dream (Daycare and KG)
Location:  Al-Andalous near Danube in Tahlia
Ages: 3 months-5 yrs
Times:  8am-3pm
Curriculum:  UNKNOWN
Phone:  0595088096/0126607333

Building Blocks Private School
Location: Tahlia, Kaust Day Care, Thuwal
Ages:   2 months to 2 years and elementary
Curriculum: UNKNOWN
Phone: 02-6060755 / 012 606 2505

City International School
Location:  Rehab
Ages:  18 months to 18 years
Curriculum:  British (main branches in Pakistan)
Phone:  012 619 8686

Location:  Tahlia Street, Andalous
Ages:  1.5-6 yrs
Phone:  920009776/0552900700
Times:  Full day 8-6pm 2500Sar monthly, 4 Hours (flexible hours) 1350Sar, and NIGHT Shift from 830pm-1230am 1350Sar a month.

Friends Zone
Ages:  1 month to 3 yrs (also offers KG 1-3)
Location:  Al Naeem District
Phone:  0126224344
(accepts children with special needs)

Fun House
Ages:  1-4 yrs
Times;  8-4pm and 5-10pm
Location:  Khaldiyah
phone:  0536287197
Curriculum:  Unknown

Giggles English Nursery
Times:  0730-530pm
Ages:  6mo- 4 yrs
Location:  El Samer
Curriculum:  Montessori/American
Phone:  0501290706
Facebook here

Happy Sunshine Day Care
Location:  Mushrifa
Ages: 3 months to 5 years
Curriculum:  American
Phone:  055 380 8404

Kids Tent Daycare
Location: King Abdullah Rd, Abral Al Hillal, Crescent Towers
Ages: 18 months-4 years old
Phone: 012 605 3727 / 055 816 6952 / 054 525 2835

Kids Town Daycare and Nursery
Location: Naeem (Naim) District
Ages: Infant to KG
Curriculum:  Islamic and American
Phone: 055 015-5311

Kidz Paradise Pre-school and Daycare:
Location:  Aziziya
Ages:  6 month- 5 yrs
Curriculum:  British/Montessori
Phone:  0598828267

Kids Zone:
Location:  Aziziya
Ages:  Unknown
Curriculum:  Unknown
Phone:  0563760513
Transport Available

Little 1’s Daycare
Location:  Rawdah and Khadiyah behind King Faisal Hospital
Ages:  Infant to KG
Curriculum:  Unknown
Phone:  (546) 461-471

Little Caterpillars Clubhouse
Location:  Map on Facebook page
Ages: 6 months to 8 years
Curriculum:  UNKNOWN
Phone;  054 099 7755

Little Smarties Pre-School
Location:  Alnahdah dist, behind Al Jazeera Bank, Malik road
Ages: 3 month to KG
Curriculum:  American
Phone: 054 891 8803

Little Sprouts
Location:  Safa District
Ages: Nursery- KG
Curriculum:  Montesorri
Phone:  053-503-1101

Mama Et Moi
Location:  Off of Madina Road near Maternity Hospital
Ages: 1-3 yrs
Curriculum:  Parent/Nanny must accompany
Phone:  055 056 9333
Email:  Unknown

Mommy Deb’s Day Care
Location:  Al Salamah
Ages:  Infant to KG
Curriculum:  unknown
Phone:  059-167-7161
Email:  MommyDeb’

Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School
Location: Al Hamara
Ages:  Daycare to Grade 12
Curriculum:  American
Phone: 0126671199
Email:  Admissions:,
Academic offices:

Dynamic Code Center


Dynamic Code Center is located near the Wave round-about and behind the Jeddah Hilton next door to Spada.  The main entrance is on the side road next to Spada and they do have a map available that can be sent to you, if you ask them ahead of time.

Parallel and uneven bars used for gymnastics classes.
Parallel and uneven bars used for gymnastics classes.

This facility offers gymnastics for kids and also the option of private Zumba and ballet classes for groups of children.  They claim to offer swimming as well, but their pool was empty and under repair at this time.  They are also a private women’s gym and offer a lot of activities for ladies.

I was quite impressed with the equipment offered for the gymnastics classes.  They offer competitive gymnastics equipment such as bars, beams, floor, and horse as well as artistic gymnastics equipment with ribbons, rings, and trapeze.  Both forms of gymnastics are combined so children learn many skills.   Children do not participate on all of the equipment during each one hour class but over the course of a month, they will experience everything.  Classes are scheduled so your child attends class twice a week.  Classes are offered for children 3 yrs to 12yr.  Please note that for older children (10-12yrs) they are required to have previous gymnastics experience and will be given a physical test to insure proper placement into their program.

I am very happy to report that they always have someone on staff that is available to speak English and of course they also have Arabic speaking staff as well.

Dynamic Drummers:

They also have a exercise program for girls called Dynamic Drummers.  Girls between 12-15 yrs old can participate in this “drumming” aerobic workout.  Class is held 3 times a week on Saturdays from 10-11 and Sunday’s and Tuesdays from 5-6pm.  The monthly fee is 1650Sar.

Gymnastics Classes:
Ages 3-5 yrs
Saturdays 10am-11am AND Wednesdays 5pm-6pm (twice a week)
Fee:  1050Sar/month for the first month (fee decreases after 1st month)

Ages 6-9 yrs
Sunday 5pm-6pm AND Tuesday 5pm-6pm (twice a week)
Fee:  1050Sar/month (fee decreases after 1st month)

Ages: 10-12 yrs
Thursday 5pm-6pm AND Saturday 11-12
Sunday 6pm-7pm AND Thursday 4pm-5pm
(class your child attends will depend on their level after assessment)
Fee:  1050Sar/month

Trial Class (if you want to take your child for a single trial session)
Fee:  200Sar

Private Gymnastics classes:
1 Child  with class 2 times a week 1750Sar/month
2 Children siblings (boy/girls) with class 2 times a week 1550 Sar each/month

Private Swimming:
1 child with class 2 times a week 1500Sar/month
2 Children siblings (boys/girls) with class 2 times a week 1000Sar each/month

Private Zumba for Kids/Adults:
Private classes can be arranged for you and your friends.  A minimum of 6 people are needed to set up the class.  They were unwilling to give me a price quote on this option.

Private Ballet for girls:
Private classes can be arranged for you and your friends.  A minimum of 6 people are needed to set up the class.  They were unwilling to give me a price quote on this option.

Teen Membership:
For children 12+ they offer a special price of 750Sar/month.  Classes for teens are from 5-545pm daily and on Saturday’s from 2-3pm

Ladies Gym Membership fees:
With your membership you are also entitled to attend the many fitness classes offered.  Classes change monthly so there is always a lot of variety.  Classes begin at 10am and at least one class is offered every hour through out the day except between 1-3pm.  The last class of the day begins at 815pm.

1 month 1150 Sar
Members will receive a fitness test, cardio program, food protocol, and one free massage.

3 month 2750 Sar
Members will receive fitness test, polar test, cardio program, food protocol, three free massages.

6 month 4650 Sar
Members will receive fitness test, polar test, cardio program, food protocol, six free massages, consultation with the physiotherapist (1 session)

Personal Trainers:
For members:  2000Sar a month 3 times a week
Non-members:  3600Sar a month 3 times a week

Location:  On the road behind Jeddah Hilton, next to Spada.
Phone: 012-607-6450
Hours:  Sunday to Wednesday 9am-9pm/ Thursday 10am-8pm/ Saturday 10am-4pm/ Friday–CLOSED
Instagram: dccjed