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Snowy Forest at Jamea Plaza

Snowy Forest Entrance

Jamea Plaza is located in the Jamea District across the street from King Abdulaziz University.  It is a smaller mall but does have a Hyperpanda, food court, Jarir Bookstore and plenty of kids’ shops.

The only play area in this mall is the famous Snowy Forest.  I  found that I really like this facility.  It is a less popular location, so the wear and tear on the equipment is minimal.  The ladies on staff communicated very effectively in English, and were exceptionally kind and accommodating both times i visited.  I also found the facility to be very clean, despite the fact they sell popcorn and sweet drinks.

Elevated obstacle course. Only open in evenings and children must wear a harness and meet height requirements.

This facility is designed so kids aged 1-10 years old can get a lot of physical activity.  It has climbing walls, big slides, a trampoline, and even a elevated obstacle course.  It also has a monitored toddler section that bigger kids are not allowed to play in.  This is perfect for little ones as it is padded, safe and will only have kids of similar height and age inside.  I like that kids are free to stay for the whole day.  I found it to be a bargain at only 55Sar per child (Helpful Hint: If you have the 2016 Entertainer Book there is a buy one get one entrance voucher, not valid during holidays.)

Toddler play area

I found the safety aspects of this facility to be superior to any play center we have been to in Jeddah.  Everything is padded, except for the area around the trampolines, and in super condition. We found no broken or damaged equipment.  In addition, CCTV monitors allow you to watch your child’s behavior in hidden areas.

There are also security measures in place for exiting with a child.  Parents must show the child’s armband and receipt in order to exit.   You can exit and enter as many times as you wish, provided you keep the armband and receipt.

During prayer times children are allowed to continue playing however, the staff will be not be available to admit new children or allow children to exit.

The pitfalls of this facility are few, the main one being the restrooms.  Shoes are not allowed, even for adults, but communal slippers are available to wear while using the restroom.  There has never been any toilet paper or paper towels  and of course there is a lot of water on the floors.  Finally, there is no diaper-changing area infants.  My second complaint  is the food sold within the complex.  They sell popcorn, sweet drinks and water.  Despite the number of cleaners on staff, I just don’t like to see kids taking their treats within the play area.

Party Room

Snowy Forest does offer a birthday party package.  The fee per child is 80Sar with a minimum of 20 children.  This includes a decorated party room and use of the sound and video system for 4 hours along with a kids’ meal from one of the fast food companies in the food court.

All in all, I do recommend giving this Snowy Forest a try.  It was a clean and safe environment for the kids and of course they had a ball!
Hours of operation:  TBA
Phone number:  TBA
Entry Fee:  55 Sar per child