Lifeguard Training and Rescue Course for Teens

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A great new initiative to teach vital skills. Take advantage of this new lifeguard training and rescue skills course put together by the International Community in Jeddah beginning 4th January, 2015. There will be six sessions in total conducted at 1.5 hours per session. Details are below.

junior lifeguard JeddahCost

400 per student.


Outdoor Pool facility. A map will be sent to registrants.


Males, 13-18 yrs old.


Day 1- – Swim level test. Introduction to rescue and methods to secure bodies
Day 2- Rescue theory and practical skills –
Day 3- Rescue training skills
Day 4 – Life saving training skills
Day 5- Practical skills first aid
Day 6- Test to determine rescue level

A signed level of completion document will be awarded for successful completion of training.

About the Trainer

* 15 years teaching experience n the field of swimming
* Bachelor of Physical Education
* Master’s Degree in…

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Home Bakers in Jeddah

With the market being overrun by industrial food, the idea of baked goods being made by machines in a factory somewhere leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Enjoying a delicacy made with wholesome ingredients by expert hands, contributing to the financial well-being of an ambitious individual in the community and supporting the development of their natural talents is undoubtedly a wiser choice than enabling companies who use mysterious ingredients like Preservative E202 in their “food” products.
Many of the people behind home-based businesses are driven by a passion and love for their craft which can contribute to a higher quality product and better level of customer service than you might get from a big corporation. Given all of this, plus the many requests we have seen from people in search of the perfect birthday cake, we have compiled this list of home bakers in Jeddah. Since this is an ever-growing compilation, please contact us if you would like us to add your business.
Please be sure to click on the Facebook links for each baker, so you can see images of their work. We have not placed orders with any of these bakers ourselves, nor do we have any financial interest in their businesses. Our intention is to educate our readers about their options. If you have questions for any of the bakers, please ask them directly using the contact information we’ve provided. Now, I give you, in alphabetical order, the home bakers of Jeddah:

Bake Me a Cake Logo

Violin cake by Bake Me A Cake
Violin cake by Bake Me A Cake

Farzana at  Bake Me A Cake is a professional Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef, and is Wilton-USA and PME-UK certified. She specializes in customised birthday cakes, special occasion, wedding and engagement cakes, 3-D sculpted cakes, pastries, buttercream cupcakes, decorated cupcakes, decorated cookies, desserts and sugarcraft classes for kids and adults
Location: Shatee District
Delivery : Presently Unavailable
Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Phone:  050 192 6782

Cake Affairs

Sofia is a home baker who makes theme cakes, chocolate cakes, fresh cream cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, and cookies. Cupcake prices start at 4sr each. Cake pricing starts at 100sr for a 2-4 person cake, increasing according to the number of servings and floors of the cake.
Phone: 056 373 4390


Emans Cakelicious

Eman’s baking journey began 3 years ago when she took Wilton cake decorating classes. Since then, her cakes have pleased customers in Riyadh, Egypt and now, Jeddah. Emans Cakelicious 2Cakelicious takes orders for cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, chocolate lollipops, fruit tarts, and cheesecakes.
Location: Al Zahraa, near Al Shatee Souq. Delivery is available for an additional fee.
Phone Number: 054 000 7239
Cakelicious Facebook Page
Cake & Stuff
Cake & Stuff specializes in customized cakes and cupcakes. The bakers are Nadeen and Reem Ramadan: two sisters in university, who started baking for fun, then decided to take it to the next level. They have big plans for the Cake & Stuff Menu 2future as they’re working on a project that will definitely set their bakery apart. They love making creative, unique cakes and incorporating art and baking.
Please place your order 48 hours in advance.
Location: Arbaeen Street. Delivery is available.
Phone Number: 056 314 6212
Cake & Stuff Facebook Link
Instagram: cake.and.stuff
Twitter: @cakendstuff
 Goldy Cake
 Mayada Serag can make you a cake in any flavor, topped with fondant, gum, 12932920_1165343620142734_1238953724729010464_nbutter cream, chocolate icing or anything else you request. Delivery is available anywhere in Jeddah for 30SR. Please place your order 7 days in advance.
Location: Al- Bogdadya
Phone Number: 054 135 2412
Goldy Cake Facebook Page 
JuliCreations is still in its early stages, running for a year now. Children’s birthday cakes are important here, because of an appreciation for that exciting moment when the child blows out the candles. JuliCreations recently expanded their menu to offer a selection of Middle Eastern savory dishes for events such as birthdays, family gatherings, and or small parties. Please place your orders 7 days in advance.
Location: Al Rawdah
Phone Number: 053 092 1365
JuliCreations Facebook Page 

Kiren’s Cakes

Kiren’s Cakes has a variety of cakes to suit your needs. For Kiren Ribeior, baking started as a hobby and turned into a passion. She uses the finest
ingredients from Malaysia and London to give you the highest quality taste. Vanilla, chocolate, lemon or orange cakes are available and are topped with pure butter cream, chocolate icing or fondant. Cakes are custom-designed for you, whether it’s for a special occasion, or just to convey a personal message.
Price List
4 SR per cupcake
2.5 SAR per mini cupcake
3-6 SR depending on cookie size
Serving 10-12 people:  150 SR
Serving 20-25 people:  180+ SR
Serving 30 people:  250 SR
Serving 40 people: 280+ SR
Serving 50 people:  400+ SR
*Prices vary depending on design.

Location: Saudia City Compound. Delivery available for an additional fee.
Phone Number: 054-556-9284
Kiren’s Cakes Website
Kiren’s Cakes Facebook Page
The Marbling Girl

Larissa is originally from Brazil but started baking professionally when she moved to the USA. She is aself taught baker who has been making cakes, cupcakes and cake pops for 5 years and have recently brought my talent toJeddah. My cakes are completely customizable to attend every client’s needs and occasion. I only use homemade fondant for the best quality and taste.

Cake pops from The Marbling Girl.
Cake pops from The Marbling Girl.

*Prices vary depending on flavors and design, but the following provides an average

12 decorated cupcakes – 60 SAR
15 decorated cake pops – 60 SAR

Decorated Fondant cakes with flavored buttercream start from:

10-12 servings cake size: 120 SAR
20-25 servings cake size: 150 SAR
30 servings cake size: 220 SAR
her most popular cakes are the three tier cakes that start from 500 SAR

Location: Rawdah (free delivery within reasonable distance)
Contact number (call or whatsapp): 0506688272
Instagram: @themarblinggirl

Munching Joy
A "killer" cake by Munching Joy.
A “killer” cake by Munching Joy.

Munching Joy makes Bespoke Celebration Cakes, Cupcakes, Traditional Cakes and Custom made Cakes. All our cakes are made to the highest standards, using fresh ingredients. Our models and flowers are edible and handmade specifically for you cakes. Each cake is designed to your specifications, If you don’t see what you are looking for in our photos, send us a picture or a description for a quote. Prefers contact via Facebook.


 Reem Cakes
Reem Cakes just celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Aside from ordering a beautiful cake from Reem, you can also arrange baking classes with her. She has adult classes in chocolate or fondant and children’s classes as well. Please call for more details.
Price List
Serving 10 people,  includes 1 sugar-paste figure, 275SR
Serving 15 people,  includes 2 sugar-paste figures, 400SR
Serving 20 people, includes 3 sugar-paste figures, 500SR
Serving 30 people, includes 4 sugar-paste figures, 650SR
Cupcakes, fondant topped, 7SR each

 Location: Saqr Quraish Street, Rami Roundabout
Phone Number: 054 336 1920
Reem Cakes Facebook Page

SnS Dream Bakery

The cakes at SnS Dream Bakery are freshly baked to order with the best quality ingredients, resulting in amazing taste with the assurance of reasonable rates. They make designer/theme cakes and cupcakes of any flavor to make your occasions special. They also bake brownies, mousse cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, cake pops, cinnamon rolls, croissants and anything else that could go into the oven and satisfy your sweet tooth.
They have taken more than 100 orders to the complete satisfaction of their customers. Please call for details on their baking classes.
Location: Arbaeen Street, Mushrifah. Please call for delivery options.
SnS Dream Bakery Facebook Page
SnS Dream Bakery Facebook Group
Sweet Orchard
Sweet Orchard is a new business. The baker here learned everything she knows about baking from her sister who is a UK certified cake decorator.
Available cakes flavors include caramel, mocha, Victorian sponge, carrot, banana, red velvet, blue velvet, choco fudge and white chocolate. Sweet Orchard also offers a variety of frostings such as chocolate, butter cream, chocolate ganache, mocha, cream cheese, fresh cream with fruits, chocolate mousse and white chocolate fudge.
Location: Azizia
Phone Number: 056 176 8499
Sweet Orchard Facebook Page
Sweet Room

 Razia Shoaib is a housewife and mother to a 3 year-old girl. She started  baking two years ago for small parties and family get-togethers and her treats were well-received. At the urging of her husband, family and friends sweet room menushe opened a small home-based catering business for desserts. She uses finest quality products and chocolates in her desserts to make any gathering special. Please place your order 2 days in advance.

Phone Number: 054 225 5421
Sweet Room Facebook Page

 Sweet Treats

The talent behind Sweet Treats is an American woman married to a Saudi, who has been in Jeddah for 13 years. Baking has always been her favorite hobby. After repeatedly hearing that she should open a business, she decided to give it a try. Last year she started taking orders and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. She makes all kinds of American sweets, like cheesecake, carrot cake,

Red Velvet Cake Balls

pumpkin roll cake, cupcakes of all kinds and a variety of cookies such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, lady locks, kolachi cookies filled with nuts or apricots, pineapple walnut tarts and sugar cookies to name a few. She also takes special requests, so if you want something that’s not on the menu, please ask.
During the Winter season, Sweet Treats can provide you with cookie platters and themed cupcakes topped with newly acquired adornments from the US. Please place orders 48 hours in advance. Delivery is available.

Prices List
Cheesecake, made with only Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 130SR
Carrot Cake 10″ round, Single layer 100SR, Double layer, 150SR
Pumpkin Roll Cake, 80SR
Cupcakes large 6SR, small 3SR
Cookies, 90SR/kg
Pumpkin Pie, 80SR

Phone Number: 056 313 3533
Sweet Treats Facebook Page