2017 Summer/Ramadan Camps


summer camps sign

Please note that the camps will be in alphabetical order and will be updated as frequently as we receive new camp info.  If you hear of a new camp please send us the info so we can add it to our list!

Abbi’s Dream Daycare and KG:

Ages:  Up to 6 yrs
Time:  9am-2pm (summer camp), 730-5pm (daycare), plus hourly and daily rates
Dates:  July 9- August 1st
Location: Andulus
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  0595088096
Activities:  Circle time, art and craft, academic reviews and more

Academy Home Learning Center:

Ages:  2-6 yrs
Time:  10-2pm
Dates:  July 20-August 30
Location:  Safa 1
Fees:  700Sar/month or 1500Sar/1.5 month
Phone:  05522974811 or 0592933508
Activities:  art, cooking, exercise, academic review, story time, circle time, songs

Al Bashaer (offers transport):

Ages:  2-13 yrs
Time:  9am-1pm OR 4pm-7pm
Dates:  July 1-August 31st
Location:  Khaldiyah
Fees: 1200 per month (transport extra)
Phone:  0543289884
Activities:  Bashaer’s Summercamp for children is a balanced program based on American Montessori methods which combines fun, friendship and learning with multiple activities under one roof for boys and girls aged 2 to 13 years. It provides additional fun and challenge and is an excellent way to consolidate and extend English learnt at the school. For further information about prices or to check availability feel free to reach us at 054 328 9884.

British Council’s Summer English Camp:

Ages: 6-17 yrs
Time:  930am-430pm
Dates:  Session 1:  July 9- 20,  Session 2:  July 23rd- Aug 3,  Session 3: Aug 6-17th,   Session 4:  Aug 20 – 31
Location:  British Council
Fees:  please call
Phone:  920003668
Activities:  2 sessions per day, English classes, activities, games, arts/crafts.  Please click the link below for more information.


D’Art Summer Camp August:

Ages: Girls 3-15 yrs, Boys 3-12yrs
Time:  3-5pm
Dates:  July 24-Aug 15
Location:  Rehab
Fees:  500Sar
Phone:  0558153793
Activities:  Canvas painting, still life, games, Picasso art, crafts, clay sculpture

D’Art Summer Camp July (transport available):

Ages:  3-13 yrs
Time:  10am-1pm OR 2pm to 5pm
Dates:  Weekdays in July
Location:  Rehab
Fees:  500Sar (includes supplies)
Phone:  0558153793
Activities:  variety of art projects


Engineering for Kids Tech Challenge Camp:

Ages:  9-14 yrs
Time:  1-3pm
Dates:  Session 2:  July 9-13, Session 3:  July 16-20, Session 4:  July 23-27
Location:  Amir Sultan Street
Fees:  800 Sar/session
Phone:  0555034156
Activities:  Robotics, programming, and Minecraft Edu

Flag Boxing (gymnastics and multi-sports):

Ages: 5 -10
Time:  1215-2:15pm
Dates:  July 23-Aug 10, and Aug 13-Aug 31
Location:  Please email
Fees:  2000 Sar (multi-child discount)
email: 0505662708 or  flagboxing@gmail.com
Activities:  gymnastics, rings, balancing, rolling, jumping, judging velocity and distance, games.  Child will improve their overall fitness, strength and flexibility in addition to learning taking turns, performance reflection, fair play and sportsmanship.

Happy Sunshine Preschool: 

Ages: 2-8 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 2
Location:  Palestine Street
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  0553808404
Activities:  Zumba, Belly Dancing, Gymnastics, Yoga
Puppet Show, Story Time, Science Club,
English Club, Theme Parties, Cooking & Baking, Arts & Crafts, Etiquette

Independent Learning Center:

Ages: 2-14
Time:  8am-1pm
Dates:  July 1- August 31
Location:  Naim
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:   STEAM Program –plus swimming, art, sensory play, science experiments, English reading and writing, games, spelling, and competitions.

Karate Camp at ILC:

Ages:  5-12 yrs
Time:  please call
Dates:  July 1- August 31
Location: Naim
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:  Learn basic stances, hand movements and self defense techniques under supervision of a professional, one-on-one mentoring and support, develop self-confidence and discipline.

Little Authors and Illustrators Camp:

Ages:  6-9 yrs
Time:  5-7pm
Dates:  July 17, 18 and 19
Location:  Thalia (Enchanted Garden)
Fees: Please call
Phone: 0546916812
Activities:  Writing and illustrating a story.

Montessori  Camp at Enchanted Garden:

Ages:  4-9 yrs
Time:  10am-2pm
Dates: July 9-?
Location:  Just off Tahlia street behind Saab Bank
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0546916812
Activities:  Please call

My Library:

Ages:  2-10 yrs
Time:  1-3pm
Dates:  Sat/Mon/Wed for all of July (Wednesday’s are game days)
Location:  Rawdah 4343 Prince Saud Al Faisal St in Elegant Home Showroom building (West Door entry)
Fees: 100 Sar per class for non-Members or 1200Sar/non-Members for all classes during My Library members pay 50 Sar per class or 600 Sar for the month
Phone:    0122631709
Activities:  Stories, puppet shows and crafts around the following stories:  Squash and Squeeze, Night Monkey/Day Monkey, The Cat in the Hat, The Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, Little Red Hen, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Rainbow Fish, Have You Filled Your Bucket.

Natural Science Camp at FasTracKids (English only):

Ages:  3-10 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 16-20
Location:  Tahlia Street
Fees: 900 Sar
Phone:   920009776
Activities:  Children will learn about the wonders around them scientifically.

Out of the Box Summer Fun 2017 Language and Arts:

Ages: 6-11yrs
Time:  5-7pm Monday-Thursday
Dates:  July 16-20
Location:  Macarona Street
Fees:  250 Sar
Activities:  Sand art, stamp art, pot/glass painting, sketching, sticker art plus phonics, grammar, reading, public speaking and creative writing

Red Sea Football Camp:

Ages:  3-17 yrs
Time: 3-7yrs Sat/Mon/Wed 6-7pm, 7-10yrs Sun/Tues/Thurs 6-8pm, 11-17 yrs Sat/Mon/Wed 7-9pm
Dates:  July 15- Aug 24
Location:  Khaldiayah
Fees:  1500 Sar/6 weeks or 1000Sar/half term
Phone:  0505681150
Activities:  Boys and girls are both welcome.  Learning to play soccer.

RoboLab4Youth 2017:

Ages: 4-14yrs
Time: 9-11 and 5-7
Dates: until August 31st
Location:  Aziziya
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  Whatsapp only – 0532299796
Activities:  Etiquette, Basic Self Defense and Safety, *STEAM  projects, Mental Maths and IQ quiz games, English reading & speaking practice, Challenging and fun games like SwordFight, GunFight & WaterFight (OutDoors), English, Urdu & Arabic Calligraphy, Rich Islamic Library, Hiking and Soccer Tournaments, Parkour and Fitness Workouts for Obese
and many more fun activities!


S.E.A. Camp (Sports, Education, and Art):

Ages:  4-7 yrs
Time: 4-7pm
Dates:  July 23-Aug 10
Location:  Enchanted Garden, off Tahlia Street behind Saab Bank
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0546916812
Activities:  Sports, educational activities, and arts

Space Camp at FasTracKids (English only):

Ages: 3-10 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 9-13th
Location:  Tahlia Street
Fees:  900 Sar
Phone:  920009776
Activities:  Kids will enjoy learning about space through various games, lessons, and crafts.


Summer Dance and Art:

Ages:  6-10
Time:  5-6pm on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Dates:  July 11- Aug 11
Location:  Al Jamiah
Fees: 50 Sar
Phone:  0537203913 Please call between 6-7pm
Activities:  music and bollywood dancing, English, Hindu or Urdu speakers only.

Swimming Camp at ILC:

Ages:  all levels
Time:  to be determined based on class size
Dates:  July 1- August 31
Location:  Naim
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:  swimming under the supervision of an instructor, learn basic and intermediate swimming skills, one-on-one instruction, and pool games.

YR Saudia:

Ages:  2-8 years
Time: 830-1230pm and 3-7 during Ramadan 10-3pm and 930pm-1230am
Dates: May 7-???
Location:  Alif Center/Aya Mall on Amir Sultan Street Basateen District.
Fees:  please call
Activities:  Drawing, sports, art, cooking, games and competitions, and cinema

Zumba Camp for Girls at ILC:

Ages:  8-18 yrs
Time: 10-11am
Dates:  3 times a week, July 15- August 31st
Location:  Naim
Fees:  800 Sar
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:  Zumba classes offered by certified instructors, high calorie burning and interval training, full body workout to build confidence and self esteem.