Summer and Ramadan Camps 2019


Summer Camps2019

Please feel free to send us updates if you find additional camps.

These camps are in alphabetical order and we have provided all the information we have received.  For additional information please contact the facilities directly.  As always, please visit these facilities before enrolling to make sure that they are a good fit for you and your child.

Bright Minds:

Ages:  Please call
Location:  Please call
Dates:  May 5-23
Times:  please call
Phone: 0505354543
Fee: please call
Activities:  please call


Ages:  please call
Dates:  May 5- June 6
Times:  1-5pm
Phone: 920006744
Fee: 190/day or 750/week
Activities: dedicated hostess, trampolines, games, snacks
****10% Discount for siblings

Dynamic Code Center:

Ages:  6-10 years and teens 11-15 years
Location: near corniche
Dates:  Days of week depend on camp you choose
Phone:  0126076450/0557912336
Fee: Depends on number of activities you choose
Activities:  Cross Fit, gymnastics, aqua, Boot Camp

Enchanted Garden Teen Girls Ramadan Camp:

Ages:  10-14 yrs
Location:  Thalia
Dates:  2 days a week for 3 weeks during Ramadan (please call for exact dates)
Times:  9pm-11pm
phone: 0546916812
Fee:  800 Sar
Activities:  Lessons and activities on the Prophet Mohammad


Ages:  5-10 yrs
Location:  Please call
Dates:  May 5- 31st
Times:  12-430pm
Phone:  0551930502
Fee:  Please call
Activities:  kickboxing, dance, arts & crafts, gymnastics


Ages: 5-14 years girls / 5-10 years boys
Location:  Al Dalal Preschool
Dates:  May, June, July and August
Times: 9am-1pm and/or 1-4pm
Phone:  0577444780
Fee: (half day/ full day prices)
Monthly 1800/2200
Weekly 600/800
Day 150/200
Activities: Please call

Future Experts Summer and Ramadan Camp:

Ages:  2-13yrs
Location:  Khaldiyah
Dates:  May 1-Aug 29th (summer)/ May 6-June 2 (Ramadan)
Times:  Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm or 3pm to 7pm (Summer)/ 9am-1pm and 9pm-1am (Ramadan)
Phone:  0559444154
Fee:  Please call
Activities:  Quran, Arts & Crafts, swimming, zumba, karate, sand play, science experiments, cooking, mental math, English reading and writing.
***Transportation available

Happy Sunshine Summer and Ramadan Camp:

Ages: 2-9 (Summer) or 3-8 (Ramadan)
Location:  Mushrifa
Dates: Please call
Times:  830am-1pm summer camp/ 930am-2pm or 9pm to 130am Ramadan camp
Phone:  055380404
Fee:  Please call
Activities:  Summer camp- English, Arts and crafts, cooking, ballet, zumba, gymnastics, martial arts, etiquette, and them parties.  Ramadan Camp- Art, pretend play, story time, montessori’s activities puzzles, Quran, prophet stories, painting, conversation, cooking.

Independent Living Center:

Ages: 2-12 yrs
Location:  Al Naim
Dates:  Sunday- Thursday
Times: 8am-12pm or 9pm -12am
Phone:  0507771836
Fee:  please call
Activities:  English reading and writing, prophet stories, math, sensory activities, arts & crafts, swimming and sand play

Motion Boutique (Jeddah Ballet & Fine Arts Academy):

Ages: Please call
Location:  Near Jeddah Prep and Grammar
Dates:  May 5-30 Sunday-Thursday
Time:  11am-3pm
Phone:  966592693380
Fee: Please Call
Activities:  ballet, zumba, yoga, art, language, and cooking

My Library’s Ramadan Camp:

Ages:  3-10yrs
Location:  Rawdah
Dates:  May 6-26
Time:  1-330pm
Phone:  05505651100
Fee:  Members 1000Sar/ Non-Members 1500Sar
Activities:  Quran, Dua’a, Islamic stories, Acting, Puppet shows, crafts, cooking, games and more

My Library’s Quran Course:

Ages:  3-10yrs
Location:  Rawdah
Dates:  May 6-26
Time:  330-430pm
Phone:  05505651100
Fee:  15 classes 800Sar Members or 1000Sar Non-Members OR 8 classes 600Sar Members or 800Sar Non-Members

Saudi City Playschool:

Ages:  2-6 years
Location:  Khaldiyah
Dates:  May 8-30
Times:  10am-2pm
Phone:  6820030 ext. 4084 or 0569769775
Fee:  2000Sar
Activities:  Baking, arts & crafts, sports

Spoonfed Fitness:

Ages:  5-11years
Location:  Corniche
Dates:  May 5-30
Times:  2-4pm
Fee:  2500 month/750 week
Activities: Parkour and Lego challenges


2017 Summer/Ramadan Camps


summer camps sign

Please note that the camps will be in alphabetical order and will be updated as frequently as we receive new camp info.  If you hear of a new camp please send us the info so we can add it to our list!

Abbi’s Dream Daycare and KG:

Ages:  Up to 6 yrs
Time:  9am-2pm (summer camp), 730-5pm (daycare), plus hourly and daily rates
Dates:  July 9- August 1st
Location: Andulus
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  0595088096
Activities:  Circle time, art and craft, academic reviews and more

Academy Home Learning Center:

Ages:  2-6 yrs
Time:  10-2pm
Dates:  July 20-August 30
Location:  Safa 1
Fees:  700Sar/month or 1500Sar/1.5 month
Phone:  05522974811 or 0592933508
Activities:  art, cooking, exercise, academic review, story time, circle time, songs

Al Bashaer (offers transport):

Ages:  2-13 yrs
Time:  9am-1pm OR 4pm-7pm
Dates:  July 1-August 31st
Location:  Khaldiyah
Fees: 1200 per month (transport extra)
Phone:  0543289884
Activities:  Bashaer’s Summercamp for children is a balanced program based on American Montessori methods which combines fun, friendship and learning with multiple activities under one roof for boys and girls aged 2 to 13 years. It provides additional fun and challenge and is an excellent way to consolidate and extend English learnt at the school. For further information about prices or to check availability feel free to reach us at 054 328 9884.

British Council’s Summer English Camp:

Ages: 6-17 yrs
Time:  930am-430pm
Dates:  Session 1:  July 9- 20,  Session 2:  July 23rd- Aug 3,  Session 3: Aug 6-17th,   Session 4:  Aug 20 – 31
Location:  British Council
Fees:  please call
Phone:  920003668
Activities:  2 sessions per day, English classes, activities, games, arts/crafts.  Please click the link below for more information.

D’Art Summer Camp August:

Ages: Girls 3-15 yrs, Boys 3-12yrs
Time:  3-5pm
Dates:  July 24-Aug 15
Location:  Rehab
Fees:  500Sar
Phone:  0558153793
Activities:  Canvas painting, still life, games, Picasso art, crafts, clay sculpture

D’Art Summer Camp July (transport available):

Ages:  3-13 yrs
Time:  10am-1pm OR 2pm to 5pm
Dates:  Weekdays in July
Location:  Rehab
Fees:  500Sar (includes supplies)
Phone:  0558153793
Activities:  variety of art projects


Engineering for Kids Tech Challenge Camp:

Ages:  9-14 yrs
Time:  1-3pm
Dates:  Session 2:  July 9-13, Session 3:  July 16-20, Session 4:  July 23-27
Location:  Amir Sultan Street
Fees:  800 Sar/session
Phone:  0555034156
Activities:  Robotics, programming, and Minecraft Edu

Flag Boxing (gymnastics and multi-sports):

Ages: 5 -10
Time:  1215-2:15pm
Dates:  July 23-Aug 10, and Aug 13-Aug 31
Location:  Please email
Fees:  2000 Sar (multi-child discount)
email: 0505662708 or
Activities:  gymnastics, rings, balancing, rolling, jumping, judging velocity and distance, games.  Child will improve their overall fitness, strength and flexibility in addition to learning taking turns, performance reflection, fair play and sportsmanship.

Happy Sunshine Preschool: 

Ages: 2-8 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 2
Location:  Palestine Street
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  0553808404
Activities:  Zumba, Belly Dancing, Gymnastics, Yoga
Puppet Show, Story Time, Science Club,
English Club, Theme Parties, Cooking & Baking, Arts & Crafts, Etiquette

Independent Learning Center:

Ages: 2-14
Time:  8am-1pm
Dates:  July 1- August 31
Location:  Naim
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:   STEAM Program –plus swimming, art, sensory play, science experiments, English reading and writing, games, spelling, and competitions.

Karate Camp at ILC:

Ages:  5-12 yrs
Time:  please call
Dates:  July 1- August 31
Location: Naim
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:  Learn basic stances, hand movements and self defense techniques under supervision of a professional, one-on-one mentoring and support, develop self-confidence and discipline.

Little Authors and Illustrators Camp:

Ages:  6-9 yrs
Time:  5-7pm
Dates:  July 17, 18 and 19
Location:  Thalia (Enchanted Garden)
Fees: Please call
Phone: 0546916812
Activities:  Writing and illustrating a story.

Montessori  Camp at Enchanted Garden:

Ages:  4-9 yrs
Time:  10am-2pm
Dates: July 9-?
Location:  Just off Tahlia street behind Saab Bank
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0546916812
Activities:  Please call

My Library:

Ages:  2-10 yrs
Time:  1-3pm
Dates:  Sat/Mon/Wed for all of July (Wednesday’s are game days)
Location:  Rawdah 4343 Prince Saud Al Faisal St in Elegant Home Showroom building (West Door entry)
Fees: 100 Sar per class for non-Members or 1200Sar/non-Members for all classes during My Library members pay 50 Sar per class or 600 Sar for the month
Phone:    0122631709
Activities:  Stories, puppet shows and crafts around the following stories:  Squash and Squeeze, Night Monkey/Day Monkey, The Cat in the Hat, The Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, Little Red Hen, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Rainbow Fish, Have You Filled Your Bucket.

Natural Science Camp at FasTracKids (English only):

Ages:  3-10 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 16-20
Location:  Tahlia Street
Fees: 900 Sar
Phone:   920009776
Activities:  Children will learn about the wonders around them scientifically.

Out of the Box Summer Fun 2017 Language and Arts:

Ages: 6-11yrs
Time:  5-7pm Monday-Thursday
Dates:  July 16-20
Location:  Macarona Street
Fees:  250 Sar
Activities:  Sand art, stamp art, pot/glass painting, sketching, sticker art plus phonics, grammar, reading, public speaking and creative writing

Red Sea Football Camp:

Ages:  3-17 yrs
Time: 3-7yrs Sat/Mon/Wed 6-7pm, 7-10yrs Sun/Tues/Thurs 6-8pm, 11-17 yrs Sat/Mon/Wed 7-9pm
Dates:  July 15- Aug 24
Location:  Khaldiayah
Fees:  1500 Sar/6 weeks or 1000Sar/half term
Phone:  0505681150
Activities:  Boys and girls are both welcome.  Learning to play soccer.

RoboLab4Youth 2017:

Ages: 4-14yrs
Time: 9-11 and 5-7
Dates: until August 31st
Location:  Aziziya
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  Whatsapp only – 0532299796
Activities:  Etiquette, Basic Self Defense and Safety, *STEAM  projects, Mental Maths and IQ quiz games, English reading & speaking practice, Challenging and fun games like SwordFight, GunFight & WaterFight (OutDoors), English, Urdu & Arabic Calligraphy, Rich Islamic Library, Hiking and Soccer Tournaments, Parkour and Fitness Workouts for Obese
and many more fun activities!

S.E.A. Camp (Sports, Education, and Art):

Ages:  4-7 yrs
Time: 4-7pm
Dates:  July 23-Aug 10
Location:  Enchanted Garden, off Tahlia Street behind Saab Bank
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0546916812
Activities:  Sports, educational activities, and arts

Space Camp at FasTracKids (English only):

Ages: 3-10 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 9-13th
Location:  Tahlia Street
Fees:  900 Sar
Phone:  920009776
Activities:  Kids will enjoy learning about space through various games, lessons, and crafts.


Summer Dance and Art:

Ages:  6-10
Time:  5-6pm on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Dates:  July 11- Aug 11
Location:  Al Jamiah
Fees: 50 Sar
Phone:  0537203913 Please call between 6-7pm
Activities:  music and bollywood dancing, English, Hindu or Urdu speakers only.

Swimming Camp at ILC:

Ages:  all levels
Time:  to be determined based on class size
Dates:  July 1- August 31
Location:  Naim
Fees:  please call
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:  swimming under the supervision of an instructor, learn basic and intermediate swimming skills, one-on-one instruction, and pool games.

YR Saudia:

Ages:  2-8 years
Time: 830-1230pm and 3-7 during Ramadan 10-3pm and 930pm-1230am
Dates: May 7-???
Location:  Alif Center/Aya Mall on Amir Sultan Street Basateen District.
Fees:  please call
Activities:  Drawing, sports, art, cooking, games and competitions, and cinema

Zumba Camp for Girls at ILC:

Ages:  8-18 yrs
Time: 10-11am
Dates:  3 times a week, July 15- August 31st
Location:  Naim
Fees:  800 Sar
Phone:  0552173908
Activities:  Zumba classes offered by certified instructors, high calorie burning and interval training, full body workout to build confidence and self esteem.



Winter Camps Jeddah 2017

This list will grow as more camps become available. They are listed by opening dates, from earliest to latest. Most of the details are provided in the flyers, so kindly look them over closely. Additional information is listed below each flyer including hyperlinks that appear underlined and in blue, that will take you to other pages where you can learn more. If you have questions we haven’t answered, please use the contact information listed to speak with the organizer directly. Hope you find what you’re looking for!


JEI Learning Centers
Price: SAR1050
Location: Burhan Al Qirati Street, Near Continental School. Please see their Website for map.


Kids’ Town Day Care & Preschool
Location: Please click here for map


Fun Is Us
Starts: January 14th
Schedule: Mornings from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, Afternoons from: 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Amir Sultan street, Near Centerpoint Dome
****Thanks to Riham for her help translating this one****


ALIF Center
Location: Aya Mall Jeddah, Amir Sultan Street.


Get Smart Center
Phone: 0555830310, 0126222162
Location: Shatea District, Malik Road near Hollandi Bank. Please click here for map


Young Chefs Academy
Age Group: Boys 4 to 12 years, Girls 4 to 16 years
Schedule: 10am-1pm
Phone: 0532444025
Location: Nobles Megastore Building on Amir Sultan near the fist roundabout. Please click here for map
Register online here


Engineering for Kids
Location: Sari Street. Please click here for map


Kids Tent Children’s Day Care
Location: Al Faiha District, Emaar Jeddah Gate. Please click here for map.
Phone: 0126053727, 0558166952, 0545252835


Adult and Child Therapy Center
amp Location (Different than center): Fantasy Party Villa (We are waiting to hear in which district it is located.)

20170126_065927.pngMy Library
Location: Al Rawdah. Please click here for map


ALIF Center Phone: 0542153779
Location: Aya Mall, Amir Sultan Road


Engineering for Kids
Location: Sari Street. Please click here for map

Little Caterpillars Location: Al Rawdah

Baby Sensory Jeddah

Baby Sensory is a UK based program that can provide invaluable benefits for both moms and babies.

I had a chance to sit down with franchise owner and class leader, Sondos Haji. She attended Baby Sensory classes with her own two children when she lived in Dubai, so when she moved to Jeddah she realized the need for the program here. Sondos is now among the 400+ franchisees and class leaders who must “complete a rigorous one year training course, shadow existing teachers and learn in great detail about the course and the philosophy behind it.

Sondos has a very confident, gentle demeanor that contributes to a calm, fun atmosphere; something new moms and babies alike find reassuring. She  explained that the program helps reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression, increases bonding between mom and baby and gives moms a chance to socialize and learn from other mothers. She happily described how moms who met at Baby Sensory forged new friendships and spend time together after class. For most new moms, this is an exciting prospect, given the typically isolating schedule of feedings and naps.

Of course babies benefit as well. The brain develops at an astounding rate during infancy. Offering stimulation through all the babies’ senses helps open pathways in the brain that strengthen cognition, language skills, social skills and overall development.

Before and after each activity, Sondos explains how the baby benefits. For example, she uses sign language during songs to help babies improve IQ, listening skills and focus. There is also the amazing ability for the child to eventually sign his or her needs well before they are able to speak. Before tummy time, Sondos tell the moms it is great for strengthening back and neck muscles in preparation for sitting; when they all move a small parachute up and down to send toys flying, she explains that watching objects bounce was great for focus skills and after each activity, she is sure to praise the babies, because it helps build their self-esteem.

There is clearly much we can do to help babies develop well and participating in Baby Sensory classes is a wonderful way to learn how.

Classes are structured with babies’ needs and abilities in mind. Mothers are welcome to step aside to use the changing mat or give a feeding and after 30 minutes of sensory activities, there is a 15-minute free play break for mommies and babies to socialize before finishing the class with a few more activities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For now, classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sessions are open for babies 0-6 months old and 7-13 months old. Nannies are welcome to come as assistants to the mother, but class participation is for moms and babies only. In consideration of working moms, afternoon classes will be added very soon.

Monthly and per term membership packages are available and drop-in classes are an option for busy moms. Please contact Sondos directly for pricing.

Location:  Near Tahlia Street, by Roshanh Mall. Click here for a map.
Phone:  0505673577


Snowy Forest at Jamea Plaza

Snowy Forest Entrance

Jamea Plaza is located in the Jamea District across the street from King Abdulaziz University.  It is a smaller mall but does have a Hyperpanda, food court, Jarir Bookstore and plenty of kids’ shops.

The only play area in this mall is the famous Snowy Forest.  I  found that I really like this facility.  It is a less popular location, so the wear and tear on the equipment is minimal.  The ladies on staff communicated very effectively in English, and were exceptionally kind and accommodating both times i visited.  I also found the facility to be very clean, despite the fact they sell popcorn and sweet drinks.

Elevated obstacle course. Only open in evenings and children must wear a harness and meet height requirements.

This facility is designed so kids aged 1-10 years old can get a lot of physical activity.  It has climbing walls, big slides, a trampoline, and even a elevated obstacle course.  It also has a monitored toddler section that bigger kids are not allowed to play in.  This is perfect for little ones as it is padded, safe and will only have kids of similar height and age inside.  I like that kids are free to stay for the whole day.  I found it to be a bargain at only 55Sar per child (Helpful Hint: If you have the 2016 Entertainer Book there is a buy one get one entrance voucher, not valid during holidays.)

Toddler play area

I found the safety aspects of this facility to be superior to any play center we have been to in Jeddah.  Everything is padded, except for the area around the trampolines, and in super condition. We found no broken or damaged equipment.  In addition, CCTV monitors allow you to watch your child’s behavior in hidden areas.

There are also security measures in place for exiting with a child.  Parents must show the child’s armband and receipt in order to exit.   You can exit and enter as many times as you wish, provided you keep the armband and receipt.

During prayer times children are allowed to continue playing however, the staff will be not be available to admit new children or allow children to exit.

The pitfalls of this facility are few, the main one being the restrooms.  Shoes are not allowed, even for adults, but communal slippers are available to wear while using the restroom.  There has never been any toilet paper or paper towels  and of course there is a lot of water on the floors.  Finally, there is no diaper-changing area infants.  My second complaint  is the food sold within the complex.  They sell popcorn, sweet drinks and water.  Despite the number of cleaners on staff, I just don’t like to see kids taking their treats within the play area.

Party Room

Snowy Forest does offer a birthday party package.  The fee per child is 80Sar with a minimum of 20 children.  This includes a decorated party room and use of the sound and video system for 4 hours along with a kids’ meal from one of the fast food companies in the food court.

All in all, I do recommend giving this Snowy Forest a try.  It was a clean and safe environment for the kids and of course they had a ball!
Hours of operation:  TBA
Phone number:  TBA
Entry Fee:  55 Sar per child


Pizza Hut on the Corniche

13179047_1084874881551694_1422365991740468271_nSummer has arrived in Jeddah so the hunt is on for cool places to hang out with the family.  A place where parents can enjoy their time as well as the kids!   Pizza Hut on the Corniche may be the answer to please all members of your family.

Pizza Hut on the corniche is located across the street from Fakieh Aquarium and on the corner where Sari Road meets Corniche Road.  This particular Pizza Hut is super-sized so it can comfortably accommodate many families at one time.  The family section is upstairs (they do have an elevator for strollers or physically challenged people).

At the top of the stairs patrons are greeted with an unobstructed view of the beautiful Red Sea!  This is the selling point for the adults.  For the little people in our lives there is a 2 story play area equipped with a huge curling tube slide and electronic token operated rides.  To get the tokens you will need to give money to your server and in return they will bring you a set number of tokens.

Pizza Hut serves more than just pizza.  This particular Pizza Hut has a nice sized salad bar, they offer pasta’s, buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and chicken fingers just to name a few of the unique menu items.  Pizza is of course the specialty of the house—you can choose thin, pan, or classic crust in a variety of flavors to include spicy or cheesy!  Meat toppings include pepperoni and sausage as well as unique meat topping like seafood, chicken and lamb or you always have the option of choosing one of their pre-created pizza’s.

It was a great afternoon having pizza with family and friends.  Everyone was happy with the food, the kids played for a few hours in the play area while the adults visited and watched the stunning sun set.

Pizza Hut does not offer formal birthday party packages for kids—with games and balloons etc.…. However, reservations for parties can be made to accommodate such events and parents can bring in their own cake and decorations while ordering food for everyone off of the menu.