Voila Chocolate Lounge on Tahlia

When you enter Voila your sense of smell is immediately heightened because you are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of delicious little chocolate morsels.

Party room where dancing and clown entertainment is provided.
Party room where dancing and clown entertainment is provided.

Voila is a cafe, but also offers birthday packages for children 4 to 14+ at their Tahlia Branch (there is also a cafe only in Star Ave Mall).  The entire basement of the cafe is dedicated to birthday parities at the facility.  Fair warning, Voila only offers ONE birthday party a day and NO parties on Saturday’s so if you decided to have a party at Voila, you will need to book well in advance and make a deposit to get the date and time you want.  Parties can be scheduled at one of the following times 4 to7pm, 5 to 8pm, or 6 to 9pm.  If you choose to have your party on a Friday, there is only one time slot available (I believe they said it was 5-8pm–please double check if you book).  Parents are welcomed to bring in their own cake and decorations if they choose.  The minimum for a party at Voila is 25 children with a maximum of 45.  You will first need to choose the party food package and then you choose one of the chocolate packages.  Packages begin as low as 95Sar per child and go up to 150Sar per child depending on your food choice and the chocolate experience you desire.

Seating area for kids and adults during parties
Seating area for kids and adults during parties

Party Food Choices:
For 50Sar per child the children can choose a hotdog meal with chips, toasted sandwich with chips, or pasta with bolognese.

For 55Sar per child the children can choose 1/4 of a pizza with fries or 5 piece chicken nuggets with fries.

With either of the above options children will also get to choose juice or water to drink and children will receive their choice of desserts—cotton candy, popcorn, carmel corn or a scoop of ice-cream.  Also included in the food price is use of the party rooms for 3 hours, music, laser lights, and one hour with the Voila party clown.

Chocolate studio, where children create chocolate masterpieces.
Chocolate studio, where children create chocolate masterpieces.

Chocolate Painting Classes:

After your guests have eaten lunch and had the chance to dance and be entertained by the Voila Clown there are many chocolate packages available.  Each class is designed for a different ages of children and therefore have different prices.  Here are the chocolate classes, ages, and fees:

4-5 yrs old,  Chocolate painting, 30 minutes, 45Sar/child
5-6 yrs old, Lollypops and mask painting, 45 min, 55Sar/child
5-8 yrs old, Lollypops + soccer shoe decoration, 90 min, 65Sar/child
6-8 yrs old, Lollypops + chocolate painting, 90 min, 60Sar/child
6-8 yrs old, Lollypops + cantle assembly + decoration, 90 min, 75Sar/child
6-10 yrs old, Cocolate make-up of big face mask, 60 min, 70Sar/Child
8-10 yrs old, Hello Kitty (or other) + frame molding, 90 min, 70Sar/Child
9-10 yrs old, Lollypops + house assembly + decoration, 90 min, 70Sar/Child
10-14 yrs old, Face mark big henna painting, 60 min, 80Sar/Child
11-14 yrs old, Lollypops + Ladybird Assembly + Decorations, 90 min, 80Sar/Child
12-14 yrs old, Turtle molding assembly decoration, 120min, 90Sar/Child
14 yrs and up, Create your own chocolate design, 90 min, 95Sar/Child

Other Services:
Magic Tricks 150 Sar
Face Painting 300Sar
Tea Time Set 160Sar
Sparking Candles 15Sar/piece
Party poppers 12Sar/piece
Chocolate fountain Buffet 500Sar
Birthday Cakes-priced based on design and size

Party Location:  Tahlia Street in Millennium Shopping center (with Steakhouse, Joffery’s and Crocs)
Phone:  012-668-4343
Hours of Operation:  10am to 12pm Saturday to Thursday and Friday’s after 4pm


Football/Soccer Clubs in Jeddah


(Updated:  August 24, 2017)

This is our list of football/soccer schools in Jeddah.  If you know of more, please let us know and if you have experience at any of these places we would like to read your comments about them below in the comment section.

3s Football Academy
Fees: 500 Sar per month
Days: Tues and Thursday 5-7pm
Ages: 7-12 yrs Boys
Coaches:  Saud AlFdl, Sultan AlFadl & Saud AlHemayid,
Location:  Malak Road behind Souq AlShatti
Phone: 054-554-1422/ 0592223322 / 0582223322
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FootballAcedemyJeddah?fref=ts

Friends Zone:
Fees:  800Sar per month
Days:  Sunday and Tuesday
Ages:  3 yrs to 12 yrs (girls and boys–but currently no girls enrolled)
Coaches:  UNKNOWN
Location:  Al Naeem
Phone:  0126224344
Email:  friendszone75@gmail.com
Facebook:  Friendszonecenter
Instagram:  friendszone_kids

Jeddah City Football Club
Fees:  500sr per month (8sessions/twice a week)
Days: Sunday’s and Tuesday’s from 5-7
Ages: 4 to 16 yrs boys/ 4-8yrs girls
Coaches:  Feras Yasain and Ibrahim Saleh
Location:  Mohammadia close to Jarir mall
Phone:  0501995834/966566041112/966569173016
Email:  Ibrahim@duplays.com, feras@duplays.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/JeddahCityFC?fref=ts
Web:  https://duplaysjeddah.playpass.com

Jeddah United Sports Company
Fees:  24 classes for 3 months it costs 1800 Riyals
Days: Sunday to Wednesday 5:15-7:15 (5-12 yrs)/ Sunday and Tuesday 5:15-7:15 (13+)
Ages: 5 and up to 13+  boys only
Location: Al Andalous/Tahlia
Phone:   056 660 0429/966503692772
Email:  info@jeddahunited.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeddah-United-Sports-Company/161236010598256
Web:  http://www.jeddahunited.com

Nahdi Al Shams
Fees: 450 per month/1100 for 3 month/ 1800 for 6 month/3000 for year (single activity fee only, if you enroll in more than one program prices are different.)
Ages: 5yrs to 16 yrs (classes also available for 17+)
Location:  Zahra District
Phone:  012 256 2000

Red Sea Football
Fees: 700Sar/10 lessons  one hour class 3-7yrs
8yrs and Up 800Sar/10 lessons  two hour classes.

3-6yrs Monday,  Wednesday, and Saturday from 5pm – 6pm
6-7 yrs  Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 6pm – 7pm
8-11yrs  Sunday and Tuesday from 5pm – 7pm
11-13yrs Sunday and Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm
14+  Monday and Wednesday from 7pm – 9pmAges: 3 yrs and up
Coach:  Kareem Linjawi
Location:  Khaldiyah
Phone:  050 568 1150
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/159916738857/

Spanish Football Club/Dunk Playground
Fees:  1200Sar for 3 months
Days:  Saturday thru Thursday 5-7pm and 7-9pm
Coach:  Ahmed/Marzouk Al Otaibi/ Hazam
Location:  Behind IKEA on Tahlia St
Phone: 0555654651/053-566-0119
Email:  ahmed@dunkplayground.com
Instagram:  https://instagram.com/dunkplayground/

Sporting United Academy
Age : 9 to 15
Coaches: Shabir Ai Lava / Jamshad Mohammed
Location: Hi Samer
Training : 8 session in week
Days: Friday and Saturday
email: sportingjed@gmail.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SportingUnitedJeddah/

Chun’s Bistro


At our house, Chinese food is always a hit!  Chun’s Bistro is a family friendly restaurant located on Tahlia, from Danube.  This restaurant is run by a Chinese family here in Jeddah and the chef is also from China.  The place as a true Asian feel with the red and black decor along with the Chinese lanterns found hanging outside.  It is also a good sign when you see resident Chinese patrons already eating inside.

Family section, screens are available for more privacy.
Family section, screens are available for more privacy.

We ordered a variety of dishes.  My husband ordered the sizzling shrimp, hot and sour soup, and spring rolls while I ordered the dynamite shrimp and a garlic eggplant dish.  My daughter wanted garlic fried rice and the beef noodle dish.  We found the food to be quite tasty.  Many times with Chinese, it is too salty for my pallet, but I really enjoyed the eggplant and noodle dishes in particular.  My only complaint about the food is that it did seem to have a lot of oil.  The oiliest dishes were the eggplant and the sizzling shrimp plate.  The Dynamite Shrimp had a very light and tasty breading on it, but looked nothing like the picture featured in the menu.

Swing set available for children.
Swing set available for children.

I have labeled Chun’s Bistro as child friendly because they do have a swing set available for children to play on while waiting for the food.  The swing set is brand new, so it is in tip top condition.  We were at Chun’s on a Monday evening around 6pm so there were no other kids using the swing set and my daughter had it to herself.  However, come Thursday or Friday night this swing set could get packed and possibly unsafe with so many too many kids playing on it.  The metal swing set is simply sitting on the ceramic tiled ground. If there are some big kids swinging hard, I would worry it may tip over. I usually prefer playground areas to have a bit of padding under them.  An additional note is the family section is upstairs and there is no elevator, so if you are going with a baby, leave your buggy in the car.

Chun’s would be a perfect place for you and your family if you are craving Chinese and are having an early dinner.  We found the food to be affordable. Dishes like the rice, noodles and egg plant were around 20-25Sar each and of course the prawn/shrimp dishes were more: maybe 50Sar-60 Sar.  The portions were a nice size and we were able to take the eggplant and noodle dishes home to have for lunch the next day. Who doesn’t love left over Chinese?!

Location:  Tahlia, across from Danube
Hours of Operation:  12:30pm to 11pm
Phone:  +966126633558, 0530495333

La Plage Beach Resort

bdGWHkjvh68-CyMDPqjjZGwvO0GmxI3glsmuYdb83Z0(Updated:  October 2016)

La Plage is a family friendly affordable option for those who would like to explore a Western Beach in Jeddah.  Located in Ubhur this beach resort has a lot to offer patrons.  This beach is labeled as private so they will pick and choose who they will allow in.

Pool at La Plage, there are some umbrellas available.
Pool at La Plage, there are some umbrellas available. The small circle of this pool is a kids pool.

Upon entering La Plage you will be be greeted in a reception area where you will need to purchase a La Plage ticket book (1500Sar) that gives you 10 passes into the facility.  Tickets are only used by adults and kids are allowed to enter free.  La Plage gives patrons a true resort feel. You will  begin walking  along a beautiful mosaic walkway passing a Little Tikes playground, an indoor restaurant and health club, an outdoor sheesha area, a pool with umbrellas, gorgeous green lawns, beach volleyball court, out door fruit cocktail bar/cafe, before finally arriving at the white sand beach.

The beach at La Plage is a lot smaller than some of the other beaches we have visited in Jeddah but it was clean (including the water).  There are probably 50 or so beach umbrellas available with reclining lawn chairs and plastic upright chairs.  Each side of the beach has a stone wall, there are also lawn chairs and umbrellas available in these areas as well.  They had two beach showers, but found them to be quite ineffective at washing the salt water off after a swim.  They had very little water pressure and I had to keep my hand on the button the entire time.

View or rooms available to rent for weekends.
View or rooms available to rent for weekends.

La Plage also offers diving and snorkeling for those who like these activities.  I have gone diving several at several resorts and the reef for snorkeling at La Plage was AMAZING and I would highly recommend it.  Make sure you go in the morning though as in the afternoon the water gets a bit choppy.   A weekend packages can be purchased for La Plage a studio for 3 nights runs around 2800SAR.  If you go during the week it is 800SAR per night.


The restaurant and spa/health club are in the same building.  I saw several exercise machines, but did not stop to examine them closely.  The restaurant serves affordable food ranging from 15-95Sar per plate depending on what you order.  During the hot summer months the restaurant will be an ideal place to go for lunch to get out of the heat for a while.  They also have a lovely shaded area where many people like to sit and enjoy sheesha in the shade with the outdoor coolers blowing on them.

The restroom facilities are near the pool, along with pool showers.  The pool appeared to be very clean.  There were shallow parts to the pool and steps leading into the pool.  There is also what I would call a lap pool available, but in reality it is like a kiddie pools as it is very shallow.  There were lawn chairs around the lap pool but they did not have umbrellas.

The large lawn areas were very popular for those who brought paddle boards for hitting a ball back and forth.  The beach volleyball court was also used by co-ed teams playing a few games in the sand.  Everyone looked to be having a great time!  I also found that I prefer the beach from about 8am-1pm.  By 1pm the facility is maxed out with so many people I no longer found it enjoyable or relaxing.

La Plage is a Private Western beach so people wishing to visit need to be fully aware this.  They are selective as to who they let in and they may or may not allow you to purchase the ticket booklet.   Finding La Plage can be a challenge if you have never been before and are not familiar with the area, as with all private beaches in Jeddah it is behind one of the mysterious unmarked gates along the road.  I would recommend going with someone who has been before.

Location:  Ubhur (near Sheraton)
Fee:  1500Sar for 10 pack book of tickets
Phone:  Unknown
Email:  info.img1@gmail.com

If you have experienced La Plage, please feel free to share your comments in the comment section below.

Billy Beez- Aziz Mall

Billy Bees2

Billy Beez is an amazing indoor play center for children.  They have many climbing structures, slides and can of course accommodate any size birthday party.

Billy Beez has several branches in Jeddah.  What is most important to know is that the pricing at each Billy Beez is unique to each venue.  Below is the pricing information, party information as well as hours of operation for Billy Beez-Aziz Mall.

Here is our link for our full review of a Billy Beez complex http://wp.me/p5aXk2-3O


From Sunday – Wednesday                              Adult                                    Child

Mornings                                                                 25                                            60
Afternoon                                                                35                                            65

From Thursday – Saturday                              Adult                                      Child

Mornings                                                                 35                                             75
Afternoon                                                                35                                             75

Birthday Packages:

  • 100SAR per child
  • 15 children minimum (no maximum number determined)
  • 3 hours use of party room
  • Children are provided with choice of burgers, pizza, or nuggets
  • You are free to bring in your own cake
  • You are free to bring in your own food and drink for adults.

Hours of Operation:
Saturday to Wednesday:     9am to 1030pm
Thursday:    9am to 1130pm
Friday:    3pm to 1130pm

Here is our link for our review of Billy Beez  http://wp.me/p5aXk2-3O

If you have experience Billy Beez at Aziz Mall and would like to leave a comment about your experience, please do so in the comment section below.

Motion Boutique and Jeddah Ballat Academy

Motion Boutique
Motion Boutique

Having a child who loves the arts and finding them quality programs can sometimes be a challenge.  Mary Frances, owner and teacher, has created Motion Boutique to meet your child’s love of the arts.  She has more than 20 years’ experience in the performing arts including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, ballet, partnering, and modern dance styles.  Motion Boutique offers ballet levels I-III, in addition to modern dance, hip-hop,  and tap classes.

Children practicing at Motion Boutique.
Children practicing at Motion Boutique.

During the ballet classes, children learn basic terminology, barre exercise, and the history of ballet.  Classes are focused more on dancing discipline and less on chatting, with a goal of advancing to the next level.  Children work on dance conditioning, classical ballet, technique, pirouette, pointe, pilates, proper body alignment, and ballet etiquette. The children also put on several performances a year.
Motion Boutique offers the certified American Ballet Exam, so children are only promoted when certain skills have been attained.  The best part is classes are offered for kids, teens and even adults.

Women's Day craft created by children.
Women’s Day craft created by children.

Younger children in the 2-hour Creative Ballet class have the opportunity to grow in the area of other fine arts, such as painting and jewelry making. Each week, the children are ushered into a craft room where they are given a new creative art project to complete. Then they are given a healthy snack, which they sometimes make themselves, before heading into the dance studio.  As a side note, the Boutique also sells dancing apparel for those needing to purchase quality dancing accessories.


Creative Ballet for 3-6 yr olds from 4-6pm
Ballet for 7-12 yr olds from 6-7pm
Ballet (Intermediate) 12 yr and up from 7-830pm

Creative Ballet for 3-6 yr olds from 4-6pm
Ballet for 7-12yr olds from 6-7pm

Creative Ballet for 3-6 yrs olds from 4-6pm
Ballet for 7-12yr olds from 6-7pm
Ballet (Intermediate) 12 yrs and up from 7-830pm
En Pointe (those qualified) 830-9pm

Hip Hop girls only 12-17 yr old 2-4pm
En Pointe (those qualified) 4-6pm


 BALLET (3-6yr olds) 1 hour class monthly fee
1 Day a week:  Sar
2 Days a week:  Sar
3 Days a week:  Sar
Drop In fee:  75 Sar

CREATIVE BALLET (3-6 yr olds) 2 hour class monthly fee
1 Day a week: 450Sar
2 Days a week: Sar
3 Days a week: Sar
Drop In fee: 100Sar

BALLET 7-11 YEARS 1 hour class monthly fee
1 Day a week:  Sar
2 Days a week:  Sar
3 Days a week:  Sar
Drop In fee:  75 Sar

BALLET 12 YEARS AND UP 1 hour class monthly fee
1 Day a week:  Sar
2 Days a week:  Sar
3 Days a week:  Sar
Drop In fee:  100 Sar

HIP HOP for girls 12-17 yrs only monthly fee
Saturdays only  Sar

GYMNASTICS for girls ages 6 and up:
Tuesdays: 5-6pm

Please Note: A uniform is also required if one wishes to participate in the Motion Boutique program. Shoes, tights, tutu and leotard are 350SAR.

Location:  Naeem District (near Mall of Arabia)
Phone:  059-484-6200
Email:  motion.boutique.jeddah@gmail.com

Spring Break Activities 2015

It’s that time again; school is out, and you have bored kids at home. Luckily, whether your kids love cooking, exercise, outer space or crafts, there are programs for them to enjoy. We’ve also included some one-day activities taking place during the break and our reviews of various activity centers.

Spoonfed Fitness‘ Boot Camp for Boys

Spoonfed Flyer 2         Spoonfed Flyer
Activities: Kids learn how to exercise properly and stay healthy
Age Group: Boys 10-15
Dates: March 22nd-26th
2-3:30pm (10-12 year olds)
4-5:30pm (13-15 years olds)
Fees: 500sar
Registration Details: Contact via Facebook, Twitter or by phone at 059 943 6166 to receive registration forms.
Location: Al Farsi Tower, Corniche, Near Sheraton
Other: Anyone who completes the boot camp can receive 20% off Spoonfed’s after school program.
Please see our previous post to learn more about Spoonfed Fitness and their after school program here.

Blue Wave Club‘s Little Tigers Program

Little Tigers FlyerActivities: Martial Arts classes
Age Group: Boys and girls 4-6 years old
Dates: Every Sunday and Tuesday until March 31st
Times: 4:30-5pm
Fees: 75sar per day
Registration Details: Please call 055 567 2123 to register.
Location: Tahlia Street at Al Quraishi Oud.

Dynamic Code Center‘s Daily Cardio Fun Blast Program

Dynamic Code March Break Flyer

Activity: Kids attend a daily cardio class, designed to help them burn calories, have fun and stay active.
Age Group: 12 years +
Dates: Every day for one month
Times: Sunday-Friday 5-5:45pm, Saturday 2-3pm
Fee: 750sar for full month of daily classes
Registration Details: Call 012 607 6450 to register.
Location: Arwa Bint Al Hares Street

FasTracKids Space Week Spring Camp

FasTracKids March Break FlyerActivities: We left phone and Facebook messages, but had no response about the activities offered. Sorry! We tried!
Age Groups: Boys and girls 3-9 years old
Dates: March 22nd-March 26th
Times: 1pm-4pm
Fees: 700sar
Registration Details: Call 012 661 6539 to register
Location: Tahlia Street

Engineering for Kids‘ Spring Camp

10155246_884274084963524_613809648833725397_n (2)
Activities: Introduction to Engineering, Lego Robotics
Age Group: Boys and girls 4-14 years old
Dates: March 21st-March 26th
Times: 1:30-4:30.
Fee: 900 sar
Registration Details: Please visit Sunday – Thursday 4-8:30 pm for registration
2nd floor of Noble the Stationers building, Amir Sultan Street, (south side) 50 meters before the fist roundabout on the right hand side.
Phone: 055 503 4156.

Young Chef’s Academy Spring Camp

Young Chefs March Break Camp

Activities: Zumba, yoga, gardening and of course, cooking.
Age Group: Boys 4-10 years old, Girls 4-16 years old
Dates: March 22nd-March 26th
Times: Choose from 10:30am-1pm, or 4pm-6:30pm
Fees: 850sar
Registration Details: Please call 022 063 3777 or 053 244 4025 to register.
Location: Young Chefs is located in the same building as Engineering for Kids: Amir Sultan Street, (south side) 50 meters before the fist roundabout on the right hand side.

Friends Zone‘s Spring Camp

FriendsZone March Break Camp

Activities: Archery, swimming, basketball and Quran
Age Group:
Boys 3-12 years old, Girls 3-14 years old
Dates: March 19th-28th
Times: 10am-2pm or 4-8:30pm
Fees: 800sar for first child, 400sar for each sibling
Registration Details: Call 012 622 0344, 012 622 4345, 053 365 7700
Location: Al Naeem District

My Library‘s Mother’s Day

My Library Mother's Day
Activities: Mom and me program with puppet show, story time, arts and crafts
Age Group: Boys and girls 3-10 years old
Fee: 35sar per child, 15sar for child’s guardian
Registration Details: Registration is not required for this event.
Location: Rawdah Street, 1st Floor Elegant Home Showroom, across from Saudi Fransi Bank
Other: Please see our review of My Library here.

Arabian Treks’ Camping 4 Kids Excursion

Kids Camping Trip

Activities: Overnight camping trip including rock climbing, navigation using stars and telescope photography, team building activities, group games.
Age Group: Boys and girls 6 to 12 years old
Dates: March 20th-21st
Times: Start time is 3pm March 20th. Return time will be shared after registration
Fees: 200sar per child, 500sar per parent
Registration Details: Please click here  to purchase your tickets.

Kidzania Spring

Kidzania Spring Flyer

Kidzania had a Springtime makeover. Come and see the new look for yourself. To see our review, pricing and hours of operation, please click here.

If you are looking for a simple day out, here are a few more spots where we have personally visited:
Silver Sands Beach
Le Concheur Chocolate Classes
Digital World
Sparkys at Red Sea Mall
Billy Beez
Red Sea Beach
British Consulate Library
Kidzz Cafe
Village Tots Playgroup
Cafe Ceramique

We hope you have a safe and exciting Spring Break!