2017 Summer/Ramadan Camps


summer camps sign

Please note that the camps will be in alphabetical order and will be updated as frequently as we receive new camp info.  If you hear of a new camp please send us the info so we can add it to our list!

Academy Home Learning Center:

Ages:  2-6 yrs
Time:  10-2pm
Dates:  July 20-August 30
Location:  Safa 1
Fees:  700Sar/month or 1500Sar/1.5 month
Phone:  05522974811 or 0592933508
Activities:  art, cooking, exercise, academic review, story time, circle time, songs

Al Bashaer (offers transport):

Ages:  2-13 yrs
Time:  9am-1pm OR 4pm-7pm
Dates:  July 1-August 31st
Location:  Khaldiyah
Fees: 1200 per month (transport extra)
Phone:  0543289884
Activities:  Karate, swimming, art/crafts, sand play, outdoor time, reading, English writing, mental math, Islamic studies and Quran.

Bear Hugs Pre-School:

Ages:  2-6yrs
Time: 10-2pm
Dates:  May 28th-June 22nd
Location:  Hamara
Fees:  2 weeks 1000Sar/4 weeks 2000Sar
Phone:  012-665-3192
Activities:  Creative art, learning to cook, exercise, academic review (alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors etc..), story telling, circle time with songs and puppet shows.

D’Art Summer Camp June:

Ages:  Girls 4-15 years/ Boys 4-15
Time:  4-6 pm
Dates:  June 1-30th (daily except weekends)
Location:  Al Rehab
Fees: 500Sar (supplies included)
Phone:  0558153793
Activities:  Canvas painting, still life, Picasso art, story telling and movies.

D’Art Summer Camp July (transport available):

Ages:  3-13 yrs
Time:  10am-1pm OR 2pm to 5pm
Dates:  Weekdays in July
Location:  Rehab
Fees:  500Sar (includes supplies)
Phone:  0558153793
Activities:  variety of art projects

Flag Boxing (gymnastics and multi-sports):

Ages: 5 and up
Time: 10am-12pm (5-9yrs), 12-2pm (10+ yrs)
Dates: May 28th- June 22nd, July 23-Aug 10, and Aug 13-Aug 31
Location:  Please email
Fees:  Please email
email:  flagboxing@gmail.com
Activities:  Learning the sport

Happy Sunshine Preschool: 

Ages: 2-8 yrs
Time:  Please call
Dates:  July 2
Location:  Palestine Street
Fees:  Please call
Phone:  0553808404
Activities:  Zumba, Belly Dancing, Gymnastics, Yoga
Puppet Show, Story Time, Science Club,
English Club, Theme Parties, Cooking & Baking, Arts & Crafts, Etiquette


Jack N Jill (registration begins May 14th):

Ages:  2-10yrs
Time: Morning:  10am-1pm/Afternoon 1pm-4pm/Night 9pm-1am
Dates: May 28th-June 22
Location:  Khaldiyah (Transport available for extra fee)
Fees (multi-child discount available):
Morning and Afternoon:  5 days/3600sar or 3 days/2200sar
Night:  5 days/3900sar or 3 days/2700sar
Phone:  0507369963
Activities:  Splash n play, Arabic n Quran, make n bake, fun n games, story n drama, jump n bounce, arts n crafts, plant n grow, health n fitness, themes n projects, puzzles n games, climb n slide


Muay Thai:

Ages:  5-10yrs
Time:  4-445pm
Dates:  May 29-June 21
Location: Please email
Fees:  Please email
email: flagboxing@gmail.com
Activities: learning Muay Thai



Red Sea Football Club:

Ages: 3-7yrs/7-11yrs/11-14yrs
Time: 515-630pm/9pm-12am/ 9pm-12am
Days:  3-7 yrs on Sat, Mon, Wed/ 7-11 yrs Sun, Tues, Thurs/ 11-14 yrs Sat, Mon, Wed
Dates: Ramadan
Location:  Khaldiyah
Fees: 3-7 yr/1200Sar, 7 and up 1500Sar
Phone: 0505681150
Activities:  Soccer and prayer times observed.


YR Saudia:

Ages:  2-8 years
Time: 830-1230pm and 3-7 during Ramadan 10-3pm and 930pm-1230am
Dates: May 7-???
Location:  Alif Center/Aya Mall on Amir Sultan Street Basateen District.
Fees:  please call
Activities:  Drawing, sports, art, cooking, games and competitions, and cinema




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