Jeddah Summer Camps 2016

Are you looking for activities for your child(ren) over the summer.  Here is our list of summer camps available in Jeddah.  Please note they are in alphabetical order, have contact info, location and planned activities.  Some facilities prefer you to call to request fees.

If you have experienced a summer camp with any of these facilities in the past, please leave a comment in the comment section below and let us know what you thought!

Dates:  May 15-June 2
Times:  9-12 or 4-7pm
Ages:  3-12
Fee:  700 per week (full 3 weeks 1800Sar)
Location: Aya Mall off of Amir Sultan, Basateen District, 1st floor in front of Saco
Phone:  0542153779

Dates:  June 12-June 30
Time:  1-4pm or 930-1230am
Ages:  3-12yrs
Fee:  700 per week (full 3 weeks 1800Sar)
Location: Aya Mall off of Amir Sultan, Basateen District, 1st floor in front of Saco
Phone:  0542153779

Dates:  July 17th – Sept 1
Times:  1-4pm or 4-7pm
Ages:  3-12 yrs
Fee:  700 per week (full 3 weeks 1800Sar)
Location: Aya Mall off of Amir Sultan, Basateen District, 1st floor in front of Saco
Phone:  0542153779
Activities: Basic drawing skills workshops, sports camps, food art, planting, imagination play, cinema, educational games, art projects, food fun, cut and paste








Dates:  July 17- Aug 17
Time:  9am-1230pm
Ages: Girls–5-14 yrs, Boys–5-9yrs
Fee:  unknown
Location:  Rehab
Phone:  0553061678/0558822983/0126761955
Activities:  Arts and Crafts, cooking, English reading, mental math, science, Qaran and Arabic,   water games.


Date: June 5-August 5th (2 months)
Age: 10 – 20 years
Fee:  300/month
WhatsApp:  055 815 3793
Activities:  For Beginners—Painting with oils, watercolors, acrylic, and pencil sketching.  For Advanced Students there will be canvas painting.


Dates:  May 22- 26th
Ages:  grades 4th-7th
Location:  Off Malik Road behind Midas
Times: 10am-12pm
Fee: 250 SAR
Phone: 0546886013
Activities:  Learn about geometry, tessellations, patterns,  and fractions plus much more.

Dates:  June 6-29th
Ages:  Birth – 2 yrs (0-1 yr with adult female only); 1-2 yrs (with or without adult female)
Location:  Marwa District
Times;  1-4pm
Fee:  500 Sar
Phone:  0563210651
Activities:  Free play, bubble, movement with music, rhythm, runner play, blocks, legos, movie time, story time, play dough, puzzles, games and healthy snack included.

Dates: June 5th-26th
Ages: 2-6yrs
Location: Hamara
Times: 11am-3pm
Phone: 012 665 3192
Activities:  Swimming, dance, sports, arts, crafts, cooking and much more

Dates: registration open until May 15th, Camp dates:  June 2-22nd.
Times:  11am- 2pm
Ages:  4 -8yrs (no children who wear diapers)
Fee:  500Sar
Location:  Hira Street
Phone:  0543804591
Activities/Subjects:  English, math, Urdu, Arabic, GK, Rhymes, Arts and Crafts, worksheets, sand play, Duaa, and Islamic stories

Registration Dates:  April 29th and 30th,  May 6th and 7th,  May 20th (child must be present at registration and payment is taken at this time)
Times: TBD
Ages: 4-12yrs
Location:  Rehab
Phone:  058 016 2538

Registration date: Tuesday, May 10th–830am to 1030am (student must attend registration)
Date:  August 7-28
Time:  8-11am
Ages:  Unknown (tried calling, but all in Arabic)
Location:  Kayyal Street, Azizyah
Fee:  300Sar
Phone:  0126671294/0126694282
1.  Tilaawah of the Quran plus some tajweed rules based on the student knowledge at the time of interview.
2.  Hifth part of Surat An-Nisaa with tafseer for those who completed level two.

NOTE:  Bus service is available if you live in the vicinity of the school for a fee.

Dar Al Hekma is conducting a 2 week enrichment camp this summer called Shining leaders. They have fun, engaging activities planning for girls 6-8 yrs.

13177922_1005184836184726_2645210530843939220_nAs part of this experience they are also providing opportunities for high school girls ages 15 and 16 to volunteer at the camp.  The girls will receive the documentation needed to submit as community service.  In addition they will have the opportunity to be on campus for two weeks and mentored by Dar Al Hema students and faculty.  They hope that the relationship established during the camp will provide the basis for continuing relationships with the University students and faculty for the purpose of providing positive role models for young women as they are among decision regarding their future plans after their graduation.  The hope the girls will recognize the benefits of higher education and will be better prepared for college success.

This camp will be fun!  If you have a girl who would like to be involved please let us know ASAP as there are only 10 spaces available.  Email for registration and more information.



Dates: Through Ramadan–and possibly all summer
Ages: 6-10yr old
Time/Day: Wednesday/Saturday 9-10pm
Phone:  0126076450, 0590122928
Fee: 1050Sar/month
Activities:  Calisthenics

Dates: May (specific dates TBA)
Ages: 6-15 years
Times: TBA
Phone: 012 607 6450, 059 012 2928
Location: Click here for map
Fees: 500SAR
Activities: Drumbata, Zumba and more

DCC Summer Camp

Dates: June 5-23rd
Times: 12:30-3:30pm
Ages: 3-12yrs
Fees:  Ages-3 to 6 yrs 2500Sar/ Ages 7-12 yrs 3000Sar (discount given for siblings)
Location:  Tahlia
Activities:  unknown

Dates:  June 1st onward
Times:  TBD
Ages:  6 yrs and up
Fee:  450 per child–discount given for siblings or groups
Location:  Safa
Phone:  0598717005
Activities:  21 Century technology and techniques are used.  Use of Multimedia, videos, audio, flashcards, role plays, games and lot more.

Registration:  May 31st
Dates:  May 29th- July 28th
Ages:  3-10yrs.
Phone: 920009776; 012 661 6539
Location:  Tahlia
Activities:  Weekly themes

Dates:  May 10th-30th
Ages: 3-14yrs
Times:  4pm-830pm
Phone:  012 622 4344/ 012 622 4345
Location:  Naeem

Dates: unknown
Time:  unknown
Ages: 9 months and up
Fee:  unknown
Location: Obhur
phone:  0562599174
Activities: swimming, football/soccer, Zumba

Dates: April 24 – June 1 (Sunday-Wednesday)
Time:  5-8pm or 7-10pm
Ages: 4-14 yrs
Fee:  1650Sar
Phone: 055118415
Activities: painting, cooking, sports, arts and story telling

GLITTER WORSHOP (she frequently offers several camps so please check back):
Dates:  May 14-16th
Time:  7-9pm
Ages:  5 yrs  and up
Phone:  0536330616
Fee:  50 Sar per student
Location:  Safa
Facebook here
email: or
Activities:  Students will be provided with all craft items, paints, canvas, beads etc…

GREEN GRASS SCHOOLS (4 sessions available):
Dates:  Session 1:  June 6- 22nd Session 2: July 3-23rd  Session 3:   TBD Session 4:  TBD
Ages:  3-11 yrs
Phone:  0126995780/0541022122
Session 1:  Jungle–My Gym motion, junior scientist pressure, little authors opinions, mental math skipping, cooking food farm
Session 2:  Lego Crafting–My gym flexibility, junior scientis
, Session 3:  Circus, Session 4: Time Travelers

Date:  May 15th -June 2nd AND July 17th -Sept 1st
Ages: 3-10 yrs
Camp times:  10am-2pm
Day Care Times:  8am-4pm

Activities:  Karate, swimming, drama, arts, crafts, reading, Zumba, science experiments, cooking, trips, etiquette and manners, outdoor games
Location:  Khaldiyah

Phone:  050340002/0126124428








Dates: May 15-June 2
Location:  Al Shatee
Ages:  3-8 yrs for camp and 3 month to 2 years for nursery
Phone: 0126546417/
Activities:  English, Quran, trips, cooking, art and etiquette









Dates:  May 2 to May 30th
Ramadan:  Will be open for daycare for working moms
Time:  8am-1pm
Ages:  1-7 yrs
Location:  Mushrifa
Phone:  0553808404
Activities;  drawing, cooking, gymnastics, out door games, story time, conversation, circle time, dancing, songs and rhymes

Dates:  June 7-30
Time:  11am-3pm (Sunday-Wednesday)
Ages:  3-12 yrs (boys under 7 are also welcome)
Location:  Naeem District
Fees:  1200Sar (includes all classes+supplies+healthy lunch)
Phone:  0594846200/0534988616
Activities: Little chefs cooking classes, etiquette and table manners, jewelry making, crafts, organic gardening, exercise, and fun games.

Dates:  May 1st- August 29th
Time: 10:00 a.m- 3:00 pm Sunday- Thursday
Ages:  2-12 yrs
Location:  Naeem off Amir Sultan
Phone:  0543289884
Activities:  Daily math practice, Arts and crafts, Swimming, English vocabulary and oral communication skills,  Quran,  Islamic stories,  Field trips, and Cooking

Dates:  May 29- June 25th
Ages:  3-9 yrs
Location: Aziziya (behind Pakistani School)
Time:  830pm-1100pm
Phone: 0598828267
Fees:  100 Registration, 300 Sar for camp
Activities: Music, dance, storytelling, drawing, arts and crafts, clay, calligraphy, cooking, baking, games, splash pool, sports and fitness, science, etiquette and tutoring.







Date: June-August
Times: Ramadan 9-1 or 1-430pm/ Summer 8-1 or 1-530pm (camp for whole day also available)
Ages: 3-10 yrs old
Fees:  Unknown
Location:  Rawdah/Khaldiyah near King Faisel Hospital
Phone:  0543187117
Activities: art, cinema, story telling, trips, conversation, cooking, drama, puppet shows and more.

Dates:  May 15- Jun 2nd
Times:  430-830pm
Ages:  4-12 yrs
Fee:  1100Sar (discount for groups and families)
Phone:  056 332 3829/ 012 606 1500
Activities:  Sports (swimming and team sports), interactive education, scientific activities, creating think skills, Little Kids Kitchen







Dates: Session 1: June 5th-16th, Session 2: June 19th-30th
Times: 3pm-5pm
Ages: Girls: 5-10, Boys: 5-8
Fees: 300 SAR
Location:  Safa
Phone: 059 898 8011
Activities: Arts and crafts, Dino Day, Movie Day and more









Dates:  June 6-26th
Times: 1-330pm
Ages: 3-10
Location:  Rawdah
Fee:  Members–1000Sar/3 weeks or 500Sar/week.  Non-Members:  1500Sar/3 weeks or 600Sar/Week
Phone:  0122631709
Activities:  Children will keep a fasting diary and will learn about the Quran, the says of the Prophet and Islamic stories in an educational yet fun way though coats, games, cooking, puppet shows and competitions.

Dates: unknown
Time:  Morning 10-1230pm OR 5-730pm
Ages: 5-9yrs and 10-15 yrs
Location: Unknown
phone: 0509115158
Activities:  Painting, crafts, drawing, cooking and much more

Dates: All of Ramadan
Location:  Khaldiyah
Ages/ Times:
3-7yrs old, Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays 530-630pm
8-12 yrs old, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 10pm-12am
13-16 yrs old, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday 10pm-12am
Phone:  0505681150
Fee:  1500 Sar for month–register early as spaces are limited
Activities: football skills as well as Isha Prayer and Taraweeh on the field at 845pm, please encourage boys to attend.

Dates: June 5-June 30
Time: 1-4pm
Ages: 3-12 girls and 3-10 boys
Fee:  1950 Sar/3 weeks or 2340 Sar/4 weeks

Dates:  July 24 to Aug 11th
Time:  10am-2pm
Ages: 3-12 girls and 3-10 boys
Fee:  1950 Sar
Phone:  0554333013

SUMMER CAMP (Weekly themes on “traveling back in time”):
Dates:  Aug 14- September 1
Time:  10am -2pm
Ages: 3-12 girls and 3-10 boys
Fee:  1950Sar
Phone:  0554333013

Dates: May 15-Sept 3 and
Time:  9am-1pm
Ages:  2-8 yrs
Fees:  1 day:  120Sar OR 1 week:  500 OR 2 weeks:  950Sar OR 3 weeks:  1400Sar OR one month:  1800Sar
Location:  Khaldiyah
Activities:  Arts and Crafts, story telling, cooking, puppet shows, plays, Qaran, Cinema, water games, football, field trips and more

Dates:  June 1-July 31st
Ages:  13-20 yrs (girls only and seats are limited)
Fee:  250 Sar for the whole course of 2 months (classes held twice a week)
Location:  Azizia/Rehab (transport is available for residents in the area with 100Sar additional charges)
Phones:  0547256080 / 0508195644
Activity:  Stitching and Quran

Date:  June 5- 16th
Location:  Aziziyah
Ages: 4-9 boys and girls or girls only up to 14 yrs.
Phone:  0598403542
Activities:  Ramadan themes, creative and inspiring ideas, building self confidence, public speaking skills, no bake classes

Dates:  June-August including Ramadan
Location:  Obhur
Ages: Pk-3 to Grade 6
Phone:  0543187117 whatsapp
Activities:  non-academic private program with Quran, stories, art, conversation, puppets, drama, fine motor skill activities and trips.
NOTE:  that this program is individual or in groups and remedial classes are also available if needed.

Dates:  June 6-25
Ages: 3-8 yrs
Fee:  500 SAR
Time: 10am-1pm
Transport:   available
Location:  Rehab
Phone: 056 570 4408
Activities:  Understanding Quran, ICT (basic), arts and crafts, cooking, reading comprehension, spelling, mental math, preforming Sala’ah, Lego Land and board games.

Dates:  July 11- Aug 11
Ages: 3-8yrs
Fee:  500 SAR + 100Sar Registration fee
Time: 10am-1pm
Transport:  available
Location:  Rehab
Phone:  056 570 4408
Activities:  Islamic studies, ICT (basic) , arts and crafts, cooking, Zumba/aerobics, Literacy, numeracy/mental math, Lego Robotics, swimming, teddy tennis, pre-drama/games and activities, ball games, puppet show, role play, science

Dates:  May-August
Times:  9am-12pm or 4-7pm
Ages:  3-6 yrs (discount given for 2 or more children in same family)
Phone:  0599084413
Location:  Makrounah Road, near Jeddah National Hospital
Activities:  Arts and crafts, theme days, creative movement, rhymes day, indoor activities, math, science, and English revision.

Dates:  May 22nd to August 18th
Ages:  1-11yrs Girls and 1-9yrs Boys
Time:  745am-5pm
Location: Please see map on their Facebook page
Activities:  Weekly trip, arts, crafts, science experiments, competitions, swimming, Quran, English, puppet shows, cooking, first aide, and computer.









Hip Hop and Breakdancing for Kids


Kids today are really into Hip Hop, break dancing and other forms of modern dance.  Please see our list below of facilities and instructors that offer these classes for kids in Jeddah.  If you have had an experience with any of these facilities or if you know of additional classes we can add to our list, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Chamelle Plaza (girls only)

Ages:  9-13 yrs old
Days:  Sundays and Wednesdays
Time:  6-7pm.
Fee:  700 Sar for 10 classes
Location:  Hamara/Thalia Area
Hours of operation:  Sunday to Thursday 9am to 9pm and Saturday 9am-8pm
Phone:  012-663-4355/012-663-4356

Dance by Serpil–available for private classes at your home or on your compound
Available classes:  Zumba, Hip Hop, modern dance, and belly dancing
Ages:  3yrs to adult
Time:  Morning and evening classes available
Class size:  Willing to teach small groups of children or adults
Location:  Your compound or home
Phone:  0542502075
Fees:  begin at 300SR/Month depending on location and additional compound fees that may be imposed.

Expressions Club on Saraia Compound
Days: Monday/Wednesday
Ages 5-12yrs,
Times:  530-630pm,
Fee:  500Sar/month (twice a week)
Note:  This is a co-ed class and is taught by a man.

Expressions Club in Rawdah
Days:  Monday/Wednesday:
Ages: 6-13,
Times:  530-630pm
Note:  This is a co-ed class (probably taught by a man).

Aytamona Festival 2016

Life at our house has been a bit monotonous lately, so when my son showed me an ad for the Aytamona Festival, I was excited to try it. This is an annual women and children’s event aimed at raising funds for orphans.

Let me tell you, this festival far exceeded my expectations. The space was laid out well, the decorations and props were beautiful and high-quality, and the huge number of volunteers were all friendly and kept things in good order (thank you for reminding the lady who butted in line that there was a queue!) There was a light atmosphere and I noticed a kindness not only from the volunteers, but the guests as well. I received many smiles from strangers and even a heartfelt apology from the woman who accidentally bumped into me. It was refreshing to have such an enjoyable night out. The organizers deserve a great deal of credit for putting together something so geographically vast with creative and diverse activities for kids, teens and adults to enjoy.

The massive space was divided thematically with the usual festival offerings like arts and crafts, face painting, and bouncy castles. They also had fun back drops where you can get a your child’s photo taken, then framed as a keepsake; an “underwater room” with blacklights, where kids engage in a sensory experience; a shadow puppet theater, and a teen corner complete with karaoke. For the sake of time and money management, we suggest walking through each section before deciding which ones to visit. We were there for 3 hours, and still didn’t get a chance to see everything, like the farm, the science corner and all those clothes for sale by our favorite charity shop, Mawakab Alajer.

The festival is only running for one more day, but I am writing this to encourage you to go tonight. It’s for a good cause, it’s something different and your kids will love it. Go. It’s great.

Hours of Operation: 5-11pm
Entrance Fee: SAR 20 for girls and boys under 9, SAR 30 for adults
Activity Fee: Each activity or experience ranges between 5 and 25 riyals. You can buy tickets at the gate and at kiosks throughout the event space.

For maps, a Careem discount code, videos and additional photos, please visit Aytamona’s Instagram page here.


Mom and Toddler Activities

The activities in this article are not drop-off facilities for your child.  These are facilities that offer fun activities for mothers and children to do together, helping them bond.  These activities are great for helping toddlers become socialized and providing moms with additional support and the opportunity to create new friendships with others.

If you know additional Mommy and Me groups, please let us know by leaving a comment below, as we would like to expand this list.


Baby Sensory:
A UK based program where you can bring your baby to their magical world of sensory learning, wonder, exploration,and extraordinary delights.
Ages:  Birth-13 months
Location:  Near Tahlia Street. Click here for a map.
Phone:  0505673577

Enchanted Garden:
Mommy and Me Classes include art, sensory and bonding activities, stories and more.
Location:  Tahlia (a few blocks behind Saab bank)
Phone:  054-691-6812

Little Caterpillars Club:
Mommy and Me Classes
Location:  Rawdah
Phone:  054-099-7755

Little Teddies and Messy Monkey’s Playgroup:
Mommy and me classes, includes sensory corner, crafts table, sing along and loads of toys and puzzles.
Snacks are provided.
Age: 1 to 4 years
Location: Andalus village at Ariabian Home
Contact: 0541636013 (Kyru)

Jeddah for Kids Cooperative Playgroup:
J4K Cooperative Playgroup is a Facebook based group where the members of the page arrange weekly playdates and invite others to their home or to a specific venue.  It is cooperative because mothers are to share the work.  If one mothers hosts in her home and plans the event, other members are asked to bring healthy snacks for the children to eat and help clean up the toys at the end of the playdate.
Ages:  Infant -3 yrs only.
Facebook link to page here.

Motion Boutique:
Another Mom and Toddler activity is being introduced at Motion Boutique! This one is rather exciting as it is a Mommy exercise class where children 2-4 yrs are welcome to come. Children under 2 must be with a nanny. The Mommy class is called Barre. It will be a toning, Pilates, basic ballet, and meditation class where no experience is necessary and you will learn at your own pace. The kids will be entertained with some crafts and other activities just a room away. The fee per month is 500Sar. It is a flat fee, so you can attend as many classes in a month as you like.  The first class is free and if you sign up you will receive a free gift. The 90-minute classes are on Tuesdays at 10am and Thursdays at 11am.  You must reserve your space at 059 484 6200. This facility is located in Naeem, close to Jeddah Prep and Grammar.
Location:  Naeem
Phone: 059-484-6200

My Library:
Daily Story Time offered
Location:  Rawdah
Phone:  055 056 5110, 012 263 1709
Click HERE to view the Jeddah for Kids blog post on My Library.

Village Tots:
Weekly Play group
Location:  Shatee
To join the group send a request to the Village Tots Facebook page here
Click HERE to view the Jeddah for Kids blog post on Village Tots.


Expresions Fitness Club

10404871_1513122678917628_8897323493202386329_nExpressions Fitness Club offers a wide range of activities for our children.  They also have some evening mommy classes and have two locations in Jeddah.  One Expressions is located in Rawdah near the walking street and the other is in Nahdah District near Red Sea Mall.  They offer ballet, gymnastics, hiphop/breakdancing, Zumba, kickboxing and Taekwondo for children and for the mommy’s there is Oriental Dance (belly dancing) and Zumba.

I visited the facility in the Nahdah District (close to Red Sea Mall and Sheraton).  It is located in the Saraia Compound.  The classes are either upstairs on the 2nd floor or on the main floor when you enter.  Most of the dance classes are located on the main floor while the gymnastics is upstairs.

I found the equipment offered for the gymnastic program to be top notch. They had all the proper equipment for beginning children.  They have a full size balance beam, spring boards, a trampoline, proper mats, the vaulting horse, and a beginners set of uneven bars.

The facility was clean and and I found the staff knowledgeable and friendly plus they were able to speak English fluently.  While mother’s/helpers are waiting for the classes to finish they offer a tea and coffee station and when the children leave they also have a huge candy bowl out for the kids to pick up a “good job” sweet.

Every spring there is a performance for ballet and gymnastics.  Mothers and Fathers are welcome to attend these performances with the exception of the intermediate and advanced ballet and gymnastics .  Fathers are also welcome to drop of children for class, but must leave the facility during the class.

Below their schedule and fees:

Saraia Compound (Nahdah District)

12006632_1679196208976940_3664055134759063724_o-2Ballet Beginners:
Sundays:  Ages 4-6 yrs, 430-530pm, fee:  350/4 sessions

Ballet Advanced:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages based on skill level, 430-530pm, fee:  650Sar/month (twice a week)

Gymnastics Beginner:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages 4-7 yrs, 430-530pm, fee: 1000Sar/month (twice a week) Note:  this class is taught by a man and is co-ed–also limited English.

Gymnastics Beginner Lvl 1:
Sunday:  Ages 4-6 yrs, 530-630pm, fee:  1250Sar/10 sessions

11928755_1675914925971735_2481478191379020793_oGymnastics Intermediate A:
Sunday:  ages 7-10yrs, 630-730pm,
Tuesday:  ages based on skill, 430-530pm, fee:  1250 Sar



Gymnastics Intermediate B:
Tuesday:  ages based on skill, 530-630pm, fee:  1250 Sar
Thursday:  ages based on skill, 430-530pm, fee:  1250 Sar

Gymnastics Advanced Level I:
Tuesday:  ages based on skill, 630-730pm, fee:  1250 Sar
Thursday:  ages based on skill, 530-630pm, fee:  1250 Sar

Gymnastics Advanced Level II:
Thursday:  ages based on skill, 630-730pm, fee: 1250 Sar

3 in 1 Class:  Kickboxing, Gymnastics, and Body Reshaping
Sunday/Tuesday:  Ages 5-10yr, 5-6pm, fee 500Sar/month (twice a week) Note:  this class is taught by a man and is co-ed.

Hip Hop / Breakdancing:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages 5-12yrs, 530-630pm, 500Sar/month (twice a week)  Note:  This is a co-ed class and is taught by a man.

Women’s Classes:
Sunday/Tuesday:  Belly Dancing, 730-830pm
Monday/Wednesday:  Zumba, 730-830pm

Rawdah Branch:

Ballet Beginner:
Monday:  Ages 4-7 yrs, 600-700pm

Hip Hop:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages: 6-13, 530-630pm

Women’s Classes:
Monday/Wednesday:  630-730pm

General Information:
Phone:  0551930502 or 0505660039
Instagram:  @expressionsclub/ @expressions_fitness
Facebook:  Expressions Fitness Center- Najlaa Matbouli (Expressions Club)


Nemo Garden

My neighbour told me about this place called Nemo and from what she told me, it sounded like a nice place for kids and a place where parents could relax and chat.  It was easy to find on google maps, I just typed in Nemo, Jeddah and it popped up. I went on a Friday around 5.30pm.

There are two entrances. One at the front and one from the side. You have to find parking where you can, there is a bit on the side, but it gets full fast. From what I gathered, its open from 4pm. There are two main areas. One is the pool area, the other is the grassy area filled with tables and families eating and smoking their hubbly bubblies. There is a cafe style restaurant and along with the outside seating, there is also a small inside area where one can sit and dine.

Water park area.
Water park area.

The pool area was very crowded when I arrived at 5.30pm. It was a bit tricky to find a seat, but I did find one. The pool is a fairly good size and it hosts a number of fun things for the kids like water see saws. The pool is divided into two sections, one for the under 5’s and one for those above 5 years of age. The area for older kids has two slides at the far end of the pool. It’s always easy to locate your child as there is nothing barring your view. The pool area is very lively and you are likely to get splashed by a child or two. There are workers supervising the areas, but if you go there, be sure to watch over your own children at all times. Only children are permitted to swim, no adults.

 There are showers and toilets. The toilets are average. When I took my son to use the shower facilities, I had to wait as there are only two showers and one had a large poo in it. I informed the staff of this and they said they would do something about it. Be sure to bring your own towels and soap (and if your child does have an accident, please clean it up or inform the staff!).

The Shop where water toys and accessories can be purchased.
The Shop where water toys and accessories can be purchased.

The staff are super friendly and there are staff members who do speak English which was helpful. There is a shop that sells a range of fun pool products like water guns and floaties. There is an internet cafe in the shop, but it was not working when I visited. There is a small indoor play area located close to the shop, where children under the age of 7 can play. My son went in there for a short time.

Indoor play area available for younger children.
Indoor play area available for younger children.
Sample of menu and prices.
Sample of menu and prices.

I did take a seat in the grassy area with the tables and tried some of the food from the restaurant. There  a variety of food  and the prices are average (30-50Sar). The food I ordered was quite good and much better than the food I have ordered at other water parks in the city. The ambiance in the outside grassy area is quite relaxed and everyone was enjoying themselves and chatting. Just watch out if you have little ones, because there are quite a few hubbly bubblies about!

Outdoor play area with swings and slides.
Outdoor play area with swings and slides.

Along side the grassy area, there are two other places where children approximately 10 years and under can play. One is a glass enclosed room where I noticed a covered pool table and  boys were kicking a football. The other area had trampolines, swings and battery operated cars. Note:   it costs SR10 to jump on the trampoline and SR10 for each ride on the battery operated cars.

Overall I had a nice time. As my son is only 3 so I was on my toes a lot around the pool area, but was able to relax in the grassy area when he was seated and eating his meal. The cost of entry is SR15 per adult and SR25 per child. The adult ticket price can be redeemed for food. Its not pricey and is definitely a place every family should check out at least once if they live in Jeddah so their child/children can enjoy the pool. I would recommend it for those who have children aged 10 years and below.

25 Sar/child
15 Sar/adult
Hours:  9am-1pm and then 4pm-??? Daily (info via web)
Phone:  012 6077351
Location: Al-Shatae, Prince Fahad bin Faisal St., behind Tawheed Mosque

The article was written by our guest writer Sez Cole.

Winter Camps 2015

Many schools let out for winter holidays.  Here is our list of facilities offering winter camps to help your child pass the days.  If you know of additional camps please let us know so we can addto our list.  Many thanks!

Choose REAL Food-Cooking Camp: (taught by Mrs Addiya Wahaj, Profession Nutritionist)

Dates: November 15-December 31st on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s    (2 days a week 1st week of cooking 2nd week baking)
Times:  Morning and evening sessions available.
Ages: 6-12 yrs
Location: Al Andalous
Phone:  0544681971

Enchanted Garden:
Come join us in the winter program at the enchanted garden center… Ages3-5 from 20-31 December
Weekly registration available from 9 am to 1pm
Call 0546916812








Little Writers and Illustrators Course, also at Enchanted Garden. Boys and girls 8-12 years old join Zaina Zedan January 4th-6th from 11am-1pm for this program. The fee is 750sar. Call 054 691 6812 for details.

Engineering for Kids:

Dates:  Nov 29th to December 16th
Introduction to Engineering ages 4-5 yrs
Minecraft ages 7-14 yrs
Lego Robotics ages 4-9 yrs









Fun Center:
Fun center announces that they have started the registration and reservationa for spring camp. It is for children where they can enjoy and have fun in an environment full of different activities and entertainment programs from Sunday until Wednesday for three consecutive weeks. Ages from 4-12.
Morning timing from 10 am till 1 pm 
Evening timing from 5 pm till 8 pm
The price for 1 week is 350 Sr two weeks 600 Sr and the three weeks subscription is for 850 Sr.
There will be a discount for siblings, groups and family members.
So that the week will be for 300 sr two weeks 500 sr and the three weeks for 750.
Week 1 from december 27 till December 30
Week 2 from January 3 till January 6
Week 3 from January 10 till January 13







Fun Is Us Kids Club:

Winter Break Camp
The registration for the 1 month long Winter Camp has started. The camp starts on the 20th of December till the 13th of January.
The program includes a lot of sport, educational and fun activities.
Age: 4 to 14 years
Timing: 4 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Fees: 500 per week ; 900 for 2 weeks; 1200 for 3 weeks; and 1500 for a month

Address: King Road, shati’ (4), infront of Medas

















We are still waiting for translation on this sorry.

Jump Bunch/Young Rembrandts/Alif Evening Club:
Dates:  December 20-Jan 14th
Ages: vary based on camp you choose.








ALIF Center Morning WinterCamp


Kids Academy:





Kids Designers:

I believe this begins on the 21st and is 3 days long.  Available only for girls and ladies may also enroll in the class.





Mental Math Classes:

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Young Chefs Academy:

Winter break is getting closer and the counting down to our next camp just started
And registration is going on now 📞
hurry and sing up your young chef -from Saturday 2nd of January to Thursday 7th of January2016
girls 4-16 years & boys 4-10 .
*seats are limited !!! 🙏🎉👏🙌
for questions or reservation:0532444025






Young Rembrandts Snow Workshop: