Pizza Hut on the Corniche

13179047_1084874881551694_1422365991740468271_nSummer has arrived in Jeddah so the hunt is on for cool places to hang out with the family.  A place where parents can enjoy their time as well as the kids!   Pizza Hut on the Corniche may be the answer to please all members of your family.

Pizza Hut on the corniche is located across the street from Fakieh Aquarium and on the corner where Sari Road meets Corniche Road.  This particular Pizza Hut is super-sized so it can comfortably accommodate many families at one time.  The family section is upstairs (they do have an elevator for strollers or physically challenged people).

At the top of the stairs patrons are greeted with an unobstructed view of the beautiful Red Sea!  This is the selling point for the adults.  For the little people in our lives there is a 2 story play area equipped with a huge curling tube slide and electronic token operated rides.  To get the tokens you will need to give money to your server and in return they will bring you a set number of tokens.

Pizza Hut serves more than just pizza.  This particular Pizza Hut has a nice sized salad bar, they offer pasta’s, buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and chicken fingers just to name a few of the unique menu items.  Pizza is of course the specialty of the house—you can choose thin, pan, or classic crust in a variety of flavors to include spicy or cheesy!  Meat toppings include pepperoni and sausage as well as unique meat topping like seafood, chicken and lamb or you always have the option of choosing one of their pre-created pizza’s.

It was a great afternoon having pizza with family and friends.  Everyone was happy with the food, the kids played for a few hours in the play area while the adults visited and watched the stunning sun set.

Pizza Hut does not offer formal birthday party packages for kids—with games and balloons etc.…. However, reservations for parties can be made to accommodate such events and parents can bring in their own cake and decorations while ordering food for everyone off of the menu.


2 thoughts on “Pizza Hut on the Corniche

  1. Hiii! I just discovered your blog and even tho I don’t have kids I find it to informative and helpful! Keep it up! I’d LOVE to know any places for students ages 18 and above, such as organizations, clubs, volunteering? Something to do during Summer when you’re stuck in Jeddah. Any gymnastic places for ages 18 and above? Thank you!


    1. We try to keep our activities for kids 18 and under (those still in school). As for volunteering there are several opportunities you can look into–Open Skies therapeutic riding is always looking for volunteers and you could also try the British Community Library. To volunteer for either of these facilities you have to be able to commit on a regular basis.

      For gymnastics I would try Dynamic Code Center as their have one of the most professional facilities I have seen and offer classes for older kids as well.

      Best of luck!


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