The British Community Library

brit flag(Updated:  Oct 5, 2017)

The British Community Library is located at the British Consulate in Jeddah and has a full library with over 20,000 titles to choose from, including a children’s corner and teen/pre-teen sections as well.  The library is open to ALL nationalities, so everyone is welcome to come and check out books.  The library is not open every day, so please note the Hours of Operation section below.

This small library occupies two floors in the consulate.  The lower floor houses the children, teen, and fiction sections while the 2nd floor contains all of the non-fiction titles and classics.  There are also many books available for purchase for 1-2 SAR each.  Since library books are not to be taken out of KSA, buying up some of these bargain books would be great if you are planning a long trip.

The majority of children's books are held in book bins similar to these on the ground floor.
The majority of children’s books are held in book bins similar to these on the ground floor. *Note:  This picture was NOT taken inside the library, it is an example.


Membership is open to ALL nationalities and requires a 200 SAR deposit that is refundable when you leave Saudi Arabia or upon membership cancellation.

Family Membership:  A family membership is 150 SAR per year.  Each person can check out 4 books at a time, or a maximum of 16 books for the entire family.  Books are due back after 4 weeks. (Total joining fee: 350 SAR)

Single Membership:  A single membership is 100 SAR per year.  Individuals are allowed to borrow 6 books at a time.  Books are due back after 4 weeks. (Total joining fee: 300 SAR)

The library is a bit tricky to find, but hopefully this information will help you.


Upon approaching the embassy you will see a sign that says VISITORS (to the left).  Follow this sign to the metal spinning security gates on the right.  There is a button to push on the gate AND a button to push on the wall to the left.  Try pushing both buttons until you see the arrows of the gates turn green.  Once you have a green arrow, you can pass through the gate and head into the security check point.  During the security check, your bag will be searched. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside the consulate (thus, no pictures to share).  After you have received your visitor’s badge, leave the building and turn left.  A long white wall will be on your right and a fence on your left. Go around the corner.  You will see a large back door on your right and a NO PARKING sign.  This is the library. If the door isn’t open, push the button on the call box, and the librarian will open the door for you.


You will need to go back the way you came, but follow the exit signs and retrieve your phone/camera from the small window near the exit.


Sunday- Closed

Monday: 12:30-2pm

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday- 10am-12pm

Thursday: 11am-2pm

Friday- Closed

Saturday- 10am-12pm


15 thoughts on “The British Community Library

  1. Hi, are you sure these times are still correct? I just went there this morning (Thursday) expecting it to be open 10 – 12 and it was shut. They didn’t seem to know when it would be open but thought maybe around 12… Obviously having dragged my toddler there I didn’t want to wait 2 hrs on a maybe


    1. Hi Lucy–

      They are still open, but close for one month during the year—that month is August unfortunately. I am sorry you made the trip and it was closed. I hope you will try again in September when normal business resumes.


  2. Is it 150 RS for all the family members or for each member? And
    Wt does it mean ( joining fee 350 ) ?
    Thanks alooot jeddahforkids u r one of the most pages that helps parents. All ur posts are useful .


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