Silver Sands Beach Resort

images-24Silver Sands is probably my favorite place in Jeddah.  Silver Sands is a Western beach located in Obhur.  This beach is one of my favorites because it looks and feels like a traditional western beach.

View of beach, lawn chairs, and one of the paddle boats.
View of beach, lawn chairs, and one of the paddle boats.

Once you find the unmarked gate into the “getaway” there is plenty of parking if you drove yourself.  Park your car and unpack–they have wheeled carts available to help you cart all of your beach gear down to the sea (though there are signs that say “no outside food and drink permitted”).  Payment is taken at the gate after parking.  If you go on the weekends adults pay 150Sar each and children pay 50Sar each.  This is a bit pricey compared to some of the other beach resorts in the area, but well worth the money in my opinion.  Included in your admission are padded reclining lawn chairs. a table and an umbrella (please remember your sunscreen).  There is a “lawn chair valet” that can help you move the chairs into a configuration you like and will also clean off the table and chairs when you choose your spot (please be kind and give him a couple of SAR for his help).

Playgrounds and trampoline beside the beach.
Playgrounds and trampoline beside the beach.

Silver Sands is very child friendly.  The beaches are clean with no trash or glass, though you may see trash wash up on the beach from what people have thrown into the sea.  They have recently installed two new playgrounds, a trampoline and a zip line for the kids as well.  These are all free in the admission price.  Last weekend I also noticed they now have canoes and paddle boats available seaside.  The boats can be rented  for 50SAR for 30 minutes or 100Sar for one hour. Just off the shore  there is an island that kids (with adult supervision) can swim to.  Many kids love to climb up the ladder  and then jump off the platform back into the water.  My daughter and I really like swimming out to the island and then snorkeling around to observe the abundant sea life that have made the rocks supporting the island their home.

Shaded restaurant.
Shaded restaurant with sea view.

I also like the fact that there are beach showers available.  I love swimming in the sea, but really hate the itchy feeling I get when the salt water has dried on my skin.  There are several beach shower stations located down the beach.  They of course have restrooms available and they also have a very affordable restaurant.  The restaurant serves juices, coffee, and ice cream but is also great for meals.  They offer sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas all priced between 12Sar-35Sar.  It is nice to know you won’t break the bank eating in the shaded covering of the restaurant right beside the beach.

To get our money’s worth we typically stay until sun set.  We pack up our belonging and head to the shower house near the entrance to take proper showers before getting in the car to head back to the city.

Finding Silver Sands is a bit tricky and frankly if you have never been before, for the first time I would go with someone who knows the way.  The best land mark I can give you is it is behind an unmarked gate just down the road a couple of kilometers from La Plage/La Fontain.   Admission can also be a bit tricky as Silver Sands is an exclusive beach depending upon who is manning the gate that day.  Check with your compound management as I have been told that many compounds have an agreement with Silver Sands to allow their renters in.

Weekday Prices:  100Sar/Adult and 50Sar/Child
Weekend Prices:  150Sar/Adult and 50Sar/Child

Phone:  0554466023


7 thoughts on “Silver Sands Beach Resort

  1. Thank you for your helpful articles. Just wondering if it’s a typical Western beach… they allow ladies wearing abayas and niqab inside
    Also is there a minimal dress code ie bikinis etc as I would not be comfortable with that.
    Thanx again and keep writing.


  2. there’s a reason the door is unmarked, everyone will need a membership soon when people start flocking to that gate… I doubt Silver Sands will appreciate this publicity…. #justsayin

    same happened at La Plage too, now you need to buy a book of 10 passes there…


    1. Thank you Beach Guy–we debated long and hard about how to write this article for the very reasons you mentioned. Hopefully Silver Sands will be able to maintain their current caliber of patrons. All information we wrote is also on sites like Trip Advisor. Thank you for your support and feedback.


  3. I do have a question , I’m a sing Egyptian expat , so will I be allowed to enter such a resort or Arabs are banned from such so ?


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