Engineering for Kids

IMG_3022Engineering for kids is a hands on learning experience for children and is located on Amir Sultan Street above Noble Book Store.  My daughter recently took a trip to Engineering for Kids as a field trip.  They had just finished studying all about buildings, so what better way to reinforce school learning than a special trip to Engineering for Kids where they would get to do some building of their own!

Making the foundation into a cube.
Making the foundation into a cube.

Her first project was the “Sweets Skyscraper” .  The instructor gave a short introduction about the different parts needed to build a building.  They talked about how skyscrapers are built with beams and how the toothpicks they would use would represent the beams of their skyscraper and the gummy’s would represent the joints.  The children were also give a bit of information about building careers they talked about  the job of a civil engineer (those who build the buildings) and the architects (those who design the buildings).  For this activity our children with both civil engineers and architects.  They were given some toothpicks and gummy squares and told to build two squares a foundation and roof for their building.  After that they assembled their squares they connected them into cubes.  The instructor then discussed with the children the topics of “load” and “pressure” and what happens to buildings when a load is applied to the building.  The children were given more toothpicks and more gummy’s to stabilize and enlarge their “sweet skyscrapers”.

Finished stable and strong building.
Finished stable and strong building.
Building supplies for our club sandwiches.
Building supplies for our club sandwiches.

The second part of the trip was learning to build using “bricks and cement”.  For this experiment the children were going to assemble a club sandwich where the bread and toppings were the bricks and mayo, ketchup, or mustard represented the  sticky cement that would hold it all together.  The kids really enjoyed learning to make their sandwich towers, but also eating them!

Engineering for Kids offers a variety of monthly after school programs for children.  If your child loves building and creating or is mathematically inclined this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to investigate.  Classes and programs are always changing so please contact Engineering for Kids directly for their latest class information.

Location:  Amir Sultan Street above Noble Book Store
Ph:  055-503-4156
Twitter:  EFK_KSA
Instagram:  EFK_KSA
Facebook:  EngineeringForKidsJED

Birthday Parties:

For your party you can choose their venue or yours depending on the party activities you choose.

The following activities are available parents are asked to choose one large activity and one smaller activity.  Each activity will last about one hour (prices listed are per child):
Large Activities:
*Aerospace Engineering-Straw Rockets (4-14 yrs) 60Sar
*Chemical Engineering- Lift Off (7-14 yrs) 60 Sar
*Mechanical Engineering – Boomerang Can (4-8 yrs)60 Sar
*Mechanical Engineering- Candy Catapult (4-14 yrs) 60 Sar
*Chemical Engineering- Lava Lamp (4-14 yrs) 60 Sar
*Chemical Engineering-Foaming Fun (8-14 yrs)60 Sar

Smaller Activities:
*Scraping the Sky 15Sar
*Play Dough 15Sar
*Cookies 20Sar
*Brownies 20Sar

Included in your package you will receive:
*Invitation cards and maps
*Date and Arabic Coffee
*Engineering for Kids Instructors
*Engineering for Kids Goodie Bag

*Party Meals 15Sar per child
*Decorations 400Sar
*Piñata 450Sar
*Photography 250Sar

To book a Party:
Party Planner:  Morouj Jastaniah
Office:  012-692-7899
Mobile:  050-557-4722

Note:  If you have experienced Engineering for Kids classes or birthday parties, we welcome you to share your experience below in the comment section.


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