Aytamona Festival 2016

Life at our house has been a bit monotonous lately, so when my son showed me an ad for the Aytamona Festival, I was excited to try it. This is an annual women and children’s event aimed at raising funds for orphans.

Let me tell you, this festival far exceeded my expectations. The space was laid out well, the decorations and props were beautiful and high-quality, and the huge number of volunteers were all friendly and kept things in good order (thank you for reminding the lady who butted in line that there was a queue!) There was a light atmosphere and I noticed a kindness not only from the volunteers, but the guests as well. I received many smiles from strangers and even a heartfelt apology from the woman who accidentally bumped into me. It was refreshing to have such an enjoyable night out. The organizers deserve a great deal of credit for putting together something so geographically vast with creative and diverse activities for kids, teens and adults to enjoy.

The massive space was divided thematically with the usual festival offerings like arts and crafts, face painting, and bouncy castles. They also had fun back drops where you can get a your child’s photo taken, then framed as a keepsake; an “underwater room” with blacklights, where kids engage in a sensory experience; a shadow puppet theater, and a teen corner complete with karaoke. For the sake of time and money management, we suggest walking through each section before deciding which ones to visit. We were there for 3 hours, and still didn’t get a chance to see everything, like the farm, the science corner and all those clothes for sale by our favorite charity shop, Mawakab Alajer.

The festival is only running for one more day, but I am writing this to encourage you to go tonight. It’s for a good cause, it’s something different and your kids will love it. Go. It’s great.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/RLbAHJ3RUey
Hours of Operation: 5-11pm
Entrance Fee: SAR 20 for girls and boys under 9, SAR 30 for adults
Activity Fee: Each activity or experience ranges between 5 and 25 riyals. You can buy tickets at the gate and at kiosks throughout the event space.

For maps, a Careem discount code, videos and additional photos, please visit Aytamona’s Instagram page here.



2 thoughts on “Aytamona Festival 2016

  1. Do you have a facebok or instgram page to follow up the upcoming events in jeddah ? Thanks
    I saw this event today just recognized that it was yesterday ..


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