Expresions Fitness Club

10404871_1513122678917628_8897323493202386329_nExpressions Fitness Club offers a wide range of activities for our children.  They also have some evening mommy classes and have two locations in Jeddah.  One Expressions is located in Rawdah near the walking street and the other is in Nahdah District near Red Sea Mall.  They offer ballet, gymnastics, hiphop/breakdancing, Zumba, kickboxing and Taekwondo for children and for the mommy’s there is Oriental Dance (belly dancing) and Zumba.

I visited the facility in the Nahdah District (close to Red Sea Mall and Sheraton).  It is located in the Saraia Compound.  The classes are either upstairs on the 2nd floor or on the main floor when you enter.  Most of the dance classes are located on the main floor while the gymnastics is upstairs.

I found the equipment offered for the gymnastic program to be top notch. They had all the proper equipment for beginning children.  They have a full size balance beam, spring boards, a trampoline, proper mats, the vaulting horse, and a beginners set of uneven bars.

The facility was clean and and I found the staff knowledgeable and friendly plus they were able to speak English fluently.  While mother’s/helpers are waiting for the classes to finish they offer a tea and coffee station and when the children leave they also have a huge candy bowl out for the kids to pick up a “good job” sweet.

Every spring there is a performance for ballet and gymnastics.  Mothers and Fathers are welcome to attend these performances with the exception of the intermediate and advanced ballet and gymnastics .  Fathers are also welcome to drop of children for class, but must leave the facility during the class.

Below their schedule and fees:

Saraia Compound (Nahdah District)

12006632_1679196208976940_3664055134759063724_o-2Ballet Beginners:
Sundays:  Ages 4-6 yrs, 430-530pm, fee:  350/4 sessions

Ballet Advanced:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages based on skill level, 430-530pm, fee:  650Sar/month (twice a week)

Gymnastics Beginner:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages 4-7 yrs, 430-530pm, fee: 1000Sar/month (twice a week) Note:  this class is taught by a man and is co-ed–also limited English.

Gymnastics Beginner Lvl 1:
Sunday:  Ages 4-6 yrs, 530-630pm, fee:  1250Sar/10 sessions

11928755_1675914925971735_2481478191379020793_oGymnastics Intermediate A:
Sunday:  ages 7-10yrs, 630-730pm,
Tuesday:  ages based on skill, 430-530pm, fee:  1250 Sar



Gymnastics Intermediate B:
Tuesday:  ages based on skill, 530-630pm, fee:  1250 Sar
Thursday:  ages based on skill, 430-530pm, fee:  1250 Sar

Gymnastics Advanced Level I:
Tuesday:  ages based on skill, 630-730pm, fee:  1250 Sar
Thursday:  ages based on skill, 530-630pm, fee:  1250 Sar

Gymnastics Advanced Level II:
Thursday:  ages based on skill, 630-730pm, fee: 1250 Sar

3 in 1 Class:  Kickboxing, Gymnastics, and Body Reshaping
Sunday/Tuesday:  Ages 5-10yr, 5-6pm, fee 500Sar/month (twice a week) Note:  this class is taught by a man and is co-ed.

Hip Hop / Breakdancing:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages 5-12yrs, 530-630pm, 500Sar/month (twice a week)  Note:  This is a co-ed class and is taught by a man.

Women’s Classes:
Sunday/Tuesday:  Belly Dancing, 730-830pm
Monday/Wednesday:  Zumba, 730-830pm

Rawdah Branch:

Ballet Beginner:
Monday:  Ages 4-7 yrs, 600-700pm

Hip Hop:
Monday/Wednesday:  Ages: 6-13, 530-630pm

Women’s Classes:
Monday/Wednesday:  630-730pm

General Information:
Phone:  0551930502 or 0505660039
Instagram:  @expressionsclub/ @expressions_fitness
Facebook:  Expressions Fitness Center- Najlaa Matbouli (Expressions Club)



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