Nemo Garden

My neighbour told me about this place called Nemo and from what she told me, it sounded like a nice place for kids and a place where parents could relax and chat.  It was easy to find on google maps, I just typed in Nemo, Jeddah and it popped up. I went on a Friday around 5.30pm.

There are two entrances. One at the front and one from the side. You have to find parking where you can, there is a bit on the side, but it gets full fast. From what I gathered, its open from 4pm. There are two main areas. One is the pool area, the other is the grassy area filled with tables and families eating and smoking their hubbly bubblies. There is a cafe style restaurant and along with the outside seating, there is also a small inside area where one can sit and dine.

Water park area.
Water park area.

The pool area was very crowded when I arrived at 5.30pm. It was a bit tricky to find a seat, but I did find one. The pool is a fairly good size and it hosts a number of fun things for the kids like water see saws. The pool is divided into two sections, one for the under 5’s and one for those above 5 years of age. The area for older kids has two slides at the far end of the pool. It’s always easy to locate your child as there is nothing barring your view. The pool area is very lively and you are likely to get splashed by a child or two. There are workers supervising the areas, but if you go there, be sure to watch over your own children at all times. Only children are permitted to swim, no adults.

 There are showers and toilets. The toilets are average. When I took my son to use the shower facilities, I had to wait as there are only two showers and one had a large poo in it. I informed the staff of this and they said they would do something about it. Be sure to bring your own towels and soap (and if your child does have an accident, please clean it up or inform the staff!).

The Shop where water toys and accessories can be purchased.
The Shop where water toys and accessories can be purchased.

The staff are super friendly and there are staff members who do speak English which was helpful. There is a shop that sells a range of fun pool products like water guns and floaties. There is an internet cafe in the shop, but it was not working when I visited. There is a small indoor play area located close to the shop, where children under the age of 7 can play. My son went in there for a short time.

Indoor play area available for younger children.
Indoor play area available for younger children.
Sample of menu and prices.
Sample of menu and prices.

I did take a seat in the grassy area with the tables and tried some of the food from the restaurant. There  a variety of food  and the prices are average (30-50Sar). The food I ordered was quite good and much better than the food I have ordered at other water parks in the city. The ambiance in the outside grassy area is quite relaxed and everyone was enjoying themselves and chatting. Just watch out if you have little ones, because there are quite a few hubbly bubblies about!

Outdoor play area with swings and slides.
Outdoor play area with swings and slides.

Along side the grassy area, there are two other places where children approximately 10 years and under can play. One is a glass enclosed room where I noticed a covered pool table and  boys were kicking a football. The other area had trampolines, swings and battery operated cars. Note:   it costs SR10 to jump on the trampoline and SR10 for each ride on the battery operated cars.

Overall I had a nice time. As my son is only 3 so I was on my toes a lot around the pool area, but was able to relax in the grassy area when he was seated and eating his meal. The cost of entry is SR15 per adult and SR25 per child. The adult ticket price can be redeemed for food. Its not pricey and is definitely a place every family should check out at least once if they live in Jeddah so their child/children can enjoy the pool. I would recommend it for those who have children aged 10 years and below.

25 Sar/child
15 Sar/adult
Hours:  9am-1pm and then 4pm-??? Daily (info via web)
Phone:  012 6077351
Location: Al-Shatae, Prince Fahad bin Faisal St., behind Tawheed Mosque

The article was written by our guest writer Sez Cole.


2 thoughts on “Nemo Garden

  1. This place z too much crowded,,suffocated ..No centilation full of humid,,badly managed d waste of time,,i m sure u will bring thousands of infection with u coming bk from there.a real bad experience 😦


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