Take Off-RC Center

Boys, boys, boys—

Boys love planes, cars and boats A LOT!  We recently discovered Take Off–RC Center (RC=remote control).  It is located across the highway from Red Sea Mall in a vast open space.  I did not see women or girls at the facility when I went, but did ask the manager if they were welcome and he said, “ABSOLUTELY!”  He emphasized they were a family establishment.

Indoor race track.
Indoor race track.

Take Off offers those with remote control cars  the opportunity to race them.  They have 3 tracks both indoor or outdoor depending on the type of RC car you have.  You must have your own car in order to participate.  The fee is 40Sar per car and gives the owner unlimited usage on the day of payment.  If you don’t have a RC vehicle of your own and want to invest in one, they have a shop that sells cars, planes and boats. You can also get parts for your vehicle and have them repaired at the shop. Please note, they do sell RC boats but don’t offer a place to use them.

Flying your plane, is no problem, however. Since Take Off is located in a large open area, they have their own airspace for these small planes.  Once again, you must have your own plane and the fee is only 40 Sar per plane for unlimited usage the day of payment.   I really enjoyed just sitting outside with my cup of tea and watching the airplane acrobatics performed by some the customers!!

RC plane flying in Take Off's air space.
RC plane flying in Take Off’s air space.

A yearly membership is available for 3000Sar which entitles members to a discount at their cafe, restaurant and RC shop.

If you have a large RC vehicle,  there are rooms for rent, so you can keep your RC in a safe, climate-controlled environment.  Room rental for a year is 5000Sar.

Take Off can also be used as a birthday party venue. The fee charged is based on the number of people who are planning to attend. Food is an extra if you purchase from their cafe or restaurant, but it also sounded like it would be possible to bring in your own food if you chose. Birthday packages include the use of speakers and a sound system.

Location:  Across the highway from Red Sea Mall in the open space next door to Yasr School.
Hours:  4pm-12am
Phone:  054 579 9588 (Mr. Ali the manager), 012 611 5955

A cafe is available for purchase of snacks and drinks.
A cafe is available for purchase of snacks and drinks.

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