Emergency Information

(Updated August 31, 2017)

One of the hardest and scariest things about being an expat is facing and emergency situation. Below you will find useful contact information should you find yourself in trouble.  We hope you find this page helpful.

General Emergency Number                      911

Ambulance (Medical Emergencies)           997

Fire/Rescue                                                         998

Police (crimes/robbery)                                 999

Traffic Police/ Traffic Accidents                  993

Highway Patrol (highway emergencies)   996

Civil Defense                                                          4792828

NAJM (Accidents without injury)                    920000560

Coast Guards (Navy relief)                            994

Natural Disasters (Inquiry/reporting)      966

General Investigation Dept. (Terrorism/ Beach of National Security)   990

Administrative Investigation Department (Bribes/Corruption)   980

Drug Enforcement (drug distribution/addiction)   995

Human Rights (Human Rights Abuses)   012102223

Al’Haia’ah (Virtue Commission)  Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice   920000980

Water (Water Services)                                  8004411110

Electricity (Electricity Services)                  933

Telephone Information Directory               905

Al Jawal (STC Cellphone Service)                902

Landline (STC Telephone Service)               907

STC DSL Service                                                   906

Go (GO Internet Service)                                 920017175

Mobily (Mobily cellphone service)               0560101100

Zain (Zain cellphone service)                          0590000959

Saudi Post                                                              920005700

Saudi Customs                                                      4013334

General Directorate of Passports (Issuing/Regulation of Traveling)  992

Trade Control                                                       8001241616

Food and Drug Authority (Expired food/drugs)    012759222

Municipality (Road repar/ littering/sanitation)   940

Wildlife Preservation (illegal hunting/reservation violation)  014414333

Information provided by:  Saudi TODAY, Jeddah Edition


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