Zumba Centers

Zumba-KidsZumba is a fun and healthy exercise option for kids. Benefits include teaching children to lead active lives, combating childhood obesity, teaching body coordination, developing relationships with others, and encouraging children to explore the world of dance and fitness.

Zumba is a fusion of Latin dance and aerobic exercise. Children will enjoy the different motions that Zumba instructors lead them through and generally learn the routines fairly quickly. Kids love to dance and move their bodies as they have a lot of energy and like to express themselves. 

In addition to the health benefits of Zumba, a dance workout can promote coordination. All children go through an awkward stage when they are self-conscious about the natural changes in their bodies. Zumba encourages children to move around with controlled motions like leg kicks, arm reaches, and hip sways. These repeated movements promote coordination and body confidence.

A key benefit of Zumba is the opportunity to be around other children of similar ages  and interests, allowing them to make new friends.  Children will have to work together to learn the routines, which instills the values of teamwork and respect for others.

If you have had experience with one of these centers, please feel free to leave a comment below.  In addition, please let us know about other centers. Be sure to click on green text for access to Facebook or Instagram pages.

Chamelle Plaza
Days: Saturdays
Times: 11-12 for girls 6-8 yrs old
12-1pm for girls 9-13 yrs.
Fee: 700Sar for 10 classes
Phone:  012 663 4355 or 012 663 4356

Dynamic Code Center
Private classes can be arranged for you and your friends.  A minimum of 6 people are needed to set up the class.  They were unwilling to give me a price quote.
Phone:  012 607 6450

Expressions Fitness Club/ Saraia Compound
Day:  Monday and Wednesday
Time:  630-730pm
Location:  Rawdah/Thalia Area
Phone:  0551930502/0505660039

Friends Zone
Ages:  5-12 yrs (boys and girls–currently only girls in class)
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Times:  Unknown
Fees:  500Sar/month or buy 3 month package for 1300Sar
Phone: 053 365 7700 / 

Fun Center
Days: Sundays & Tuesdays
Times:  5-6pm: children + (mother with daughter)
Fees: 75Sar single class
4 week membership: SR600
8 week membership: SR1100
12 week membership: SR1500
Phone:  055 511 8415 or 055 465 5889

Fun Is Us
Days: Twice per week (awaiting details)
Times: Awaiting details
Fees: 650Sar per month
Phone: 055 502 2353

Saudi City Playgroup
Ages: 3-9yrs (boys and girls)
Days/Times:  Monday’s 430-530 and Wednesday’s 5-6
Fee:  500 Sar/month for 8 classes (2 times a week)
Location:  Khaldiayah
Phone:  0569769775 (call between 8am-5pm ONLY)

Ages: 4-15
Fees:  1200 for 3 months (this may be a promotional fee)
Location:  Shatee (near Papaya)
Phone:  0126594169/ 0559801008/ 0126595440/ 0550880183


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