Outback Steakhouse


Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed American causal dining restaurant chain and has been around since the late 80’s.  They specialize in American steaks, but they also offer fish, pasta, burgers, and chicken dishes.  They are well known for the “Bloom’n Onion”  a delicious flowered deep fried onion treat!

Play area upstairs.
Play area upstairs.

Outback Steakhouse is located in Tahlia Street in Teatro Mall.  We have classified it as a family friendly dining facility because they do offer a small play area/game room for kids.  The play area was pretty sparse but if you had a toddler it would be great as there is a little slide, swing and sea-saw for them to play on.  They also have two video game consuls, but they were turned off during out visit so I can not tell you the games that are offered.

Great lunch specials are available for a fair price.
Great lunch specials are available for a fair price.

A great time to visit Outback Steakhouse would be during the afternoon for lunch (after 1pm) because they have an amazing lunch special.  I believe you get a soda, soup or salad, plus a main course for 33-39 Sar depending on what you order.  The kids menu consists for chicken fingers, burger, mac n’ cheese, pasta (red sauce is spicy), fish, or grilled chicken.  The meals vary in price from 20-25 Sar depending upon what your child orders and include a drink and side dish.  We have eaten at Outback Steakhouse several times, the first time we did the lunch special with the steaks and really were not that impressed.  The steak is a sirloin steak on the special which is one of the toughest cuts of meat so we didn’t enjoy this special very much.  However, we have gone back and had higher quality steaks and I had a lovely fish and shrimp dish last time I was in that I would defiantly order again.  May daughter ordered the pasta, but found the red sauce to be too spicy they were kind enough to return it to the kitchen and bring her plain noodles instead.  I would say the service is average–there times when our server was right there and other times when we couldn’t track him down.

Hours: 12pm-1am Saturday to Friday
Phone: 012-289-2990


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