UNO Chicago Grill

images-33UNO Chicago Grill is located on Amir Sultan in Al Nahdah District. This restaurant specializes in “Chicago Style” deep dish pizza, but they also have pasta, salads, burgers, chicken, steak and fish options so there is really something for everyone. I found this restaurant to be a great birthday venue as well as a fun family dining experience.

Deep dish Chicago Style pizza.
Deep dish Chicago Style pizza.

Our lunch consisted of one Chicago Style pizza, a lunch special and a kid’s pasta.  The lunch special was a fantastic deal; for 39 Sar you get a drink (soft drink/tea), salad or soup and your choice of entree.  The entree selection was great with several pizza choices, mini burgers, or chicken dishes.

My daughter did like the pasta but she told me several times that she thought the marinara sauce was “spicy”. I found it to have a bit of a kick as well, but really enjoyed the taste. I found the pizza to be fairly on par with what I have had in Chicago–nice deep crust, lots of toppings and quite tasty, though a bit short on sauce compared to what I have experience before. I found the service to be superior, compared to many of the restaurants I have experienced in Jeddah.  We received our drinks in a timely manner, salads arrived before main course, dirty dishes were cleared as we finished—really top notch.

Playground at UNO Chicago Grill.
Playground at UNO Chicago Grill.

I consider UNO Chicago Grill to be a family-friendly venue because they have two activities that kids love: playing on a playground and making their own pizzas.    I found the playground to be clean and well maintained it was partially shaded by trees as well. The kid’s menu has several choices, all for 18Sar:  pizza making, pre-made pizza, mini-burger, nuggets, mac ‘n cheese, or pasta.  The kid’s drink is NOT included in the price, nor is the dessert.

Children make the pizza at the table then follow the server to the kitchen where they watch their pizza be put in the oven.

There is no set party package, but you can call ahead and reserve some tables with easy access to the playground and the kids can all make their own pizzas.  You are free to bring in your own cake and of course, the friendly staff are willing sing.  To make a reservation, for a party please call 012-622-1320.

Location:  Al Nahdah District on Prince Sultan Road
Phone:  012-622-1320
Hours of operation:  1pm to 1am Saturday to Wednesday, 1pm to 2am on Thursday and Friday


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