Fakieh Aquarium

Entrance to Fakieh Aquarium.
Entrance to Fakieh Aquarium.

Fakieh Aquarium is a small aquarium located where Sari Road meets the Corniche Road.   There are three attractions for visitors: an indoor aquarium, a dolphin/sea lion show and an outdoor cafe.

Fish tunnel
Fish tunnel

The fee for entering the aquarium is 50 Sar per person, but children under 2 are free.  Discounts are available, though.If you have the 2015 Entertainer Book, there is a coupon for buy one admission get one admission free and on their web page they are currently advertising 1/2 price aquarium admission on Sundays (please check the valid times).   This aquarium is quite small, but has a nice variety of fish to view.  They have many floor to ceiling viewing areas and the majority  are low, so kids can easily see into the tanks.  My favorite part of the aquarium is the fish tunnel.  I loved watching sea creatures such as Blacktip reef sharks, sea turtles, groupers, and stingrays float by overhead.

For those who need a sweet snack, half way through the aquarium, there is a candy/toy shop.  I would highly recommend planning your aquarium trip so after you tour the aquarium you then enter the dolphin area for the dolphin show.  Depending on how “into” fish you are you will need between 30-60 minutes to view the aquarium.

When exiting the aquarium there is a gift shop and a small cafe where things like nuggets and burgers can be purchased.  They do have shaded tables available in this area and in the courtyard where you can enjoy your snack or light meal before proceeding into the dolphin arena.

The dolphin show was really quite good.  It began with the trainers bringing in two sea lions and having them do various tricks like catching rings, balancing balls, and walking on their flippers.  After the sea lions 5 beautiful dolphins are brought out and the show begins with a series of impressive in-sync jumps with all 5.  Lots of ooooh’s and ahhh’s  were heard followed by a huge round of applause!  The dolphins preform a series of tricks— some alone, some with a trainer in the water.  The show lasted about 30 minutes and the fee for the dolphin show is 50 Sar per person (adults and kids) children under two are free.  A small warning, this show is outside.  We were there for the 11am show and though shaded it is still quite warm.  I would imagine during the summer months the afternoon shows might be quite miserable.

Dolphin show.
Dolphin show.

Dolphin Show Times:
Sunday to Thursday:  11am/7pm/9pm/11pm
Friday and Saturday:  5pm/7pm/ 9pm/11pm
Holiday/Vacation:  7pm/9pm/11pm/1am

After the Dolphin show, particularly in the evenings it would be very enjoyable to find a table by the sea, order for their restaurant and just enjoy the fantastic view.

Fakieh Aquarium does host birthday parties, currently we have requested information and are waiting for return info.

Location:  Al Shatae District along Corniche Road and Sari Street T
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10-11pm
Saturday 1pm to 11pm
Friday 130pm to 11pm
Holiday/Vacation Hours:  1pm to 1am (except Friday 130pm-1am)
Fee: Aquarium Tour 50Sar
Dolphin Show 50Sar
Free-children under 2
phone:  012 880 2081
Click here for the link to their web page.


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