Stationery Fantasies

stationary_fantasies_water_park_jeddah_5Since I arrived in Jeddah, many people have recommended Stationery Fantasies.   I finally got around to checking it out and I must say I really enjoyed all aspects of the facility.  They are located on Amir Sultan very near Ruby Tuesday’s, Sultan Mall and Ice Land.  There are essentially 6 parts to Stationery Fantasies:  the water park, indoor activity area, children’s costume shop, toy store, stationary store and finally a housewares store. Plenty to keep the kids occupied as well as the parents!

Wave pool in water park.
Wave pool in water park.

The WATER PARK at Stationery Fantasies is a kid’s paradise.  They have a variety of slides and a wave pool.  Parents and nannies are not allowed to swim, however, each pool and slide has its own life guard for the safety of the children.  I was unable to go into the water park during my visit but I did notice they had tables and chairs available and some of them were located in the shade.  The water park as its own entrance at the end of the parking lot, opposite the shopping building.  The water park opens daily at 4:30pm and closes at 10.  The fee is 100Sar per child and 20Sar per adult. Please note once again that parents and guardians are not permitted to swim.

The INDOOR ACTIVITY AREA was really fantastic.  I found the facility to be clean and well maintained.  The activity area provides a variety of places for the kids to visit and careers to experience.  There were 10 areas that the kids could visit and best of all they have a toddler area that was impressive for the little ones. What is really great about these activities is that they change from time to time, so it will always be a bit different each time you go.  I found this to be a very affordable afternoon activity and a nice way to spend a few hours.  I can happily report my daughter chose to do two activities and the entire, one-hour trip only cost me 22Sar.
Each room has a different fee, so you pay based on the rooms that your child wants to visit. Typically, the time limit in each room is about 20 minutes, unless they choose a craft activity, then they are allowed all the time they need to finish.  The fee for the rooms changes based on the activities that are being offered. Have your child walk around and look at all the rooms and then you can go to the cashier located next to the cafe and pay for the activities they have chosen.  The fees range from 7Sar up to 45Sar.  The indoor play area opens at 4:30pm and closes at 10:30pm.  I will also add that they do have a cafe available, so you can easily have a snack while waiting and watching the kids.  They had a variety of sandwiches, pizza, pasta and drinks all for 22Sar or less.

3rd Floor Activities:
The first room I noticed was called Little Cook. Currently, the baking project is decorating a mini chocolate cake.  The cakes looked delicious.

There was also a Professions Center where the kids were able to roam through a mini city and experience crawling through an ambulance, working in a bakery, TV studio, grocery store or boutique.  They even had a kids’ gym inside where the kids could run on kid treadmills and such. (My daughter chose this room at 15 Sar for 20 minutes)

The Carpentry Shop looked promising to me.  The kids currently are making wooden step stools.  In my opinion, very cool. They make it, then get to take it home and have it as a functional item in their own house.

In the Art Works room, the craft was painting and decorating a tissue box.  Lots of paints, glitter, and other crafty supplies to choose from.

The Sandy Beach play area
The Sandy Beach play area

My daughter also chose to go into The Sandy Beach.  Sandy Beach is a large room filled with sand, a small slide and lots of beach toys.  For the low fee of 7Sar, she was allowed to play for 20 minutes.  Upon exiting, the worker dusted the sand off of her feet and made sure her shoes were placed back on.

At the time of our visit, the Soap Making room was closed.  I am not sure if the worker was simply not there yet or if they were in the process of changing the room into a different activity.

012--toddler play area.
012–toddler play area.

012 was the toddler room.  I really, really enjoyed looking at this room.  I thought it was very creative.  They have taken two school buses and placed them inside this room.  One bus is a ball pit and the other is a sand pit.  They have also placed toddler-sized jungle gyms and slides between the buses, so the wee ones can climb around and do some safe sliding as well.  This room does have a height restriction so that the big kids can not go in and also an adult must accompany the toddlers in this room.

4th Floor Activities:
If your child likes fishing, the Fishing Pond may be of interest.  It was closed and without water when we went, so I am unsure if it is under maintenance, or if it only opens on weekends.

For those who are hot-rodders, the Wheels and Muscles room might be their first choice.  In this room, there are a series of go-cart looking vehicles that the kids can drive, thus the Wheels portion.  For the Muscles, they had an entire kids gym set up complete with tread mills and weight machines.

Active kids would really enjoy the Climbing Hall.  The Climbing Hall is a room filled with jungle gym equipment and monkey bars for the kids to run around and play on.

In the Shooting Gallery kids are in a giant ball pit/jungle gym room where the idea is to gather balls and race to a gun then try to shoot the other kids who are gathering balls.

Having a party at Stationery Fantasies would be a great option if you need to host a large group.   The parties are perfect for children 3-12 yrs old.  The party program includes a private party room, meals for the children (chicken nuggets or pizza) and they also provide the plates, cutlery, and napkins if you bring in your own cake. During your party, the children will be taken to 5 different rooms:  The Little Cook, Art Works, Sandy Beach or Professions Center, Climbing Hall and the Shooting Gallery. Depending on the number of children present, they may be divided into two groups.  (NOTE:  Party Packages can not be held at Water Park)

Largest Party room in basement.  The most private.
Largest Party room in basement. The most private.

There are three different party rooms available and one is located in the basement for complete privacy.   The length of each party is about 2.5 hours  and your party will not be mixed with any other parties occurring that day.  Room decorations are not provided, but if you want to decorate yourself, you are most welcome.

Fees:  2350Sar for up to 30 children. Additional children are 60Sar each.
Party Times:  There are three different times available in evenings, with the first at 5pm. You can book a party from 12:30-4pm as well, but only during summer holidays.
Phone:  012-682-7730 ext. 104 (English and Arabic)

SHOPPING at Stationery Fantasies can also be a lot of fun.  The main floor contains a housewares shop with tea party accessories, table linens, trays, fancy baskets and boxes.  Also, on the main floor is a costume shop with princess, superhero, and kids’ professional costumes, along with party decorations.  The 2nd floor contains a small but very nice toy store with the nice quality items from retailers like Melissa and Doug, Fisher Price and Disney.  Also on the 2nd floor is the stationery shop with paper, office goods, and crafting materials.  The shopping center is open from 9am-12pm and then from 4:30pm-10:30pm.  On Fridays, they are  open from 4:30pm-10:30pm.

If you have been to Stationery Fantasies and are willing to share your experience please feel free to leave a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Stationery Fantasies

  1. What a memory!
    It’s a place I can never forget . We used to visit often when we were residing in jeddah. A must visit place.


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