Ballet Centers in Jeddah

Print(updated August 28, 2017)

Does your child dance around the house?  Does she love to dress up in beautiful, frilly dresses?  If so, you may want to consider enrolling her in a beginner’s ballet class.     

Ballet develops an understanding of music and rhythm, generates a love of movement and can improve concentration skills.

Learning ballet can benefit your child physically by increasing physical strength, body awareness, agility, coordination and balance while correcting poor alignment.  It can also improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health.

Your child’s emotional health can also improve. They will inevitably feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they master challenging movement combinations, granting them a  self-assuredness that can carry over into other areas of their lives. Dance training can also be a great way to relax and use excess energy productively after school.

Here is our list of ballet centers in Jeddah.  If you know of another academy we should add, please feel free to contact as.  If you have experience at any of these venues, we would love for you to leave a comment below.

If you would like to share your experience at any of these facilities, please leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Dynamic Code Center
Ages:  3 and up
Fees:  Unknown–only private individual or private group (6 or more) classes are available.
Location: Behind Jeddah Hilton
Phone:  0126076450

Chamelle Plaza
Ages:  4.5 and up
Fees:  900Sar for 10 classes
Location:  Tahlia
Phone: 012-663-4355

Ages: 4-10 yrs
Fees:  Unknown
Location:  Unknown
Phone:  0561474000
NOTE:  All classes at this facility are in ARABIC only.

Enchanted Garden
Ages:  3 and up
Fees:  500Sar/month (term packages also available for 1500Sar)–once a week
Location:  Tahlia
Phone:  0126916812

Expressions Fitness Club in Saraia Compound and Rawdah 
Ages: 4 and up
Fees: depends on level
Day:  depends on level
Time:  depends on level
Location:  Thalia/Rawdah
Phone:  0551930502/0505660039

Friends Zone
Ages:  3-12 yrs
Fees: 600Sar/Month –twice a week
Location: Al Naeem
Phone:  0126224344

Fun Center:
Our Sports Activities at Fun Center
Ballet for Children: Coach Rayyana
Per class: 100 Sar
4 weeks: 600 Sar
8 weeks: 1100 sar
12 weeks: 1600 Sar
Boys aged from 4-9 and Girls from 4-13
Please call: 0555118415 or 0554655889
The location is at souq al shatee near oranos building

Happy Sunshine Daycare:
Ages: 4-8
Fees:  Unknown/2 times a week
Location:  Mushrifa
Phone:  0553808404

Little Caterpillars
Ages: 3-7 yrs
Fees: ??? Sar/twice a week
Location: Rawdah
Phone: 0540997755

Motion Boutique
Ages: 3 years and up
Fees: 350Sar/month and up depending on number of times per week and dancing level of child.
Location: Al Naseem
Phone:  0592693380



5 thoughts on “Ballet Centers in Jeddah

  1. More ballet centers
    Chamelle plaza ,al hamra, once a week
    Expression club, al Rawda , twice a week also have hip hop , Zumba & gymnastic


      1. All the information we have about the classes is posted such as fees, days, locations, etc… If you have questions about individual clubs we can post them on our main Facebook page for you.


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