Friends Zone

Entrance to Friends Zone
Entrance to Friends Zone

Wow, Wow, Wow–If you are a parent who likes the “one stop shop” place, Friends Zone might just be your place of choice.  I visited there today and was simply blown away with the number of activities that this facility offers children in Jeddah.  They have more than 8 athletic activities, artistic activities, Islamic studies, tutoring, weekend parties, Saturday programs, daycare (for 1 month to 3 years), KG classes,  a kids beauty salon, a cafe and they can host your child’s next birthday party!

Cafe for parents while waiting.

The facility is a VERY large villa that has been converted into this school and activity center.  The center was very clean and colorful as any children’s center should be.  The staff was very professional and patiently answered my one million questions and even gave me a personal tour.  They had an outside play area (playground), small outside shaded soccer pitch, plus basketball and tennis courts on the roof!

Friends Zone Membership Program:
For working parents that need a fun and safe place to send their children there is  a Friends Zone Membership Program where children come Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 830pm.  This program is open to children 3-12 years old and the fee is 1200Sar/ month.  You can also purchase a day pass for 150Sar or an hour pass for 50Sar (the hour pass is only for children 3-5 yrs).  Children that are belong to the Membership program experience activities such as cooking, swimming, games, soccer, story time, arts, crafts and much more all under adult supervision.

IMG_3146Kids Beauty Salon:
For those who has a little princess living in their home, there is also a kids beauty salon within Friends Zone.  Individual services are available to purchase or there are package deals available.  The three packages are:
Princess Package:  200Sar
Her Royal Highness Package:  260Sar
The Queen’s Package:  300Sar
There are also services like manicure, pedicure, blow dry, waxing, eyebrows, and threading for mothers.  The salon is only open on Monday and Wednesdays (please call ahead of time to let them know you would like to come).

Weekend Parties:
Every Thursday and Friday Friends Zone puts on a weekend party.  Each week is a different theme.  They told me they have done Frozen parties, pirate parties, mermaid parties and many more!  The parties are open to everyone the fee for children is 100Sar/child.  If a parent/nanny wants to come their fee is 50Sar, but they are not allowed to be with children they are asked to wait in the cafe.  The parties begin at 430pm or 530pm depending on the weekly theme, please call to confirm this weeks start time.

Saturday Program:
Every Saturday Friends Zone offers a variety of actives for boys and girls.  You can choose to send your children to a single activity or you can enroll them into up to four classes.

Saturday Activities List
Saturday Activities List

As you can see from the list boys can attend football/soccer, taekwondo, basketball, swimming, Qur’an or Judo.  Girls can attend gymnastics, swimming, cooking, etiquette and beauty classes and Qur’an.

The fees for Saturday classes are:
1 class:  450Sar/month
2 class:  500Sar/month
3 class:  750Sar/month
4 class:  950Sar/month
Sibling discount–if you enroll 3 children in 3 activities you will receive a 20% discount.  If you enroll 2 children in 3 activities you will receive a 10% discount.

Here is a complete list of activities that Friends Zone offers with the days and fees below:
Gymnastics                                Art Classes                           Quran & Islamic Studies
Basketball                                   Football/Soccer                  Little Chef
Etiquette/beauty                       After school tutoring         Zumba
Ballet                                            Taekwondo                          Judo
Swimming                                   Day Care                               KG 1-3 school
Tennis                                          Birthday Party Center       After School Membership
Kids Salon                                   Saturday Programs            Thursday/Friday Weekly Parties

Outdoor shaded soccer pitch

Ages:  3-12 years (boys and girls can participate, only boys in classes now)
Day: Sunday and Tuesday
Times:  3-6 yrs from 5-6pm/ 7-12 yrs 6-8pm
Fees:  800Sar/Month

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Times:  5-6 pm
Fees:  800Sar/Month
(Instructor speaks only Arabic)

Ages:  5- 12 yrs
Day: Sunday and Wednesday
Fees: 1 time a week 300Sar/month or 2 times a week 500Sar/month

Ages:  5-12 yrs old
Day: To be determined
Times: TBD
Fees: 170Sar/each class
(instructor currently on holiday so please call)

Qur’an Class

Ages:  3-12 yrs (boys and girls)
Day:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Times: 3-6yrs old from 4-5pm/ 7-12 yrs old from 630-8pm
Fees:  3 times a week 900Sar/Month
(Classes will be in Arabic only)

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Saturday
Times:  4-530pm
Fees:  450Sar/month

Ages: 3-12 yrs (boys and girls–currently only girls enrolled)
Day:  Monday and Wednesday or Saturday
Times:  M/W class 6-7pm or Saturday class 11am-12pm
Fees: Twice a week 650Sar/month or Saturday class 450Sar/month

Swimming Lessons:
Ages:  4.5 yrs to 12 years (boys and girls)
Day/Time:  Saturday 1-2pm/ Mondays 4-5pm/Wednesday 630-730pm/ Sunday 4-5pm/ Tuesday 4-5pm
Fees:  800Sar for 8 classes
Maximum of 6 children per class

Cooking Class:
Ages: 3-12 years (girls only)
Day:  Saturday
Times: 130pm to 330pm
Fees: 450Sar/month

Etiquette/Beauty Class:
Ages: 3 -12 yrs
Day:  Saturday
Times:  4pm-5pm
Fees:  450Sar/month

Ages:  5-12 yrs (boys and girls–currently only girls in class)
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Fees:  500Sar/month or buy 3 month package for 1300Sar

Ballet and gymnastics studio

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Sunday and Tuesday
Times: Beginning Ballet 530-630/ Advanced Ballet 630-730pm
Fees:  2 times a week for 600Sar/month or buy 3 months 2 times a week for 1600Sar

Art Classes:
Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day:  Wednesday
Times:  430-730pm
Fees:  1000Sar for 4 classes

Ages:  3-12 yrs
Day: Daily Sunday-Thursday
Times:  To be determined upon registration ( 1 or 2 hour long sessions)
Fees:  1000Sar/month for single teacher or 2000Sar/month for 2nd teacher
(Single teacher needs might be Arabic/Quran tutoring but no other subjects.  Second teacher tutoring would be if your child also needs help with any homework in English)

Location:  Al Naeem District
Phone:  0126224344 / 0126224345 / 0126624346 / 0533657700
Twitter: friendszonecenter
Facebook:  friendszonecenter
Instagram:  friendszone_kids



16 thoughts on “Friends Zone

    1. It was difficult to find as it is not on a main road. I had the driver speak to them and he got directions in Arabic, we called around 4pm and didn’t have any difficulty getting thorough. Sorry not much help. ;(


    1. Jeddah for Kids is a internet blog and Facebook page. We are not a facility or a school. Would recommend you google our list of international and private school and apply to schools directly.


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