Day Care Centers

images-29Looking for daycare for your child can be a very stressful and time consuming job.  This particular page is dedicated to daycare facilities for infants up to two years old.

When embarking on this hunt, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Location-Is it close to home or will we need to arrange transport?
  • Hours of Operation–Is the care provided for the hours that you need?
  • Visit the center–This is a very important step when choosing a daycare.  Visiting the facility will help you determine the environment.  ALWAYS CALL AND MAKE AND APPOINTMENT for visitation and go during the regular hours so you can see the day care in action.
  • Applications–Consider applying to more than one daycare.  There is a high demand for many of these facilities so having more than one option is always a good thing.
  • Fees–Please visit the Web pages (if provided) or call the center directly to ask about fees.  Fees change per age and on a yearly basis, so this is something we can not publish accurate information on.

Jeddah for Kids strives to give you the most complete and up-to-date information.  If you find that information on this page to be incorrect, please let us know and if possible provide us with the correct information. Be sure to click the name of each school in green, for access to their Websites or Facebook pages.

We would also like to encourage our readers to write about their experiences at any of the listed schools to give others an idea about the quality of education at each institution.  Comments can be made at the end of the blog.

Abbi’s Dream (Daycare and KG)
Location:  Al-Andalous near Danube in Tahlia
Ages: 3 months-5 yrs
Times:  8am-3pm
Curriculum:  UNKNOWN
Phone:  0595088096/0126607333

Building Blocks Private School
Location: Tahlia, Kaust Day Care, Thuwal
Ages:   2 months to 2 years and elementary
Curriculum: UNKNOWN
Phone: 02-6060755 / 012 606 2505

City International School
Location:  Rehab
Ages:  18 months to 18 years
Curriculum:  British (main branches in Pakistan)
Phone:  012 619 8686

Location:  Tahlia Street, Andalous
Ages:  1.5-6 yrs
Phone:  920009776/0552900700
Times:  Full day 8-6pm 2500Sar monthly, 4 Hours (flexible hours) 1350Sar, and NIGHT Shift from 830pm-1230am 1350Sar a month.

Friends Zone
Ages:  1 month to 3 yrs (also offers KG 1-3)
Location:  Al Naeem District
Phone:  0126224344
(accepts children with special needs)

Fun House
Ages:  1-4 yrs
Times;  8-4pm and 5-10pm
Location:  Khaldiyah
phone:  0536287197
Curriculum:  Unknown

Giggles English Nursery
Times:  0730-530pm
Ages:  6mo- 4 yrs
Location:  El Samer
Curriculum:  Montessori/American
Phone:  0501290706
Facebook here

Happy Sunshine Day Care
Location:  Mushrifa
Ages: 3 months to 5 years
Curriculum:  American
Phone:  055 380 8404

Kids Tent Daycare
Location: King Abdullah Rd, Abral Al Hillal, Crescent Towers
Ages: 18 months-4 years old
Phone: 012 605 3727 / 055 816 6952 / 054 525 2835

Kids Town Daycare and Nursery
Location: Naeem (Naim) District
Ages: Infant to KG
Curriculum:  Islamic and American
Phone: 055 015-5311

Kidz Paradise Pre-school and Daycare:
Location:  Aziziya
Ages:  6 month- 5 yrs
Curriculum:  British/Montessori
Phone:  0598828267

Kids Zone:
Location:  Aziziya
Ages:  Unknown
Curriculum:  Unknown
Phone:  0563760513
Transport Available

Little 1’s Daycare
Location:  Rawdah and Khadiyah behind King Faisal Hospital
Ages:  Infant to KG
Curriculum:  Unknown
Phone:  (546) 461-471

Little Caterpillars Clubhouse
Location:  Map on Facebook page
Ages: 6 months to 8 years
Curriculum:  UNKNOWN
Phone;  054 099 7755

Little Smarties Pre-School
Location:  Alnahdah dist, behind Al Jazeera Bank, Malik road
Ages: 3 month to KG
Curriculum:  American
Phone: 054 891 8803

Little Sprouts
Location:  Safa District
Ages: Nursery- KG
Curriculum:  Montesorri
Phone:  053-503-1101

Mama Et Moi
Location:  Off of Madina Road near Maternity Hospital
Ages: 1-3 yrs
Curriculum:  Parent/Nanny must accompany
Phone:  055 056 9333
Email:  Unknown

Mommy Deb’s Day Care
Location:  Al Salamah
Ages:  Infant to KG
Curriculum:  unknown
Phone:  059-167-7161
Email:  MommyDeb’

Zahrat Al-Sahraa International School
Location: Al Hamara
Ages:  Daycare to Grade 12
Curriculum:  American
Phone: 0126671199
Email:  Admissions:,
Academic offices:


27 thoughts on “Day Care Centers

    1. I have not found Day Cares in that area yet, but there are many nursery schools for 2 yrs and up in that area, check out the post on Private and International Schools in Jeddah 🙂


  1. Please i need a good day care open untill 5 pm for my two girls baby ..there ages 3 yrs and 5 months ,1 yrs and 4 months in mushrif or azizyh


  2. We can not recommend one personally in that area. Regretfully finding a daycare for infants is very difficult as is finding one open until 5pm. I can post your question on our Facebook page if u would like, our members may be able to help you:)


  3. I’m looking for a day care center for a 2 years old near king abdulaziz university other than kids tent (it’s full at the moment).


    1. Hi Mariya. All the day cares we know of are listed in this article. If none of them are suitable, I can post your question on our Facebook page. Let me know if I should take further action.


  4. Hi, i need to know about a daycare centre tahlia from 7:00pm to 10pm .. can u please suggest daycare in evening for my 1.5yrs boy


    1. Hi Bushra. I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any evening childcare services. If you follow us on Facebook, I can post your question on the main page. Let me know if that might be helpful.


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