Voila Chocolate Lounge on Tahlia

When you enter Voila your sense of smell is immediately heightened because you are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of delicious little chocolate morsels.

Party room where dancing and clown entertainment is provided.
Party room where dancing and clown entertainment is provided.

Voila is a cafe, but also offers birthday packages for children 4 to 14+ at their Tahlia Branch (there is also a cafe only in Star Ave Mall).  The entire basement of the cafe is dedicated to birthday parities at the facility.  Fair warning, Voila only offers ONE birthday party a day and NO parties on Saturday’s so if you decided to have a party at Voila, you will need to book well in advance and make a deposit to get the date and time you want.  Parties can be scheduled at one of the following times 4 to7pm, 5 to 8pm, or 6 to 9pm.  If you choose to have your party on a Friday, there is only one time slot available (I believe they said it was 5-8pm–please double check if you book).  Parents are welcomed to bring in their own cake and decorations if they choose.  The minimum for a party at Voila is 25 children with a maximum of 45.  You will first need to choose the party food package and then you choose one of the chocolate packages.  Packages begin as low as 95Sar per child and go up to 150Sar per child depending on your food choice and the chocolate experience you desire.

Seating area for kids and adults during parties
Seating area for kids and adults during parties

Party Food Choices:
For 50Sar per child the children can choose a hotdog meal with chips, toasted sandwich with chips, or pasta with bolognese.

For 55Sar per child the children can choose 1/4 of a pizza with fries or 5 piece chicken nuggets with fries.

With either of the above options children will also get to choose juice or water to drink and children will receive their choice of desserts—cotton candy, popcorn, carmel corn or a scoop of ice-cream.  Also included in the food price is use of the party rooms for 3 hours, music, laser lights, and one hour with the Voila party clown.

Chocolate studio, where children create chocolate masterpieces.
Chocolate studio, where children create chocolate masterpieces.

Chocolate Painting Classes:

After your guests have eaten lunch and had the chance to dance and be entertained by the Voila Clown there are many chocolate packages available.  Each class is designed for a different ages of children and therefore have different prices.  Here are the chocolate classes, ages, and fees:

4-5 yrs old,  Chocolate painting, 30 minutes, 45Sar/child
5-6 yrs old, Lollypops and mask painting, 45 min, 55Sar/child
5-8 yrs old, Lollypops + soccer shoe decoration, 90 min, 65Sar/child
6-8 yrs old, Lollypops + chocolate painting, 90 min, 60Sar/child
6-8 yrs old, Lollypops + cantle assembly + decoration, 90 min, 75Sar/child
6-10 yrs old, Cocolate make-up of big face mask, 60 min, 70Sar/Child
8-10 yrs old, Hello Kitty (or other) + frame molding, 90 min, 70Sar/Child
9-10 yrs old, Lollypops + house assembly + decoration, 90 min, 70Sar/Child
10-14 yrs old, Face mark big henna painting, 60 min, 80Sar/Child
11-14 yrs old, Lollypops + Ladybird Assembly + Decorations, 90 min, 80Sar/Child
12-14 yrs old, Turtle molding assembly decoration, 120min, 90Sar/Child
14 yrs and up, Create your own chocolate design, 90 min, 95Sar/Child

Other Services:
Magic Tricks 150 Sar
Face Painting 300Sar
Tea Time Set 160Sar
Sparking Candles 15Sar/piece
Party poppers 12Sar/piece
Chocolate fountain Buffet 500Sar
Birthday Cakes-priced based on design and size

Party Location:  Tahlia Street in Millennium Shopping center (with Steakhouse, Joffery’s and Crocs)
Phone:  012-668-4343
Hours of Operation:  10am to 12pm Saturday to Thursday and Friday’s after 4pm


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