Football/Soccer Clubs in Jeddah


(Updated:  August 24, 2017)

This is our list of football/soccer schools in Jeddah.  If you know of more, please let us know and if you have experience at any of these places we would like to read your comments about them below in the comment section.

3s Football Academy
Fees: 500 Sar per month
Days: Tues and Thursday 5-7pm
Ages: 7-12 yrs Boys
Coaches:  Saud AlFdl, Sultan AlFadl & Saud AlHemayid,
Location:  Malak Road behind Souq AlShatti
Phone: 054-554-1422/ 0592223322 / 0582223322

Friends Zone:
Fees:  800Sar per month
Days:  Sunday and Tuesday
Ages:  3 yrs to 12 yrs (girls and boys–but currently no girls enrolled)
Coaches:  UNKNOWN
Location:  Al Naeem
Phone:  0126224344
Facebook:  Friendszonecenter
Instagram:  friendszone_kids

Jeddah City Football Club
Fees:  500sr per month (8sessions/twice a week)
Days: Sunday’s and Tuesday’s from 5-7
Ages: 4 to 16 yrs boys/ 4-8yrs girls
Coaches:  Feras Yasain and Ibrahim Saleh
Location:  Mohammadia close to Jarir mall
Phone:  0501995834/966566041112/966569173016

Jeddah United Sports Company
Fees:  24 classes for 3 months it costs 1800 Riyals
Days: Sunday to Wednesday 5:15-7:15 (5-12 yrs)/ Sunday and Tuesday 5:15-7:15 (13+)
Ages: 5 and up to 13+  boys only
Location: Al Andalous/Tahlia
Phone:   056 660 0429/966503692772

Nahdi Al Shams
Fees: 450 per month/1100 for 3 month/ 1800 for 6 month/3000 for year (single activity fee only, if you enroll in more than one program prices are different.)
Ages: 5yrs to 16 yrs (classes also available for 17+)
Location:  Zahra District
Phone:  012 256 2000

Red Sea Football
Fees: 700Sar/10 lessons  one hour class 3-7yrs
8yrs and Up 800Sar/10 lessons  two hour classes.

3-6yrs Monday,  Wednesday, and Saturday from 5pm – 6pm
6-7 yrs  Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 6pm – 7pm
8-11yrs  Sunday and Tuesday from 5pm – 7pm
11-13yrs Sunday and Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm
14+  Monday and Wednesday from 7pm – 9pmAges: 3 yrs and up
Coach:  Kareem Linjawi
Location:  Khaldiyah
Phone:  050 568 1150

Spanish Football Club/Dunk Playground
Fees:  1200Sar for 3 months
Days:  Saturday thru Thursday 5-7pm and 7-9pm
Coach:  Ahmed/Marzouk Al Otaibi/ Hazam
Location:  Behind IKEA on Tahlia St
Phone: 0555654651/053-566-0119

Sporting United Academy
Age : 9 to 15
Coaches: Shabir Ai Lava / Jamshad Mohammed
Location: Hi Samer
Training : 8 session in week
Days: Friday and Saturday


5 thoughts on “Football/Soccer Clubs in Jeddah

    1. Thank you, I have added this information to our list, I am not sure where Hi Samer is located in Jeddah, what area is is close to. Also any fee information would also be appreciated and a phone number if available.


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