Chun’s Bistro


At our house, Chinese food is always a hit!  Chun’s Bistro is a family friendly restaurant located on Tahlia, from Danube.  This restaurant is run by a Chinese family here in Jeddah and the chef is also from China.  The place as a true Asian feel with the red and black decor along with the Chinese lanterns found hanging outside.  It is also a good sign when you see resident Chinese patrons already eating inside.

Family section, screens are available for more privacy.
Family section, screens are available for more privacy.

We ordered a variety of dishes.  My husband ordered the sizzling shrimp, hot and sour soup, and spring rolls while I ordered the dynamite shrimp and a garlic eggplant dish.  My daughter wanted garlic fried rice and the beef noodle dish.  We found the food to be quite tasty.  Many times with Chinese, it is too salty for my pallet, but I really enjoyed the eggplant and noodle dishes in particular.  My only complaint about the food is that it did seem to have a lot of oil.  The oiliest dishes were the eggplant and the sizzling shrimp plate.  The Dynamite Shrimp had a very light and tasty breading on it, but looked nothing like the picture featured in the menu.

Swing set available for children.
Swing set available for children.

I have labeled Chun’s Bistro as child friendly because they do have a swing set available for children to play on while waiting for the food.  The swing set is brand new, so it is in tip top condition.  We were at Chun’s on a Monday evening around 6pm so there were no other kids using the swing set and my daughter had it to herself.  However, come Thursday or Friday night this swing set could get packed and possibly unsafe with so many too many kids playing on it.  The metal swing set is simply sitting on the ceramic tiled ground. If there are some big kids swinging hard, I would worry it may tip over. I usually prefer playground areas to have a bit of padding under them.  An additional note is the family section is upstairs and there is no elevator, so if you are going with a baby, leave your buggy in the car.

Chun’s would be a perfect place for you and your family if you are craving Chinese and are having an early dinner.  We found the food to be affordable. Dishes like the rice, noodles and egg plant were around 20-25Sar each and of course the prawn/shrimp dishes were more: maybe 50Sar-60 Sar.  The portions were a nice size and we were able to take the eggplant and noodle dishes home to have for lunch the next day. Who doesn’t love left over Chinese?!

Location:  Tahlia, across from Danube
Hours of Operation:  12:30pm to 11pm
Phone:  +966126633558, 0530495333


2 thoughts on “Chun’s Bistro

  1. We are very grateful for your visit, we will improve our facilities and services according to your opinion . Looking forward to your coming next time.


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