La Plage Beach Resort

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La Plage is a family friendly affordable option for those who would like to explore a Western Beach in Jeddah.  Located in Ubhur this beach resort has a lot to offer patrons.  This beach is labeled as private so they will pick and choose who they will allow in.

Pool at La Plage, there are some umbrellas available.
Pool at La Plage, there are some umbrellas available. The small circle of this pool is a kids pool.

Upon entering La Plage you will be be greeted in a reception area where you will need to purchase a La Plage ticket book (1500Sar) that gives you 10 passes into the facility.  Tickets are only used by adults and kids are allowed to enter free.  La Plage gives patrons a true resort feel. You will  begin walking  along a beautiful mosaic walkway passing a Little Tikes playground, an indoor restaurant and health club, an outdoor sheesha area, a pool with umbrellas, gorgeous green lawns, beach volleyball court, out door fruit cocktail bar/cafe, before finally arriving at the white sand beach.

The beach at La Plage is a lot smaller than some of the other beaches we have visited in Jeddah but it was clean (including the water).  There are probably 50 or so beach umbrellas available with reclining lawn chairs and plastic upright chairs.  Each side of the beach has a stone wall, there are also lawn chairs and umbrellas available in these areas as well.  They had two beach showers, but found them to be quite ineffective at washing the salt water off after a swim.  They had very little water pressure and I had to keep my hand on the button the entire time.

View or rooms available to rent for weekends.
View or rooms available to rent for weekends.

La Plage also offers diving and snorkeling for those who like these activities.  I have gone diving several at several resorts and the reef for snorkeling at La Plage was AMAZING and I would highly recommend it.  Make sure you go in the morning though as in the afternoon the water gets a bit choppy.   A weekend packages can be purchased for La Plage a studio for 3 nights runs around 2800SAR.  If you go during the week it is 800SAR per night.


The restaurant and spa/health club are in the same building.  I saw several exercise machines, but did not stop to examine them closely.  The restaurant serves affordable food ranging from 15-95Sar per plate depending on what you order.  During the hot summer months the restaurant will be an ideal place to go for lunch to get out of the heat for a while.  They also have a lovely shaded area where many people like to sit and enjoy sheesha in the shade with the outdoor coolers blowing on them.

The restroom facilities are near the pool, along with pool showers.  The pool appeared to be very clean.  There were shallow parts to the pool and steps leading into the pool.  There is also what I would call a lap pool available, but in reality it is like a kiddie pools as it is very shallow.  There were lawn chairs around the lap pool but they did not have umbrellas.

The large lawn areas were very popular for those who brought paddle boards for hitting a ball back and forth.  The beach volleyball court was also used by co-ed teams playing a few games in the sand.  Everyone looked to be having a great time!  I also found that I prefer the beach from about 8am-1pm.  By 1pm the facility is maxed out with so many people I no longer found it enjoyable or relaxing.

La Plage is a Private Western beach so people wishing to visit need to be fully aware this.  They are selective as to who they let in and they may or may not allow you to purchase the ticket booklet.   Finding La Plage can be a challenge if you have never been before and are not familiar with the area, as with all private beaches in Jeddah it is behind one of the mysterious unmarked gates along the road.  I would recommend going with someone who has been before.

Location:  Ubhur (near Sheraton)
Fee:  1500Sar for 10 pack book of tickets
Phone:  Unknown

If you have experienced La Plage, please feel free to share your comments in the comment section below.


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    1. Typically they do not allow daily admission, you have to commit to buying the entire book of tickets. Also, I have been told you are not allowed to “share” the ticket book. So if you buy the book, you can not give the tickets to your friends–they are for you and your family only.


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