Boot Camp for Boys at Spoonfed Fitness

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Spoonfed Fitness is offering a Boot Camp for boys during the Spring Break. This is a great opportunity for your son to step away from the Playstation and into the gym, where he can learn how to exercise properly and stay healthy. As an added bonus, participants who complete the program will receive a 20% discount on Spoonfed’s after school program.

Spring Break Program

Age Group: 10-12 years old
Schedule: March 22nd-26th (5 days), 2pm-3:30pmimage (3)
Fee: 500 sar

Age Group: 13-15
Schedule:March 22nd-26th (5 days), 4pm-5:30pm
Fee: 500 sar

After School Program

Age Group: 10-12 years old
Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30pm
Monthly Fee: 500 sar

Age Group: 13-15 years old
Schedule: Sundays and Tuesdays, 4:30pm
Monthly Fee: 500 sar

Coach Jon is the owner of Spoonfed Fitness. He shared his story and vision with us, and now we are sharing it with you. Please read on to learn about Coach Jon and why these programs are so important.

1485942_710647988954278_415513460_o“I came to Saudi Arabia in 2008 and started working in a children’s obesity clinic at King Saud University. I was the exercise specialist and helped children lose weight to prevent surgery. My previous experience included teaching PE in the UK and running a sports coaching program based in London. I also worked with adult sports teams, athletes and general people wanting to lose weight.
In 2010, I finally married a girl from Madina…..yes it was hard to get married here. I moved to KAUST and started developing community health programs. Three years later, I was hired as the Director of Health for the National School Sport Strategy. I also had my first baby and realised that more needed to be done for children.
I’ve been unhappy with he quality of health and fitness in Jeddah for both adults and children and this is what drove me to open my own gym. It’s a small, exclusive fitness club where people come to have full movement, diet and lifestyle assessments and then spend one month with me to develop a quality foundation. This approach to health and fitness is new to Saudi but is needed. When people come to me, I find muscle imbalance, right and weak areas of the body and poorimage (4) alignment. This causes loss of energy, pain, weight gain or prevention of weight loss and poor performance in the gym or sport. This is why most people start out well in a gym but after a few months drop out. The problems amplify, the person feels worse or more tired and drops out. We fix that. Then people have a choice to go back to their gym or sports club or become one of our team members. We are also looking to develop local men and women to lead the Spoonfed systems in our gym, outside or in their homes.
Children today are getting weaker and more unhealthy and it’s not their fault. I’m simply trying to develop good movement practice through games, challenges and sport. We are building a team and starting to expand into outside locations in Jeddah to help more children move. However it’s not just about getting our kids to play and have fun. By the age of 9, I am seeing a large number of children with movement dysfunction that needs correcting. Unfortunately many children are just told to play and the problems aren’t fixed. They get older, things get worse and the enjoyment is lost. We are a small family business (British / Saudi) but we have a big message to spread and plenty of solutions for both adults and children.”
To enroll in any of Spoonfed’s programs, please contact them on Facebook, Twitter, by email at or you can call or Whatsapp 0599436166.

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