Kids Spa at Nawara House

IMG_2992All little girls love princesses and love to be pampered.  My 5 year old is no different, so when Nawara House was offering their Kids Spa I jumped on the opportunity to take my daughter and her friend for a bit of pampering.

Note: This picture was not taken in the spa, it is simply an example.

Upon entering the spa we were greeted by Rapunzel who ushered us throughout the spa’s lower level (hair salon and shopping area) and guided us to the 3rd floor where the pampering was to begin.  The 3rd floor of the spa offers may different kinds of bath and massage chambers.  The girls can receive Moroccan Baths, Turkish Baths with fruits, chocolate or cinderella mask treatments and scrubs. Cinderella was on the 3rd floor to help facilitate.

Note:  This picture was not taken in the Spa it is an example.
Note: This picture was not taken in the Spa it is an example.

The second floor is where we spend most of our time as we were there for manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling.  We arrived about 5pm and the place was packed!  We checked in with the receptionist and paid for our services (manicure, pedicure with nail art, and blow dry + a free picture 80SAR).  Upon entering the hand and nail room to our delight Elsa was there to greet us.  While the girls were waiting their turns the spa provided snack for the girls such as mini sandwiches, cupcakes/muffins, marshmallows, fruit and chocolate fondue.  They also had a table set up where the girls could do a bit of coloring.  Mother’s are asked to wait in the waiting room outside of the nail spa so your princess must be brave to be alone in the nail room with the other kids.

My little princesses were finished at about 7pm; the experience took a bit longer than I had anticipated.  The process from start to finish was very disorganized and chaotic from my perspective.  There was no order of who was next to do what and many of the girls had just shown up with no appointment so it made for an extra crazy adventure.  I had the expectation that the girls would be side by side getting their nails and hair done thus creating a bit of a bonding experience but there were simply too many children and it was highly disorganized.

Despite my personal stress over the lack of organization the girls actually said they enjoyed themselves (go in with the knowledge that it will be a while).  Take a book, magazine or fully charged phone to play on while you wait.

This was a special event hosted by the spa, but they plan to have one kids spa session each month so you will need to call ahead and ask when they plan on hosting the next event as nothing is “set in stone”.

Here are the packages that they offer:

images-23Tangled Package:
*Elbow and knee scrub
*Cinderella Mask
*Oil treatment for hair
*Blow dry

images-22Sofia the First Package:
*Turkish bath with bubbles
*Pedicure and manicure
*Chocolate massage
*Blow dry
*150 SAR

tumblr_static_yayyyy_transparent.jpgFrozen Package:
*Moroccan Bath
*Chocolate mask
*Pedicure and Manicure
*Elbow and knee scrub
*Blow dry
*180 SAR


I spoke with the spa about birthday packages.  They said they have never offered this before, but were willing to consider the possibility if you would like to host your child’s birthday there.

Phone:  6610606
Location:  Intersection of Falestine and Medina Roads
Instagram: Nawara House

Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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