Wilton Cake Decorating Certification for Girls

All of the information below is from International Community in Jeddah. Please read on to learn about a unique opportunity for the girls of Jeddah.
The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art is a private vocational school that has been the world leader in cake decorating education for generations. It was in 1929 that Dewey McKinley Wilton first began to teach the now-famous “Wilton Method”. The Wilton School Mission is to provide excellence in cake decorating education for technique mastery and inspiration for creative expression by school graduates.
The Wilton Method objectives are mastery of fundamentals and building upon this expertise with greater self-expression and creativity.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to have your young daughter be the first batch of Wilton Graduates, Aged 10-14, in the Middle East. Unlike ever before, your daughter will have an opportunity to get certified through Wilton. Only 12 spots are available for serious, committed, young enthusiasts.

Location- Quraish St, Jeddah.

Course Details
*Full 3 Month Enrolment required
Total 4 Courses
Total 4 lessons per course
2 sessions per week (Sunday and Wednesday)
3 hrs per session
5:30pm to 8:30 pm
800 SAR per course
Total Cost 3,200 SAR per student
Course includes kit and workbook*
10% Discount on all in store products (1 year)
Certification awarded upon completion of each course (Total 4 certificates awarded)
Lifetime Certification valid through Wilton 

Course #1 Dates
March 22 (Sun)
March 25 (Wed)
March 29 (Sun)
April 1st (Wed)

Course #2 Dates
April 19 (Sun)
April 22 (Wed)
April 26 (Sun)
April 29 (Wed)

Course #3 Dates
May 17 (Sun)
May 20 (Wed)
May 24 (Sun)
May 27 (Wed)

Course #4 Dates
Will update all upon completion of Course # 3

For course registration form, please message International Community in Jeddah.

*some in store items items necessary to purchase for course 1-4.


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