Le Concheur Chocolate and Baking for Kids and Adults

Le Concheur is a new arrival in Jeddah. There are many plans in the works at this beautiful establishment.

The interior of this new space is bright and sparkling clean. The chocolate and pastry kitchens are enclosed in glass, so you can catch a glimpse of the magic behind the creation of dragers and Danish alike.

The Chocolate Lab is located on the upper level, and this is where the baking and chocolate-making classes take place. Twenty participants can be comfortably positioned around the U-shaped work area, giving everyone a clear view of the instructor. For directions at any time, little chocolatiers can look to the wall-mounted monitor at the front of the room.

We booked our chocolate class for a Saturday in the late morning. Since the downstairs seating area was full of patrons enjoying brunch, we were placed at tables on the upper level. Chicken goujons with fries and juice were provided for the children as part of the package. The moms were free to order from the menu and pay separately. Once our bellies were full, we were escorted to the chocolate lab. It was chilly in there! The temperature must be kept low to prevent the chocolate from melting, so I would recommend bringing along a sweater for your little one. The children were told some interesting factoids about chocolate, the most memorable, I think, being that chocolate is actually good for you. Next, the children were introduced to the tempering machine and watched how molds are filled. Then it was time to decorate our pre-poured chocolate dinosaurs. Each child put on their apron and gloves. They received a small cup of melted chocolate from the tempering machine to use as “chocolate glue” for affixing m&m’s to the dinosaur, finger-paint style. This was a nice opportunity for moms to work with their kids and have fun while creating something the little guys can be proud of. The chocolate masterpieces were then slipped into plastic display boxes for the long ride home. My child’s dinosaur did manage to make it to our fridge in one piece. Would yours?

Le Concheur 2
The Chocolate Lab


Classes are organized by age. Children aged 4-7 are offered a one-hour mummy & me style baking class for 100SR, which includes a chocolate treat and beverage. Little bakers will make 6 cakes from scratch and decorate them as they please.

Chocolate Classes for children aged 7-11 or 11-16 run for 1 hour and 45 minutes and include a meal from the kids menu. The classes for 7-11 year-olds are 150SR per child and the classes for kids 11-16 years old are 180SR per child.  Children will learn a bit about the history of chocolate, select a mold, and get a chance to operate the chocolate-tempering machine; a shining, chocolate-dispensing, vibrating marvel. Children won’t soon forget their turn at the helm!  Then they will decorate it using an exciting selection of toppings for the pastry kitchen.

Baking classes are also available for children 7-11 yrs and 11-16 yrs. The 7-11 classes are 150SR per child and the 11-16 classes are 180SR per child.   During the baking experience, each child will bake 6 chocolate cupcakes from a few ingredients and with then decorate them independently with a selection of toppings from the pastry kitchen.

During the family chocolate experience, the customer will have the opportunity to visit the chocolate laboratory and then decorate a pre-made chocolate creation of their choice.

Le Conchour offers additional seating on the upper level for private functions, including children’s birthday parties. Birthday parties are available for a maximum of 20 children. The little party-goers are treated to a chocolate-making class and a meal. The fee for groups of 10-15 children is 130SR per child. For groups of 16-20 children, the fee is 150SR per child. Parents are welcome to bring their own entertainers and birthday cake to the party room.

Le Concheur 1
Party Room

Kids’ classes are available on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  To book a reservation, stop by the shop and fill out the booking reservation form.  In the near future, you will be able to view their schedules and sign up for classes online.

Other edible offerings available from Le Concheur include bread made to order, jam, chocolate-nut spread, boxed chocolates, cakes and pastries. There is of course, a full eat-in menu as well, making this children’s fun spot a good place to fill your belly as well. The menu changes according to customer preferences, so there is always something new to enjoy.

Le Concheur 3 (1)Le Concheur 3 (4)Le Concheur 3 (5)


Children’ Classes:
Ages 4-7: 100 SR for 1 hour baking class. Includes beverage & chocolate.
Ages 7-11: 150SR for 1h 45min baking or chocolate class*
Ages 11-16: 180SR for 1h 45min baking or chocolate class*
*Includes meal

Birthday Parties:
10-15 Children: 130SR per child*
16-20 children: 150SR per child*
*Includes meal and chocolate class

Ladies Chocolate-Making or Baking Classes:
180SR for 1h 45min class

Adult 2 Day Chocolate and Baking Class:
Day/Level 1:
 Adults students will obtain a technical understanding of chocolate and what makes a good chocolate, the tempering of chocolate, making of basic fillings like ganache and caramel, hand dipping of framed chocolates, and and hand moulding skills.
Day/Level 2:  Adult students will continue to build in previous acquired skills, learn about multilayered chocolates, different flared ganaches and other fillings, create other products with chocolate, and decorating techniques.

Fee:  2500 SR per level of program

Location: Intersection of Amir Sultan Road and Kayyal Street

Phone Number: 055 681 3647

Hours of Operation:
Saturday to Thursday:  8am to 11pm
Friday:  130pm to 12am

FacebookLe Concheur

Website: http://www.leconcheur.com


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