Fuddruckers-Tahlia Branch


Fuddruckers boasts it has the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”.  I would agree; they are very tasty and I also appreciate that they are a super family friendly restaurant.

Shaded out door play area Fuddrucker's Tahlia Branch
Shaded out door play area Fuddrucker’s Tahlia Branch

We visited Fudd’s on a Saturday afternoon about 2pm and got in just before the “rush” .  We were sat in a bright, sunny room directly beside the door that led to the outdoor play area!  My daughter saw the play area and was out the door in a flash!  I found it to be well-maintained with a clean, padded floor.  The only bad thing was some older kids have done a bit of vandalism on the walls.  This can easily be fixed with a bit of paint (I hope they will fix soon).  Something that is very important, now that the weather is getting warmer, is that the playground offers a bit of shade from some trees and the wooden lattice-work over the playground.

Another great feature of the Tahlia branch was that the bathrooms were directly beside the play area for those emergency potty runs that we all experience with young children.  The bathroom only had one toilet that I noticed and it was in the process of being cleaned.  The women’s bathroom did offer a changing table for those who have children still in diapers.

I spoke with Raj, the Assistant Manager, about birthday parties at this location.  He said they welcome parties and only need 24 hours notice to accommodate the party.  They offer a room that you are free to decorate however you would like (however NO fireworks are allowed) and you are also allowed to bring in your own birthday cake.  Guests can choose from the regular kids’ menu.  Prices range from 21-26 SAR per kids meal and include a soft drink or bottled orange juice and a cookie.  Meal choices include burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, spaghetti or chicken tenders.  The only catch with having a party at Fudd’s is that they do not allow parties on the weekends, so if you want a party here, it will have to take place Sunday to Wednesday.

Store phone:  012-661-3146
Birthday party info:  050-230-1877 (Raj)
Emails:  raj.raju@afs-sa.com or fudds1.jeddah@afs-sa.com


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