Al-Tazaj Fakieh BBQ Chicken

There is something to be said for when you walk into a restaurant and it brings back memories of home.  When I walked into Al-Tazaj Fakieh BBQ Chicken restaurant, I was overwhelmed by the memories of fun weekends in the mountains with my family, grilling chicken and burgers for our evening meal.

Play area
Play area

Al-Tazaj offers a clean and family-friendly dining environment and is located on Tahlia Street across from SABB bank.  They have a small but tidy play area located at the front of the restaurant.  On the weekends, this small playground is packed with children of all ages and is frankly a bit unsafe in my opinion, as most children are not supervised while in the area.  However, it would be a great place for a nice family lunch mid-week or during the day .

Their menu offers a variety of chicken dishes from BBQ’d on a spit, spicy, fried, chicken salads, kabobs, and sandwiches.

Children's Menu
Children’s Menu

They have a children’s menu with chicken burgers, nuggets, kabobs, or Satay.  The dining room is a maze of intimate little family friendly dining areas and there is a waiter who brings fresh bread around to each table.

Sadly, they do not offer birthday party packages.

Phone:  920011200

Location:  Tahlia Street, Across from SABB bank


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