Vortex Play Area at Mall of Arabia


Vortex is one of the largest indoor play centers in Jeddah. Direct access to the play area can be made via Gate 2 in the parking garage, Level 1 shopping or via escalator or elevator from Level 2’s Food Court.  Like many indoor play areas, payment for rides is made via the Sparkyz card. Bonus offers are available as shown below. The Fee is the amount you pay, and the Actual Credit is the amount of credit loaded to your card. The fee for each ride or game is deducted from the balance of your card each time your child enters a ride or plays a game.

Fee/ Actual Credit:

Prices for Sparky's Card at Vortex
Prices for Sparky’s Card at Vortex150 SAR / 135 SAR

135 SAR/150 SAR
240 SAR/330 SAR
320 SAR/500 SAR
550 SAR/1111SAR

Vortex offers many rides similar to other indoor amusement centers with arcade games, amusement park rides and a water ride.  However, it offers one of the largest indoor jungle gym facilities, called Adventure Camp. For the older kids, there is a huge climbing wall and the Escapade Theatre which offers a 4-D experience.  Adventure Camp looks to be a lot of fun with a maze of activities including a slide that is 2 stories high.  The climbing wall has support harnesses for the kids, but as with most activities, you use these at your own risk.

Video Games at Vortex
Video Games at Vortex

Parents may also host birthday parties at Vortex.  Your party will include:

  • Decorated party room for 3 hours
  • Pizza, fries and juice for each child
  • 50sar Sparkyz card for each guest

The fee for having a party is 50SAR per child with a minimum of 25 children and a maximum of 35-40 children.

To reserve your party, or for more details contact Kamrun at 050-853-4377.

Adventure Land in Vortex
Adventure Camp in Vortex

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