Every child loves McDonald’s. There is no doubt about it!  We recently visited the McDonald’s on Thalia which happens to have the largest indoor playground in all of  Jeddah.  We found the play area to be clean and well maintained at this location. Most people know you can have your child’s birthday party at McDonalds, but did you know you can also have the McDonald’s team come to your venue?

Tahlia Location: Play area
Tahlia Location: Play area

Parties at McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers a fantastic party package at all locations throughout Jeddah.  The price will be the same regardless of which Jeddah store you choose.  The fee for a birthday is 280 SAR for the first 10 children.  If you have more than 10 children, there is an added fee of 23 SAR per child as a party meal plus the cost of a Happy Meal.  The package includes:

  • Balloons and Decorations in a private party room
  • Face Painting
  • Character Appearance of either Hamburglar or Birdie, who will dance with the children
  • Fun Games like musical chairs, pass the balloon and Bring Me. There is also an adult game available so parents are entertained while children play.
  • Paper Hats
  • Invitation Cards
  • Special McDonald’s gift for the birthday child
  • Well-trained hosts who conduct the celebration
  • Private party room for 2 hours of fun filled entertainment
  • Happy Meal plus toy for all children in attendance (meals include either chicken nuggets, cheese burger, hamburger, or chicken burger)
  • Access to the indoor play area


When considering the best location for your party, keep in mind that the Tahlia location has the largest indoor play area at 3 stories high, but the newest McDonald’s with the largest party room is at the Arbaeen McDonald’s on Prince Miteb Street.

Tahlia location: 3 story play area
Tahlia location: 3 story play area
  • Corniche 2 Store on Corniche Road, Al Shate’e Area
  • K2 Store on the Corner of Kahlid Bn Walid and Wali Al Ahad Streets
  • Hamra Store in the Al Hamra Commercial Center, Hamra Area
  • Palestine Store on Palestine Street
  • Hera’a 1 Store on the corner of Madinah and Hera’a Streets, Near Hera’a International Souk
  • Waziriah Store on Al-Istad Ariydi Street, Madain Al Fa’hd District
  • Najran Store at Najran Park, King Saud Street, Najran District
  • Arbaeen Store on Print Miteb Street

Outside Party at a Venue of Your Choice

The fee for a party outside the McDonald’s establishment is a bit more expensive, but goes along with the McDonald’s philosophy that all children should be able to enjoy the fun no matter where they are.  If you would like to have the party at your home, a park, or some other venue, the fee is 350 SAR for the first 10 children. If you have more than 10 children, there is an additional fee of 10 SAR per child.  You will receive the following services for your party:

  • Balloons and decorations
  • Face painting
  • Character appearance
  • Fun games
  • Paper hats
  • Invitation cards
  • Special McDonald’s gift for the birthday child
  • Well trained hosts to conduct the celebration
  • Two (2) hours of fun filled entertainment.
  • PLUS:  goodie bags for each party guest (children only)

To book a party at the Tahlia location you may call one of the following McDonald’s Hosts:  Reden 054 008 0304 / Jennis 050 361 2792 / Mark 059 011 2260

To book parties at other locations, please click here.


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