Digital World Provides a Welcome Distraction

Naturally, my little one is never overjoyed about a trip to the grocery store, but the promise of a visit to Digital World eases his pain. There is a grocery store closer to me, but for variety, we head to the Star Market at Sultan Mall, where Digital Land can also be found.


This indoor theme park is smaller than the others I have visited, but it has a padded play structure where my son can burn some energy and the rides certainly put a smile on his face.


Digital Land is on the upper level, next to the food court. You must first load a Sparkyz card with a desired amount of credit. This card may be used at several of the indoor theme parks in Jeddah. The card is swiped as your child enters the gate for each ride, subtracting the cost of the ride, about 6SR, from your credit. You can see the amount of credit left after each swipe. As the image below shows, the more you spend, the more credit you receive. For example, if you pay 220SR you receive 330SR in credit.
20141229_141141Location: Sultan Mall, Amir Sultan Road across from Ice Land


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