Birthday Party Entertainers

(Updated November, 2017)

If you are looking for entertainment for your child’s birthday party please view the list below.  The list is ever-changing as we gather new information, so please visit often!  Information will include:  food/beverage/cakes, decorations, entertainment, photography, table/chair rental,  jumping castles, and DJ’s.  The last section will be party planning companies.  If you have a review of one of these companies please post in the comment section of the blog.


Offers renting a home cinema system for indoor outdoor, in home or rooftop.  You can rent move screen with sound system or get really elaborate with snacks, karaoke equipment and even board games.
Phone:  0569670602
Instagram:  fun.night
Snapchat:  fun.9

Two movie night packages available:
1.  Takyatna:  Includes the projector plus sound system.
2.  Takyatna Plus:  Includes projector, sound system, green grass, leather seats, popcorn machine, board games, snacks and drinks
snapchat:  Takyah.jed
Instagram:  Takyah.jed
Phone:  0502169775



Amy the clown.
Amy the clown.

Amy the clown works for Party Clowns and Balloons.  She was at a recent party that I went to and found her to have an excellent variety of games with balloons, straws and potato sack races etc. The kids really enjoyed her. She also offered a face painting service as well.  Amy the clown charges 350 SAR per hour.  Party Clowns and Balloons also offers the rental of popcorn/sweet corn,  french fry, and cotton candy machines for 500 SAR.  Package deals are available.

PHONE:  050-818-1703

VANESSA THE CLOWN  (clown and facepainting)
Charges:  350 per hour
Phone:  0564105440
Parent review:  “I hired Vanessa the Clown for my son’s 3rd birthday at his school. She was excellent. Vanessa arrived early and was well prepared before the children came in the room and the birthday party started. She had an instant rapport with the children and although my son was initially grumpy, she was able to get him in the party spirit. Vanessa brought with her all the games, balloons and face paints. She played a number of games with the children, which were all age appropriate and all the kids had a great time. The games included: find the colour balloon, find the correct letter, musical chairs and collect the most straws. Vanessa brought along her own music, which along with her dance moves, got all the kids boogying. All the kids were really happy getting their face painted, even my son who usually squirms around when getting it done and they looked really good. Vannessa has contacts with an individual who rents costumes eg. Mickey Mouse, Barney, Minney Mouse etc, and knows ladies who can wear the costumes. I rented a Mickey Mouse on the day and the kids had a blast dancing and bopping with Mickey. The costume is rather hot, so just a note: even though you are paying by the hour, you may only get 30 minutes of Mickey as the person wearing the costume may get too hot. The lady I hired that day was only with the kids for 30 minutes, but the kids really liked it.”


Eman’s Treasured Face Painting:

Eman is an American who has been living in Saudi for the past 29 years.  She is available to do kids parties, bazaars, school functions, events or any other occasions.  All products she uses are hypoallergenic and make for the skin.

Prices are available on contact email: 0538424142
Instagram:  emanstreasurefacepainting

HennaBythanna (henna and facepainting):

Sanja is an artist by profession but has  been doing faceprinting for the past 7 years and henna for 25 years.  She started her business while in Muscat.  She has lots of experience painting and doing henna for various events.
phone:  +91 90373 43504
fee:  200 Sar/hour


Eng. Khalid Tornado (illusionist)

Khalid the magician.
Khalid the magician.

Khalid the Magician was a fantastic addition to a recent party we attended.  He was able to make bottles disappear, birds appear out of no-where and change the colors of flowers.  The kids (and adults) were in awe of his skills.  He speaks Arabic and English so can cater to the needs of your guests.  Khalid charges 1000 SAR per hour.

PHONE:  056-612-8587





Please click here for a company in Jeddah that has a huge selections of jumping castles.  Regretfully, the page is only in Arabic (but the phone number is in English).

This company is based in Riyadh, but they will deliver to Jeddah upon request,  please click the company name for their Facebook page.
Phone:  0555000328 (Maged)


DJ’S/Live Music:

DJ Yahya Music Experience

DJ Yahya Al-Attar
DJ Yahya Al-Attar

DJ Yahya Al-Attar played a wide variety of music at the last birthday party that I went to.  The kids loved dancing to “What Does the Fox Say” and “Let It Go” on Yahya’s light up dance floor!  DJ Yahya has the equipment to host large or small events and speaks both Arabic and English for your guests.  He charges 3000 SAR for a 5 hour “gig” and this includes the light up dance floor.

PHONE:  054-008-0963
TWITTER:  Dj_yahyaattar

2 Jb Pro Sounds & Lights
2Jb offers a variety of set ups include a simple one of disco lights and fog machine for as low as 500 SAR (prices vary based on set up and length of time requested).  DJ’s had a great selections of English music, played requests of the guests, and were very friendly and accommodating.

Phone:  050-747-8378/ 054-336-8798/ 056-637-5786

Kids Rap Music by:  Crystal Lens Photography
You can hire Crystal Lens Photography to come and do a live “Kids Rap” show for your kids.  The music is clean (no bad words) and the show can be in Arabic or English. The packages begin as low as 1000Sar and are based on the number or raps you want sung during the event.
Ph: 0550606619



Please check out our link for Home Bakers in Jeddah at


Ahmed’s Pizza

Ahmed’s Pizza provides an outdoor catering option.  He provides schwarma, pizza, pizza rolls filled with veggies, cheese, salami, etc… as well as french fries.  Fees depend on the number of guests.

Phone:  050-042-9030


Celebrations Party Planners and Decorations
Location:  Jeddah
Phone:  92 312 0101960

Cherry Balloons
Location:  Palestine Street and in Tahliya Mall
Phone:  0550169790
Instagram:  @cherry_balloons

Wrap It for Jeddah
Location:  Sharay Hera
Phone:  056 424 1631


Crystal Lens Photography (packages begin as low as 1000Sar)
Ph: 0550606619


Celebrations Party Planners
Location:  Jeddah
Phone:  92 312 0101960

Party Zone:

Party Zone are complete party planners that offer entertainment, jumping castles, food/beverage, table/chair rentals, as well as decorations.  Please call their number below to receive a complete price list.
Phone:  012-665-4437


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