Enchanted Garden


Enchanted Garden is a preschool (ages 2-5) that offers a wide variety of after school activities.  They offer Judo, ballet, gymnastics,  Qur’an (in Arabic), Qur’an (for Arabic as a 2nd language), Arabic language,  French language classes, Young Rembrandts Art, and Jump Bunch exercise classes.

Finding Enchanted Garden is a bit tricky as there is no signage outside the building.  You have to look for the green/white gate with children on it.  Once you enter the gate (men are not permitted) you will see a play area, complete with AstroTurf, a trampoline and swing set for kids to play on before their classes begin.  The villa interior is bright, colorful and clean.  The receptionist will be there right when you come inside.  There is one receptionist who speaks English fluently.

Reception area
Reception area

My daughter was enrolled in the ballet and gymnastics courses.  She absolutely LOVED the class even after her first visit, which is very important because she is super shy.  The ballet and gymnastics classes are taught in English.  Currently the teachers are from Russia and Ukraine.  Gymnastics is offered for girls and boys ages 4-6.  The gymnastic course is an “artistic” gymnastic course with floor, tumbling, activities, and stretching plus work on the balance beam.  Currently, they do not have the uneven bars, but I was told they are looking for them.

There are several ballet classes and they are divided by ages.  The ages for ballet are 3-10; this is for girls only.  The ballet room is lined with mirrors and they have a proper ballet bar for the girls to use.  I have also been told that they will offer some sort of “show” that mothers will be invited to attend.  They do not, however, offer any type of ballet exam needed for promotions in other countries.  Both classes are offered only once a week.

I briefly spoke with the Judo instructor.  He only accepts boys and he has limited English, so the classes are in Arabic.  Judo is for boys aged 4-12 years old and classes are held twice a week.  Judo students perform a demonstration for parents (father and mother are both welcome) some time during the year.

I don’t have much information about the language or  Qur’an classes, other than they are open to kids aged 4-10 depending on the class. These classes are usually offered twice a week as well.

The Young Rembrandts art program is also being offered at Enchanted Garden.  Children from 4-6 yrs and 7-12 years are welcome to join.  If your child would like 4 classes once a week for a month the fee is 550Sar, or you can enroll in the 2 month program for 8 classes at 800Sar a month.

Enchanted Garden’s final set of classes are Jump Bunch classes.  This is a children’s exercise course.  Children 4-6 yrs and 7-12 years are welcome to join.  The fees are 550Sar for one month or 800Sar for 2 months.  Classes are offered once a week.

There is a promotion for Jump Bunch and Young Rembrandts as well.  If you enroll your child in both of these programs they can pay 960Sar for one month or 1600Sar for two months which as you can see is a HUGE savings!!!

I find the fees for all the activities a bit on the pricey side.  For classes offered once a week you are looking to spend about 500-600 SAR a month. For the twice a week classes, the prices range from 690-800 SAR.

Another bonus for Enchanted Garden is while one child is in their “class”, their other siblings are welcome to play outside or in the playroom inside.  Both the garden and the play room are in excellent condition, well maintained and clean.

I only have a few complaints about Enchanted Garden and all center around communication.   I tried calling many times and the phone was either not answered, or the receptionist only spoke Arabic and hung up on me.  I also have comment several times on their Facebook page, but no one offers replies and I find it very dated.  In addition, because I could not speak on the phone to anyone, I had to physically go in person in early September.  I was told they were still trying to finalize their classes for the Fall and they would call me or e mail.  No one ever did either of these.  On my final trip back to check the classes Mid-October they classes were FINALLY up and running and I physically watched the receptionist put my phone number into the phone!  They prefer communicating via Whats App.

The gates of Enchanted Garden
The gates of Enchanted Garden

DIRECTIONS:  On Tahlia take a right at Saab bank.  Go to the T in the road (2 blocks) and turn left.  Enchanted Garden is the 2nd villa on your right. Look for the green and white gates with children playing.  They also have a guard shack outside that says Enchanted.

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/EnchantedGardenKSA

PHONE:  054-691-6812

TIMES:  9am-1pm AND 4pm-7pm


10 thoughts on “Enchanted Garden

  1. Thanks so much for the information. As a homeschooling mum looking for extra curricular activities for kids (who haven’t been away from us and don’t speak Arabic). Time for a visit….thanks for the directions xx


  2. Very informative article 🙂
    Is there any place that offers activities for children above 1 year like a play group or something (for non arabic children)
    Please share if you have any knowledge.


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