Chuck E Cheese’s

Chuck E Cheese’s is a family restaurant with coin-operated games for children of all ages. My family and I visited the Tahlia Street location on a Saturday evening. The space is quite large and bright, with multiple seating areas for you to choose from, depending on where your children prefer to play. There is additional seating on the upper level, with elevator access for those encumbered by strollers. The games range from skeet ball to air hockey to video games. There is also a soft-play structure with small rides for toddlers. The space was quite clean, including the female bathroom, but there were no baby change tables.

All of the games are operated by tokens that must be purchased at the front desk. The prices are as follows: 30 tokens for 100sar; 75 tokens for 200sar; 120 tokens for 300sar. Since we only have one child, we bought 30 tokens, and only used half of them. Many of the games award tickets depending on the player’s performance. These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes.

The food was satisfactory; far from gourmet, but it’s difficult to convince children to eat anyway when they are distracted by so many lights and sounds. We ordered a large pizza and wings. The menu is quite simple; pizza, deep-fried sides, sandwiches and salads. Expect to pay 49-72sar for pizza, 25-29sar for sandwiches and 25sar for sides. They also have specials. For 199sar (or 50 coins) you can order a large pizza and 2 Pepsi. For 399sar (or 80 coins), you can order 2 Family Pizzas, 4 Pepsi, 2 Fries and 1 salad.


I think this is an affordable place to spend a couple hours, and judging by my child’s request to go back the next day, I’d say it was a hit.

Locations & Phone Numbers: Corniche Road, 606-2608. Tahlia Street beside Al Ahli Club, 619-1770

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9am-12am. Friday-Saturday 9am-1:30am.


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