Hot Stone Pizza, Pasta, and Sandwich

Hot Stone is still undergoing its “soft” opening.  We went at about 5:30 pm and there was only one other table occupied in the restaurant.  The interior was clean, well maintained, and had a pleasant family atmosphere.


We sat upstairs, where the new, well-padded and CLEAN play area is located. Some ladies have already walked on the padded floors with their high heels, though, so some holes have been poked into the floor.

We were quite happy with our pizza choices.  We ordered Pepperoni, Steak, and Teriyaki Chicken pizzas.  I found them all to be quite tasty.  We also ordered a Caesar salad. It was good, but I found the dressing a bit spicy.  They do not have a children’s menu available, so children will need to share whatever you order.

They also have a party room, so this would be another great venue for hosting a younger child’s birthday party (2-6 yrs only).  I am already considering it for my daughter’s party next year.


LOCATION:  Across the street from Al-Shantae Souq (next door to McDonalds)

HOURS:  Daily from 12:30pm to 1:00am

PHONE:  (012) 639-7177


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