On The Border


On The Border is a family friendly restaurant in Jeddah.  This American chain features a “Tex Mex” menu.  Patrons can expect foods such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and fajitas.  The portion size is outstanding and you will not leave hungry.  They also offer a full children’s menu where all meals are 20SAR including a drink and dessert.  Kids will love eating at On The Border, because they do have a play area.

The play area is in average condition.  Some of the padding is coming off in places and I wouldn’t rate it as the cleanest play area—just make sure your kids wash their hands before eating.  The best thing about the play area–it is FREE when you are eating at the restaurant.

We recently held my daughter’s birthday party at On The Border and I was very happy with the meal sections, play area, service and of course the bill (very affordable venue)!  For our party we had each child choose their meal and drink.  While everything was cooking, the kids played.  For the adults we ordered several of their sampler appetizer plates and allowed adults to order beverages of their choice.

On The Border does take reservations for parties and they do have private a designated “party room”.  However, this room is not available to reserve on the weekends, so if you want a weekend party, I recommend you speak with a manager and tell them your plans and the number of people you anticipate coming.  They were wonderful in having our tables pre-arranged when we arrived the day of our Friday afternoon party.

LOCATION:  Al-Andalus Street across the highway for the American Consulate and next door to Fuddruckers and Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

PHONE:  012 664 1359

HOURS:  Saturday – Thursday 11am – 1am AND Friday 130pm – 1am


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