Imagine Land in Tahlia Shopping Center

Imagine Land is a children’s play center located inside Thalia Shopping Center.  It is a typical play center where a card is loaded with an amount of your choosing, and the price of each ride is deducted from your total credit upon entry.

In Imagine Land, the rides range in price from 5-8SAR per ride/per child.  They feature a selection of arcade games, The Toy Wagons, a 5-D Theatre, a soft play area with ball guns and a trampoline cage.  My personal favorite is the trampoline cage, because children are allowed to jump for approximately 30 minutes when entry is purchased.  The soft-play area is well-padded, but the padding is in a bad state of repair.  Another nice feature that some mums might appreciate, is only women operate the rides here.

They do offer a party room, but I was unable to gain more information on it, as the staff have very limited English (Arabic only).

The bathroom in the facility is nice and large, but they do not offer any changing tables for babies.  The do, however, offer a private room with a long bench that could be used for changing or possibly breast feeding.

The minimum cost of a playing card is 50SAR.  As with all play centers the more you spend, the better the “deal”.  If you buy a 100SAR card you get 130SAR in credit, 200SAR gives you 300SAR in credit, 300SAR gives you 500SAR credit, and if you spend 500SAR you get 1000SAR credit.

LOCATION:  Thalia Shopping Center on Thalia Street

PHONE: unknown

HOURS:  Based on my personal experience all rides are opened by 2:30-3pm.  I am not sure if they have morning hours or not.


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