Billy Beez Play Center

Billy Beez is a large and colorful rainforest-themed play center. Children can spend hours on the slides, climbing tubes, basketball and soccer sports courts, trampolines, climbing wall, toddler play area and ballistics arena. We visited twice, and after two hours, both of our kids were loath to leave.

Billy Bees2

There is a long bench where parents can rest while the children play. The place wasn’t busy when we visited, but I can imagine this seating area fills up quickly in the evenings. We felt free to relax and didn’t worry about the children being out of sight. All play structures are well padded and well-maintained, with supervising staff positioned throughout the center. The rules and age restrictions for each play structure are prominently displayed, in case there is any doubt about whether your child should be permitted. Though there were empty chip bags and chocolate bar wrappers in the play structures, there was no visible dirt. Kids are germy creatures, however, so I would recommend multiple applications of hand sanitizer during your child’s visit.

Billy Bees4

The bathrooms were tidy when we visited, but there were no baby change tables, toilet paper or paper towels to be found. If anyone gets hungry or thirsty, the café can serve your needs. Children’s combos come with a sandwich, chips and a drink for 15 SAR. Adult sandwiches cost between 15 and 22SAR and salads are available from 9 to 19SAR. You can also choose from a variety of coffees, cold drinks, muffins, candy and chocolate bars. There are a few stools and a counter along the wall where you can enjoy your selections. Communication may be tricky for some expats, as the staff are predominantly not English-speakers. If you just want to play, and don’t have any questions, you will be alright. Birthday rooms are available, the fee is 90 SAR per child with a 20 child minimum.  We recommend calling after 4pm if you need and English speaker.

   Billy Bees5

Location: Haifaa Mall, Gate 5 Phone Number: 0122840968 Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 10:30am-11:30pm, Thursday 10am-12am, Friday 3pm-12am, Saturday 10am-12am Entry Fee: Weekdays 55SAR per child, Weekends and Holidays 65SAR per child and 35SAR per adult

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